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CATRICE All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder: My absolute favourite setting powder of the whole wide world

I cannot believe I have not tell you about my absolute favourite setting powder of the whole wide world and it is super affordable too!

I go through setting powder very fast. And I own a lot at the same time, rotating each of it everyday so that I could used them up on faster rate in order to buy new one. Recently I find it very hard for me to use other powder than CATRICE All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder. To be honest, I still cannot find anything that gives me the same finishing and coverage as this CATRICE one.

Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder 1
I like my base product to give me a matte finishing. Everything have to be matte as usually I would be out the whole day so I need to ensure my face stays oil-free for the rest of the day. Of all matte settting / finishing powder I have tried, so far the best is still CATRICE All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder.

The CATRICE All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder is said to be a micro fine powder. As the name suggest, it is a mattifying powder that gives the skin a long-lasting matte smooth complexion. It comes in a five shades but so far I have only spotted 4 shades – 010 Transparent, 015 Natural Beige, 025 Sand Beige, and 030 Warm Beige. I want some coverage so I went for 015 Natural Beige. It turns out to be the perfect match for me, not too light, not too beige, not too pink. Just nice.

The All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder comes in a pressed form. It is VERY densely packed. Even though so, there are still a tiny bit of fallout, which I am not bothered by it. I swirl my brush like crazy on this pressed powder. No matter how hard or how many times I used it, there is still no dent to it. It took me VERY LONG to hit the pan. Talking about value for money, eh? 😀

Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder 3
Now, why I love this powder so much besides the extremely affordable price of RM18.90 (when it goes on sale it’s MR14.17!) is the indescribable finishing it gave me. Let’s talk about the shade. 015 Natural Beige came out nearly transparent on me but it gave my skin just the right hint of shade. I like to swirl my Real Techniques Buffing Brush with this powder onto my face to blend the liquid foundation WITH this powder. Not only it sets my liquid foundation, it gives my skin a tiny bit of coverage and if you are like me that hate sticky face, this powder will remove all the stickiness from the liquid foundation. Some may think it will look too powdery that way but to me it does not look powdery at all. What I like to do sometimes is to take a setting spray like Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water to get rid of the powdery look. I do not do this often as I happen to like it to look powdery at the beginning and my face natural sebum will “sort of” blends everything in less than an hour 😀

I have many many photos of me with this powder (in fact all of my photos are with this powder on) but I am going to show you just one from a recent product review I did.

L'Oreal Tint Caresse Lip Other Option
The powder will make your makeup look even better on the skin with the natural face sebum. I would not say my face stays 100% oil-free the whole day but it does keep the oil at bay on every other part of my face except for my stubborn nose. I will only see shine peeking through on my inner cheeks, chin, and forehead after a good 5 hours, more or less. I really do like how the powder blends with my liquid foundation. Other powder either clings onto dry patches on my face or moves when my brush swirl on it. This one? No problem at all!

The only downside I find is the packaging. As much as I like the clear plastic casing, the small plastic part at the back connecting the top and the bottom case together tend to broke with everyday open / close. The plastic seems sturdy but turns out it was not as sturdy as I thought it is. I only wish CATRICE will enforce the plastic part so that it does not broke off like that. It is not cool to bring the powder out when it is broken like that 🙁 . Other than that, I am a happy girl! I bet you know judging from the stock pile I have. I cannot help it. It is now RM14.17 at Guardian stores 😉


CATRICE All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder is available at selected Guardian stores or at https://guardian.com.my/.

Price: RM18.90

For more information, please visit CATRICE Malaysia Website and CATRICE Malaysia Facebook Page.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • I have this press powder too and the plastic part also already broken XD Quite a nice Matt powder but I guess my skin is just too oily type. LOL. It only stay matt on my skin for about 2 hours. hahaha

    • Try buffing the powder in circular motion dear. I’ve tried sweeping like normal and it does not work. Buffing works! 😀

      • oh I seeeee
        okok I shall try on this method.. ;P

  • I feel like buying it after reading your review

    • Go babe. RM14.17 still! 😀

  • I bought as soon as I read it is now RM14.17 hahahaha


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