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What I Wore Vol. 7

What I Wore 7
I paid an epic price for this dress. It was on clearance for RM9. Epic, right? So, after I was done at Guardian event, the girls wanted to shop at Padini as they had a massive sale at Starling Mall. One blogger told us a shirt was only RM6 and true enough, it was RM6. But the downside was, no trying are permitted. All of us walked around Padini and I have nothing to buy. Then one of the girl spotted this dress in red. I was immediately attracted to the white instead. The material is thick and it has lining on the inside making the entire dress super heavy but I don’t know why I ended up with a red dress. Perhaps I don’t own a lot of red dress so I decided to get the red instead.

I took the dress and measured it against myself and the smallest size of all, Size S would be a perfect fit. After 15 minutes of strolling we went back to the dress and re-measure again. Size M was just an inch bigger than Size S and the girls told me to get M to be safe since it’s just an inch. Wrong decision. It was too huge on me. You could see my boobs from the armpit LOL. I got my mom to sew the side for me to make it smaller. After some alteration, it fits much better. Still big on me and the armpit hole are too big of a hole but it was much better than before. At least my boobs are not popping out haha!!

I wore this dress to Clarins IOI City Mall retail kiosk opening. Perfect dress for the occasion 🙂

Dress: Padini (RM9, after discount from original price RM69.90)
Shoe: Crocs Leigh II Ankle Strap Wedge (RM289)


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  • Gorgeous!
    The price or the brand are secondary. What matters is the person wearing it can bring out the best in an attire. And also how you pair them up with the accessories. It’s the charisma of the person, and you do have that charisma and aura, Fiona!

    One may be dressed from top to toe in expensive garb, but still look like a badly-decorated Christmas tree, as in the Chinese saying,
    lit. wearing the emperor’s robes, doesn’t make one a prince
    fig. you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig”

    • Thank you darling xoxo

      Oh oh! I know who is the Christmas tree hahahaha 😛

      • Bingo!
        Lol… Shhhhh… “Christmas Tree” very small gas one!

        • Hahahahaha yes yes very small gas. I wonder if she knew she is a Christmas tree eh

  • OMG!!! RM9?! Wear once then throw. hahaha. more expensive to wash it.

    • Aiyoh then it’s a waste to throw haha. I like the dress very much 🙂 . So comfy. Can go for a feast and still breath LOL

  • OMG, why I couldn’t find such deal when shopping. I want to go shopping with you all.

    • It was purely by luck 😀 . I didn’t thought of going in Padini but since the girls and I hang out after an event and we have lots of time to kill, we all went in for a stroll, to see what’s good and cheap 😛


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