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Beauty News: VELD’S Cosmetics Launched at Sephora

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French model Joyce Musy, the Creator of VELD’S who used to model alongside other supermodels for major haute couture names such as Dior, YSL, Hermes, Chanel and many more created a cosmetic line as she came from a background and exposure where she understand that many women will do anything to achieve a youthful beautiful look. Very often the option is either plastic surgery or aesthetic treatments, which can go either very wrong or immensely gorgeous if you are lucky. Some aesthetic treatments results do not last. Hence VELD’S is created together with the collaboration with French plastic surgeons and dermatologists using botanical ingredients from the South African Veld. Besides working with top botanist, plastic surgeons and dermatologists around the world, Joyce also manages private plastic surgery hospitals in Paris alongside highly-reputed surgeons such as Dr Jacques Ohana.

Veld's Creator Joyce Musy
VELD’S is currently available at Sephora Suria KLCC and the brand plan to expand its wing to other Sephora stores soon such as Mid Valley, Paragon Penang and many more.

VELD’S is a brand that focuses on innovative texture, efficacy and instant beauty effect. When Joyce was deciding on how she want her brand to be, she needed to take into the consideration of the texture, the scent, going all organic or natural, and if any added ingredients will affect the product efficacy. According to Joyce, a product efficacy is very important. That, besides considering if the brand will go all organic with bad smelling products and so on 😀

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When asked, what is the best-seller products within VELD’S? The answer is Eye Magic Anti-Wrinkle, Eye Magic Anti-Dark Circle Concealer, Age 2O Deep Hydration Anti-Aging Mask, Age Killer Anti-Aging and Firming Serum, and Age 2O Deep Hydration Anti-Aging Cream. Both of the Eye Magic is also the best-seller in-flight! I am currently using both of the Eye Magic as well and the Age 2O Deep Hydration Anti-Aging Mask. Review for all will be up soon 🙂

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VELD’S is now available at Sephora stores.

+ CLEAN New Generation Makeup Remover Oil – RM194
+ CLEAN Fine Enzymatic Cleansing Powder – RM139
+ CLEAN Micellar Skincare, Instant Makeup Remover Solution – RM78
+ AGE 2O Deep Hydration Anti-Aging Serum – RM324
+ AGE 2O Deep Hydration Anti-Aging Cream – RM277
+ AGE 2O Deep Hydration Anti-Aging Mask – RM208
+ AGE KILLER Extreme Anti-Aging & Firming Serum – RM389
+ AGE KILLER Lift-in-Tense Anti-Aging Firming Cream – RM324
+ XIM UP Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Redensifying – RM324
+ XIM UP Supple Wrinkle-Filler & Lip Plumper Cream – RM191
+ EYE MAGIC Anti-Wrinkle Gel – RM294
+ EYE MAGIC Anti-Dark Circle Concealer – RM239
+ PURE PULP NEO Beauty Restoring Gel – RM369
+ FLASH PROTECT Evanescent Veil-Protect Brush – RM167

For more information, please visit VELD’S France website.


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