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Instagram Story: What Does Instagram Mean To You?

Instagram Story 1
Let’s talk about something else today instead of another beauty product review. Since I started #IWillBeOkay ‘Fight Against Depression’ Awareness Campaign, I have been lectured so much about social media in the short one week compared to half of my life. No kidding. It was a good lecture. That got me to do some digging and maybe just a little bit of fine tuning on social media posting. Having to come from advertising and social media background, obviously I know what I was doing but I always have a quirky idea when it comes to social media. In the advertising industry, I am known as someone who do things creatively different. I don’t do things the conventional way. Advertising people ought to keep changing and create out of the norm ideas. But because I am also a blogger and an editor, I tend to do lengthy post. Social media on the other hand needed to be short.

So that got me thinking about Instagram. What does Instagram mean to you? To me, Instagram is where I tell a story. Each photo I posted has a story and I am not shame to post lengthy post to tell my followers my story.

Instagram Story 2
Instagram posting can be a hit and miss. It depends on how you see it. I don’t bother much about followers and likes. Having said that, the numbers of followers and likes is how one are measured, whether the campaign is a success or the otherwise. I can tell you upfront that mine has always been a neutral. If you follow me long enough you will know that I LOVE SHARING, not so much about product selling except for the recent #IWillBeOkay. I find a good deal, I share it. I like something, I share it. I am happy with something, I share it. I have a story to tell, I share it.

Instagram is a place for me to share a photo (or two or five) and to tell a story. I believe each photo has a story. Mine have stories and I am more than happy to share albeit the lengthy post. Trust me I have tried to cut it short lol. You know me, I do not like to twist and turn. I am as straight as a train.

Instagram Story 3
Instagram Story 4
There are three main theme for my Instagram posting – (1) beauty, (2) candid shot, and (3) *secret* 😀 . Another type of posting that you will see popping out once in a few days is my fictional short stories. This has been playing a mind trick on most people. Some thought it’s real, some knew it’s fictional. I say it depends on how you see it. My hashtag #fictionalstory says it all (spoiler alert!).

Instagram Story 7
Instagram is really a good place to share your beautiful photo of the day, things that caught your eyes, new launches, OOTD, MOTD, happy times with friends, yummylicious food and so on. No doubt it will attract some funny followers like dodgy middle eastern men with pictures of himself or suspicious account full with girls photo. I go through every new follower’s profile and force unfollow those that are dodgy. God knows what they will do with the photos from my account. Gaining new followers is good but I like to scan through them to make sure they are legit. Some are fake accounts that are created for people who buy likes and followers. These are the followers that I will delete.

Instagram Story 5
Instagram is a story telling. My voice. Despite how I was lectured to keep my caption short by the marketing team, I refused. Especially for photos where I want to share my experience and advice. More specifically on my journey with battling depression and the awareness campaign I have came out with, #IWillBeOkay. These are the one that I want to put in my personal journey story. There is no short cut to giving advice. I cannot just tell my followers to “get well”. It does not make sense. It will just make things worse. I’ve learnt that no one can tell you what to post and what not to post unless you are paying someone to manage social media for you. But you, you will always have the say with what to post on your social media 🙂

Instagram Story 6
Now tell me, what does Instagram means to you? Do you hate it, love it, just meh about it? I spent more time on Instagram more than anything else. It used to be Facebook and let me tell you a secret…my Facebook was created by a friend lol. I was not keen with Instagram when everyone got onto the bandwagon. I did not know what is the purpose of posting on Instagram or what it does except for collecting followers and likes. Now, I like that I can share my thoughts and chat interaction I can have with my followers. In fact my Instagram is like a mini Street Love.


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  • I love Instagram because it is more personal and close for me & my friends since I’ve private the account. Only close friends will know how its going for me if they keep on updated with Instagram. I prefer peaceful platform haha! This makes me seldom post something on Facebook nowadays 😀

    • Ahhh it works that way too! Just for close friends and family 😉 . I feel Instagram is more faster and more direct. That is why I like Instagram more 🙂

  • Instagram is love to me. If a picture paints a thousand words, then Instagram is a winner with a picture and short caption. Because it’s spontaneous and sometimes more private than Facebook, it brings more meaning and intimacy. It’s like a photo book memory. I love yours because it covers all angles of Street Love – a collection of Instagram photos where one can walk down the memory lane of Street Love and Fiona. Keep up the sharing and good work dear.

    • Very well said dear. That is exactly how I look at Instagram – photo book memory. Mine is always bla bla bla away haha. Hope you’re not sleepy reading the cap tion 😛 . But it is very me. Someone once said, looking at my Instagram is like reading me. You read my mind, you see where I go, you know what I bought and what I was drooling over, you had a peek at my lunch and what I wore. You’ll know if I had a good day or a bad day. It’s like reading my heart. That’s what someone said.


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