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Yves Rocher Low ShamPoo and Rinsing Vinegar: Oh Yes These Definitely Changed The Way I Wash My Hair

Yves Rocher Low Shampooo and Rinsing Vinegar
When I received a beautiful box from Yves Rocher quite some time ago, I opened it up and saw a note – This Will Change The Way You Wash Your Hair Forever. The first impression I had was “sure or not?”. Then it turned to “really?”. And, finally after I flipped through the products inside the box, I was “whoa this is interesting”. So yes, I went through three stages of impression at the same time 😀 . One excited blogger I am!

Low ShamPoo (RM43 / 200ml)

Yves Rocher Low Shampoo
Low ShamPoo is a sulfate-free shampoo cream. If you had used sulfate-free shampoo before, you will be expecting a shampoo that does not foams up very much. It does foams up but just a teeny weeny bit. The word Low Poo came from no pow (no shampoo) method used in the United States. It is a more natural way to wash your hair without infusing all the harmful cleansing agents to your hair. Just like the stories on how some women don’t wash their hair with a normal shampoo anymore? So this Low ShamPoo adapted the same concept for the self-exigent women, except that you are actually using a non-harmful product on the hair instead of no product at all. It contains ZERO sulfate, paraben, coloring, and silicone.

Does this changed the way I wash my hair? Oh yes. I am not going to lie. I hated it on the first use. I have long, dry hair length of over the chest so this Low ShamPoo is an eye changing experience. I needed something that lathers so I can clean my sensitive scalp better. It took me about 4 washes to use the product right according to my own personal preference. I make it work. What I did was to squirt a generous amount on one palm, smooth evenly onto both palm, apply one palm on a side of my head, lather it, and the other palm on another side. I work by sections on the head until I am done washing. Then the last step was to squirt another generous amount and start working onto the hair length. What I did to make it work really took me some time because of the hair length I have. It does not lathers in foam but because I was working by section, I managed to make it lather just a bit. It is a cream shampoo so it actually nourishes my hair.


Rinsing Vinegar (RM48 / 150ml)

Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar
Now, this Rinsing Vinegar changed the way I look at hair conditioner all together. I love this so much so that I wanna drink it all up AND pour it on my hair every night!

I have never ever heard about hair vinegar, what more rinsing vinegar. I learnt that this method is a traditional remedy to enhance the natural shine of the hair. Vinegar is known for its hair smoothing properties and ability to reduce limescale build up. I didn’t even know that! It is extracted through a natural fermenting process. For a vinegar, this one SMELLS SO GOOD! At first I thought the delicious grape scent is similar to Ribena. I knew it was not and I couldn’t put a finger to the familiar scent. One night I finally remembered. This Rinsing Vinegar smells like Sugus, a childhood chewy candy. Grape flavour specifically. It is said to be used before the final rinse. I have no idea what that means so I just treat this as hair conditioner. I started off with pouring some onto my palm and apply onto my hair length. After some time I got impatient and just pour the whole bottle directly onto my hair length, smooth it all over and rinse. It is very simple to use. The hair feels completely different when used compared to not using. Hair feels smoother and softer. Unfortunately the scent does not lingers long. I wish it did. I find that it works particularly well along Low ShamPoo. Low ShamPoo alone can be a bit meh but together with Rinsing Vinegar, it became a power team.

Here is the After result of using Low ShamPoo and Rinsing Vinegar. My hair was bleached and coloured before Chinese New Year so it became dry and brittle. Just look at how shiny and soft my hair are!

Yves Rocher Low Shampooo and Rinsing Vinegar Result


Yves Rocher Low ShamPoo and Rinsing Vinegar is now available at stores nationwide and online.

Online Store:

+ Low ShamPoo – RM43 for 200ml
+ Rinsing Vinegar – RM48 for 150ml

For more information, please visit Yves Rocher Website.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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