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The New Benefit 2017 Cheek Parade Will Make You Go Ohh La La (Except Me)

Benefit 2017 Cheek Parade
* Image: Akeru Feed


Benefit and I, we are not friends. There I said it. Why? Well, many years ago Benefit Malaysia uses us, a group of bloggers to do a giveaway for them in order to create some hype for them. And when that is done, they have gotten what they want and the left without saying thank you or good bye. So, now they only get people who is famous or celebrity so-called to whatever they do. I am one who do not support Benefit Malaysia regardless how tempting some of their limited edition launches are.

Benefit 2017 Cheek Parade 1
* Image: Beautizine


Today I was randomly browsing Sephora Malaysia online for new product releases and stumbled upon this 2017 Cheek Parade palette. What caught my eyes is the new GALifornia, which was just launched not even a month ago. If you have GALifornia in this palette, shoot! I am half sold. Half because I am (still) not going to spend on Benefit. Hah!

The price: RM290. Not too bad considering there are 2 new shades – GALifornia and Hoola Lite. But do you need a 300 bucks blush palette and it is just Benefit? No you do not. I would take the money and buy Hourglass or Tarte or Marc Jacobs. Unless you are a hardcore fan of the brand then go ahead lol.
This palette will only be launching in April 2017 and we already have it in!


How to get the best from what you paid?

Coincidentally is having some weekly promotion on their website and Benefit has a GWP promo. If you spend RM240 and above on Benefit products, you will get this 3-piece gift set.

Benefit 2017 Cheek Parade Promo 1
That is not all. Besides getting free shipping, you also get to choose sample for your purchase. The sample gets better and better the more you purchase. In this case, a Kat Von D Mini Studded Kiss Lipstick in Cathedral is in the sample list. Go ahead. Throw this in your shopping bag.

Benefit 2017 Cheek Parade Promo 2
Am I tempted in any way? Of course? I am a beauty enthusiast and anything beauty always tempt me. But not until I need to buy it otherwise I could not sleep. Nah, I am still not supporting Benefit LOL. I still have my gorgeous Tarte 10-blush palette to dig into.


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  • Waahhhh why u post this T____T now i’m tempted. The only Benefit item I have now is the mini Benetint, lol~ It’s surprisingly handy to bring around, especially in small bags.

    • Hahaha. Cause I found a good GWP deal and I wanted to share it with everyone just in case you girls bought it without knowing 😉

      Are you buying?

  • I bought a whole set from Benefit years ago so I’ve tried a few products but I think there are a lot of more affordable and just as effective substitutes. It’s really expensive for what you get and I also feel that the products are not developed with Asian skin in mind. I’d pick the Balm over Benefit. The Benefit foundations looked cakey and the mascara crumbles on me.
    I also do think that Benefit Malaysia prefer using Influencers whose popularity is based more on looks than anything else. Fair enough, Benefit Malaysia can sell their product to the pretty young things and forget the rest of the world of real women who actually appreciate a fair and balanced review of beauty products 😛

    • My one and only Benefit was last year, sent by Sephora. The iconic mascara that everyone love sucks on me. I like Roller Lash but not the previous. For the price I say it is not worth it. Completely agree with you. It is getting more and more expensive! Look at their box blush. Crazy! Most brands now uses influencers with the “looks”. Same goes to Make Up For Ever, who completely forgotten us too LOL.


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