What You Didn’t Know About CATRICE Malaysia

What You Didn't Know About Catrice Malaysia
Ahhh CATRICE. Whenever I am at Guardian I make sure I walk straight to CATRICE first thing as soon as I entered the store to check out what’s new. Sometimes I drove all the way just to check out CATRICE. The eagerness to find their latest new release has been an obsession. Being a CATRICE fan, I thought I knew it all! It is only recently I learnt even more about this favourite brand of mine. Some of you might already know this. To those who don’t, here is What You Didn’t Know About CATRICE Malaysia. Nothing fishy at all, don’t worry 😀


On the new CATRICE Beautyshop at Guardian Mid Valley…

Catrice Mid Valley 6
The newly renovated Guardian at Mid Valley also housed the largest CATRICE POS so far. It is called the “Beautyshop” due to it’s size. Beautyshop comes in various sizes. The largest I heard is 2 metres long and we do not have it here in Malaysia yet. The Mid Valley one is close 😉 . Besides being the biggest CATRICE POS, it will also be the pioneer in new product releases. Which means all new products is in Guardian Mid Valley now, while every other store will only get it somewhere in June. When in June? That, you have to keep stalking CATRICE like how I did. If you want to look for new products or product availability, I was told Mid Valley is the first place you should look for. Second option is Suria KLCC. Having to been to both, I say Mid Valley is well stocked up.

Side Note: Check out the new eyeshadow palette! Same price as the previous 6-eyeshadow palette of RM26.90, you get a rather big palette with 9-eyeshadow shades. That’s 3 extra eyeshadow pan compared to the previous palette. Currently available in The Essential Nude, The Modern Matt, and the Nude Blossom.

Catrice Mid Valley 1


On lack of stocks and empty shelves…

I also took this opportunity to feedback to CATRICE Malaysia that most of their shelves are lack of stock and some are so empty that many of my readers has been asking me if CATRICE is closing down. The answer is NO. CATRICE IS NOT CLOSING DOWN 😛 . Many of us misunderstood that the lack of stock issue is because CATRICE has not been doing its job in replenishing their POS. The truth is, stock issue involves both Guardan and CATRICE. This, I have to agree as I was in FMCG before. Let’s take departmental store for example. If departmental store buying department did not place order to the brand involved, the brand couldn’t send the stock over and placed it on the shelves just like that. It has to be the exact protocol of Department Store Buying Department > Brands > Stores. The process could be more complicated. Who knows 🙂

Catrice Mid Valley 2

Catrice Mid Valley 3


On slow new collection arrival…

This one I am sharing based on my personal experience and also by chatting with other beauty brands. Sometimes we see new collection releases from the principal early of the year and we in Malaysia only getting it early next year. Why so? You see, the container of stock takes a few months to arrive our shore. When it does, someone has to get a few samples from the container, apply for licence, testing, get approval etc before the stock can be released to the market. That’s another few more months to a year of process. Some brands’ new products stay in the container during the process, some managed to get it to the warehouse. Not all products are approved. You’d be surprised to know many didn’t see the daylight and stay in the warehouse collecting dust because of approval issue.

Catrice Mid Valley 4


On why there was no stock replenish at all…

This one is connected to the point above but I thought I should address this issue separately. Actually some products are replenished and sold off not long after. All this happened without us knowing because by the time we went back, we still see the same out of stock items. This one I can be a testament to it. There are a few occasion I did a few trial and purposely went back to the same store to check the stock availability and sure enough, like magic, the product appeared. It’s just the matter of right timing. That is because CATRICE is still pretty much limited and only available at certain Guardian stores. So people kept going back again and again to check the stock availability, like me. So when they spot it, they buy it off immediately. It all happened right under your nose 🙂

Catrice Mid Valley 5
That is all from me today on CATRICE update. The most important one to remember is that Guardian Mid Valley housed the largest CATRICE POS so far. This large beautyshop housed all existing and new CATRICE products. That is your first destination if you want to grab new CATRICE products, or second choice would be Suria KLCC. And if you prefer to shop online, Guardian Online Store do have some CATRICE products. Not all but selected 😉


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  • After reading your previous post, i went out and bought the compact powder. and i must say, i’m pretty pleased with it that I’m getting my second one as soon as my first one runs out!

    • I’m on 6th or 7th lol. I lost count 😛 . I tried straying away from the powder but always go back to Catrice one as it is better in oil control for me. I go crazy with it as my foundation are not full coverage and the powder sort of giving me a little bit extra.

  • Reading this makes me want to move to KL again!!!
    Sigh. I love Penang but we need to be more well stocked with the makeup and beauty stuff!

    • Getting there! We are facing lack of stock here in KL too. It is only high traffic store like Mid Valley and KLCC has most of the stocks.

  • Is Catrice eyeliner any good? Wanting something that doesn’t bleed with my oily lids. Any suggestion? Thanks!

    • Oh yes. Not bad. Try the Liquid Liner in 010 Dating Joe Black. It’s a felt tip liner 😉

      • Thank you, Fiona!

        • You’re welcome 😉


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