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Clarins NEW Tri-Active Facial Treatments: Providing an immediate beauty and a total well-being results for the face, body, and mind

A few months ago, I went for a secret facial treatment by Clarins at Clarins Skin Spa KLCC. The mission? The try out their upcoming NEW Tri-Active Facial Treatments. Now, if you have been reading my blog since the beginning, you will know that I do not go for any facial except for Clarins. Clarins facial treatment focuses on massage techniques. There are no extraction and no machines. The facial from the beginning to the end are all using hand massage techniques. Something which I am familiar and used to by now.

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 1
While I was there waiting for the rest of the media friends to arrive, I cannot help but to ask Clarins PR & Communications Manager on the new Tri-Active Facial Treatments comparing to the existing treatments. I was told that they now uses all PRO products, with a few newly added skin problem targeted PRO products, and the formulation are now enhanced for quicker, immediate effects. And more massage techniques are included as well. My curiosity spikes up once again and asked “isn’t Clarins facial treatments are fully on massages? How much more massages can you put in?”. I was told it will be MORE and also the new facial treatments will focus more on the body massage as well. Another difference will be the treatment time. Previously it is 60 minutes, now it is 75 minutes due to the added massages. Now, that is really MORE 😀

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 2
I have done a Clarins Skin Spa and Facial Treatment review before at this link, whereas I did a quick tour of the treatment room as well. But if you are lazy to click and read, here you go. A glance of Clarins Skin Spa treatment room 🙂 . I always love Clarins treatment room. So relaxing.

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 19

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 20
The uniqueness of Clarins facial treatments is the combination of the art of touch, science and senses. Clarins Treatments are 100% manual using hands with high-performing formulas and a unique personalised experience every time. Now, Clarins has introduced eight (8) new personalised Clarins Tri-Active Facials. These new Tri-Active facial, are more effective and relaxing, providing an immediate beauty and a total well-being results not just for the face but body and mind as well.

In each of the new Tri-Active face treatments, you will experience a new and unique massage that sculpts the contours of the face to lift, reshape, firm and relax to deliver visible rejuvenating results. This new massage is used in every Tri-Active Face treatments. A selection of three (3) anti-ageing cocktails with high-performance products adapted to suit skin’s needs. The touch of the Beauty Therapist is precise and her movements are customized adapting the weight, pace and type of pressure of her hand. Relaxed muscles are stimulated and a series of alternating massage, drainage and pressure movements are carried out. The face is reshaped under her fingers. The skin receives exactly what it needs and precisely where it needs it.

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 3


Key Facial Steps

A beauty consultation is carried out to analyse the skin and enables the Beauty Therapist to precisely assess the skin’s needs and create a personalised beauty solution. The new Tri-Active Facials involve 6 steps, to treat the face and eyes, with a special focus on the neck, décolleté and hands.

(1) Sensorial awakening

A moment of letting go and instant relaxation, using a comforting relaxing technique combined with Aromatherapy.

(2) Make-Up Removal following the Clarins Anti-Pollution Professional Method

Gently purify the skin, without irritating it or stretching tissues.

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 4

(3) Double exfoliation

Step 1: Eliminate dead skin cells through mechanical exfoliation by micrograins on the skin.
Step 2: Stimulate cellular regeneration through enzymatic exfoliation.

The Clarins +
Exfoliation using brushes for even more softness, freshness and well-being. The skin is perfectly prepared for the benefits of the plant extracts.

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 5

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 6

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 7
(4) Anti-Ageing facial Massage, a Clarins innovation

Sculpts the contours of the face.
> A firming, reshaping, relaxing anti-ageing action.

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 8

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 9

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 10

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 11

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 12

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 13

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 14

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 15

(5) Triple Face-Eyes-Décolleté Mask

The Treatment is customized according to the skin’s needs. (A wide variety of textures for an ultra-relaxing sensorial experience.)

(6) A natural-look beauty makeover

Instant radiance, a smooth complexion and subtly enhanced eyes and lips.

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 16

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 17

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 18
I was nervous for the facial when I found out more massage techniques will be introduced especially to the body wellness. I am someone who is very afraid of ticklish feeling so yes, I was worried. It turns out to be one of the best facial I have had from Clarins. I went with a migrain and a stiff shoulder. Clarins Tri-Active Facial turns out to be perfect for me. I came out from the treatment room feeling more relax, more rejuvenation, fresh, extremely happy, no more migrain, and no more stiff shoulder. I have always heard about how people fell asleep during facial and I am someone who is very curious (and busy body) on what the Beauty Therapist will do next so I never fell asleep before. That day, I fell asleep and had a dream. It was so weird and for the first time, I was half awake. The other half of me wanted to know about the new massage techniques! And I find that the new PRO products are less stickier and heavy on the skin comparing to before.

Clarins Tri-Active Face Treatments 21
Right after the facial


8 New Tri-Active Facials

As I mentioned, Clarins introduced eight new Tri-Active facial treatments. Below are what to expect from Clarins facial.

The Skin Solution Experts (RM290)

  • Moisture Quencher (60 mins): Restore comfort, softness and radiance.
  • Skin Soother (60 mins): Soothe and rebalance.
  • Whitening Activator (60 mins): Reduce the look of pigmentation disorders and brighten theskin.
  • Skin Booster (60 mins): Fight fatigue and firm, for men only.

The Lifting Expert (RM365)

  • Total V Face Shaper (75 mins): Refine and lift.

The Every Age Experts (RM365)

  • Lifting Replenisher (75 mins): Replenish and boost the radiance of mature skin.
  • Power Firmer (75 mins): Firm and visibly diminish the look of wrinkles.
  • Radiance Smoother (75 mins): Smooth first wrinkles and protect skin from urban stress.

For more information on Clarins products and facial treatments, please visit Clarins Malaysia Website, Facebook Page, or Instagram Page.


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  • Thank you for the photo and the ‘after’ photo ^^
    Your skin look radiant even without makeup. Good job Clarins^^

    • I’m glad you like it 🙂 . I guess the After photo is always best to describe a review. No words needed. Just photos.


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