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Gucci Guilty Absolute: If You Don’t Have the Nose for Leathery Scent, it’s Okay. You’re Not Nonsense, You’re Just Human

Gucci Guilty Absolute 1
Scent is a personal preference. I cannot stress this enough here in Street Love. Some like it floral, some like it fruity, some like it woody, some like it musky. This makes us human. You’re not weird, not nonsense. You just have a different preference as everybody else. I may like floral and you may like fruity but that does not mean I can call you crazy. No, you’re not. So don’t be afraid to say it out that the scent does not suit you. Because that is what happened at Gucci Guilty Absolute media launch.

I did not like Gucci Guilty Absolute’s leathery and earthy scent and I was referred to as the weird one. Oh please.

I do not have time for the drama because I need to tell you about this new men fragrance. Let’s save our breath for that shall we? 🙂

I love Gucci fragrances. All their fragrances regardless women or men smells so good. This new Gucci Guilty Absolute men fragrance is really a manly perfume, from the scent right down to the packaging. It convey the message of #GuiltyNotGuilty and is created for man who defines his own masculinity, the one who BOLDLY state there is nothing absolute about being a man today. This applies to women as well. BE BOLD and stand up for yourself. Gucci Guilty Absolute defines ironic, modern declaration of self-expression, free from social norms and expectations. Well, that sort of said it all about me on my fragrance preference in this case, eh?

Gucci Guilty Absolute 2
Gucci Guilty Absolute scent was created between creative director Alessandro Michele and maître perfumeur Alberto Morillas. Alberto made the scent into a men’s highly populated woody olfactory category. My nose detected this moss earthy scent and I was right. Alberto further define the scent with two leading notes. These two notes are the only two main notes you will smell. I am not kidding. Leather accord Woodleather™ is one of it, as a tribute to the House’s leather-making roots and the second note is Goldenwood™, a new natural extract of the Nootka Cypress. I can safely say you will never smell this type of men fragrance anywhere, because this was also the first time I am smelling it. This particular leathery and earthy scent was created exclusively for Gucci Guilty Absolute by Alberto.

Firstly, the perfume breaks into an ultra-dry woody notes that almost smells like the moldy green moss in the forest’s wood. It has a warm scent of a traditional wood with rich ambery accents of the Nootka. These two leading notes was further intensified using three forms of Patchouli Oils with sweet, dark and earthy character and Vetiver, the fresh and earthy grass from the woods.

Gucci Guilty Absolute 3
The smooth flask style bottle design has the lines of the original and best-selling Gucci Guilty fragrance. It is filled with Absolute rich cognac-hued juice and top with a shiny black cap. The box is my favourite. It has the tobacco military-colored color, and of course with black interlocking Gs on the front just like every other Gucci fragrances.

The campaign was helmed by Jared Leto, who will be appearing in all of Gucci Guilty Absolute posters, ads and on other medium.

Gucci Guilty Absolute 4
Gucci Guilty Absolute in a nutshell is a deep, warm, masculine, leathery type of scent. An Editor commented that it smells like a workshop but in a nicer way and I could not agree more. It does reminds us of the workshop, with all the oil and man scent 😀


Gucci Guilty Absolute is now available at leading departmental stores and perfumeries nationwide.

+ Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Absolute 50ml – RM281
+ Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Absolute 90ml – RM374
+ Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Absolute 150ml – RM429

For more info on the fragrance, please visit Gucci Guilty Website.


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