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AUPRES Make Up - Lips Review: Make Up

AUPRES Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze: A pretty lipstick lip gloss hybrid from a beautiful marriage

Here’s a confession. I was so caught up with some freelance job I signed on earlier the month that I have no time to blog at all. I haven’t been drafting any blog post for the past few days nor have I been photographing product for the past one week. Boy was I in a panic mode yesterday night as I have nothing on for today. So I started to search through all my memory card for draft photos and voilà! I saw that I had the AUPRES Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze photo batch ready, which I was suppose to review a few months ago but never get the chance to write about it. So here it is!

I am all about lipstick *all hail lipstick*. I never like lip gloss and I cringe whenever someone buy a lip gloss. I just couldn’t understand why would anyone like stickiness on their lips except for the moisturizing effect. I did cringe a bit when I was given this AUPRES Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze. I told myself to give it a try and I think (yes I think) I’m okay with it.

AUPRES Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze 1
Last year I attended the AUPRES X MIVVA Pampering Workshop and that’s when I was introduced to 2-upcoming new product namely AUPRES Dimensional Face Creator and AUPRES Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze. Both new product was suppose to be launch two months after that. I even had the opportunity to try these duo at the makeover station provided. The makeup artist told me that this is a “lip glaze”, which is a marriage product between a lipstick and lip gloss. I thought the idea was catchy although not new. I remember Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze feels quite comfortable on my lips so yeah, I kinda like it.

AUPRES Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Hydrating Skin Care - Masks

Review: Waking up to a Bouncy Skin with AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask EX. How? The Key is Improving Skin Function and Rejuvenate Skin While Sleeping

I’m pretttttyyy sure you’ve tried the old AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask. To be honest I’m not quite a fan of sleeping mask because I rely on slapping on a thick gel moisturizer to sleep which works as sleeping mask most of the time 😀 . I did tried one of the Korean brand that was famous for it’s sleeping mask but felt it to be a bit meh. I then tried AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask (because I like the white little balls in it) and thought it’s rather cool that the white balls melts away during application. Not quite there yet in impressing me. I still felt that my gel moisturizer works better. When AUPRES said they are reformulating, repackage and relaunch it’s famous AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask, I have high hopes. The new sleeping mask is now named as AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask EX.

AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask EX 1
AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask was first launched back in August 2009. The product was initiated after researcher found that lack of sleep will lead to skin roughness, dryness and dullness. AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask EX is a one-step easy solution to those that are too busy with everyday lifestyle. Regardless if you have dry skin or even oily skin, retaining the skin’s moisture level is very important. I am a firm believer that a properly hydrated skin (even oily skin) will be able to prevent and solve any skin problem 😀

AUPRES Make Up - Face Review: Make Up

Review: Contour, Blush and Highlight With AUPRES Dimensional Face Creator

It is pretty normal for Asian not into contouring their face, unlike Caucasian whereas contouring and highlight is a part of their makeup regime. I am certainly not into bronzing or contouring my face. I grew up in a beauty society that the fairer and brighter your complexion, the better it is. Which explains why Asian (and me) are into whitening products and highlighting / illuminating.

Many years ago I bought a blush + contour palette so I started applying the contour powder onto my jaw line. Well, that’s where I was told it should be. Let’s just say it turns out horrible when I looked into the mirror as I saw a huge brown patch from my jawline to upper neck. The rest of my face and neck are fair. So much so for trying to have a slimmer face :D. I don’t have a wide face at that time to begin with. But that soon was changed when I was diagnosed with a rather serious early stage of Hyperthyroidism. My face and body now are the result of 4 years of intensive medication. At this point of time I’m slowly recovering and gaining back my previous look before medication. It’s a painfully slow process.

Here’s a confession. I’ve been slacking off everything recently because I was hooked to You Tube. Gosh these videos can be addictive ya’know. I notice all the beauty You Tubers are into contouring their face with a bronzer. I absolutely love the after-contour look but I thought it looks weird especially on the side. One day while looking into the mirror in my office’s washroom, I thought my face and makeup looked flat. My curiosity in contouring was building up day by day and I wanted to give dimension to my look. I guess I was lucky because I have AUPRES Dimensional Face Creator #RD1 sitting in my drawer. That’s when all the craziness started.

Aupres Dimensional Face Creator 1
AUPRES Dimensional Face Creator was launched a few months ago back in August 2013. I was one of the lucky one to get this palette a month before it was launched, thanks to a pampering event co-organized by MIVVA and AUPRES. This beautiful palette has been sitting in my drawer unused because I have not taken any picture of it. So once in a while I’ll take this out and admire the floral print on top of the blushes, highlighter and contour powder.

AUPRES Beauty Workshop Event

A Day of Fun and Full With Pampering at AUPRES X MIVVA Pampering Workshop

I guess many of you have heard and know of the brand AUPRES. For those who still didn’t have a bit clue about AUPRES…well AUPRES is French for “next to you, close to you”. It is an exclusive skincare and makeup brand launched in 1994 that only reaches our Malaysia shore on the 4th quater of last year. The philosophy of the brand is that they believe skincare is a woman’s ultimate companion in life for achieving and maintaining beautiful skin. I say ditto to that and may I add that it is also beautifully packaged and very affordable too!

I didn’t get to go to their launch last year but thanks to the wonderful people at MIVVA for extending an invite to me for AUPRES Pampering Workshop which was held last Saturday, and also thanks to AUPRES Malaysia for coming up with a session for the bloggers that I am able to get close to AUPRES to learn more about the brand.

I reached slightly late due to the massive traffic jam at Jalan Tun Razak (I heard SMART tunnel is worse). As soon as I reached Zang Toi cafe located at 4th Floor of Pavilion KL, I can see that most bloggers already arrived. All the pampering station is full but I was ushered to the makeover station where I had my flash makeover using AUPRES’s latest and upcoming makeup products which I can’t reveal here yet. You got to find out in August 😛