AUPRES Beauty Workshop Event

A Day of Fun and Full With Pampering at AUPRES X MIVVA Pampering Workshop

I guess many of you have heard and know of the brand AUPRES. For those who still didn’t have a bit clue about AUPRES…well AUPRES is French for “next to you, close to you”. It is an exclusive skincare and makeup brand launched in 1994 that only reaches our Malaysia shore on the 4th quater of last year. The philosophy of the brand is that they believe skincare is a woman’s ultimate companion in life for achieving and maintaining beautiful skin. I say ditto to that and may I add that it is also beautifully packaged and very affordable too!

I didn’t get to go to their launch last year but thanks to the wonderful people at MIVVA for extending an invite to me for AUPRES Pampering Workshop which was held last Saturday, and also thanks to AUPRES Malaysia for coming up with a session for the bloggers that I am able to get close to AUPRES to learn more about the brand.

I reached slightly late due to the massive traffic jam at Jalan Tun Razak (I heard SMART tunnel is worse). As soon as I reached Zang Toi cafe located at 4th Floor of Pavilion KL, I can see that most bloggers already arrived. All the pampering station is full but I was ushered to the makeover station where I had my flash makeover using AUPRES’s latest and upcoming makeup products which I can’t reveal here yet. You got to find out in August 😛

All dolled up. As I just had makeup on at home before heading out, the makeup artist only blot excess oil, touch-up with powder, blusher and lip glaze. That is good enough for me 😀


Eye bags are in trend now I heard 🙂

Although I can’t reveal the new upcoming products used on the makeover yet however I can show you this. The pretty AUPRES Lively Finish Pressed Powder. Been eyeing on this for so long. I foresee that I’m going back to grab this haha!

The biggest station is skin consultation whereas expert is there to advice on our skin condition and recommend suitable products. I think this is really good for us when we wanted to purchase the product later on. Sometimes I can be quite lost standing in front of the counter because of the varieties of product. I always keep the list of recommendation for future reference.

The most anticipated and a station that I was really looking forward to go to is the Tarot Card Reading. I never do Tarot card reading before. Hard to believe but it’s true. I’m not the type that like to know what’s planned for the future. I don’t like to know ahead. But this time round I decided to do my reading but only ask about the current, not past or future :). This is one good and pleasant experience!

By right I should go for the hand massage station first. It should be the first in my context when it comes to pampering. And the hand massage station is right at the front :D. But I did it the second last lol.

The hand massage is not using hand product but using AUPRES skincare. It was so good. Always love a hand massage :D. And no…it’s not sticky at all.

I didn’t get to cook this time 😛 but I do get to decorate my own cupcake to bring home. This is a great idea as I have been asked to cook a few times recently but never on cupcake decorating. I am someone who is more into baking than cooking. It has been ages since I last bake too.

There is two type of cupcake for us to choose – chocolate or vanilla. You bet I chose chocolate :D. And also lots of decoration for us to be creative with. You know I’m not in the creative department but hey this is one fun activity. Got to do this more frequent 😀

There is a long table in the middle and that table showcased AUPRES skincare as well as the upcoming makeup products which I can’t reveal so why not admire just the skincare first eh? The flowers are absolutely beautiful. The overall setting is very well-planned and lovely 🙂

We were also served delicious refreshment and I had a big cup of coffee. Feel like pairing the cupcake with the coffee but nah. Too pretty to eat haha!

And here is my cupcake decoration. A girly girl theme for me. I just got to add that big red love in too, afterall this is Street Love 😛

I had fun catching up with friends as well as being pampered and gain some knowledge on the brand and products. Thank you once again to AUPRES and MIVVA for having me 😀


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  • I went for the earlier sessions thanks so Mivva. I was very pleased with the way AUPRES handled the event. Most of the time when you go to brand sponsored events, you can expect them to spend most of the time talking about their products and persuade you to buy this and that.

    But this really felt like a pampering session to indulge yourself. Of course there was a skin consultation where they recommended which range would suite you but I liked that it was an individual session, or rather two person to one consultant. I asked quite a lot of questions, which you wouldn’t be able to in a large setting.

    So well done AUPRES! 🙂

    • I know right. I keep telling Mivva that I love this type of workshop. I’m not a fan of hands-on workshop, can’t bear my bare face in public lol!!

      I had an event not long ago with a brand but there is some product briefing involved because there is a game that is associated with the briefing. Eventhough so I make sure there is no hard selling involved :D. Overall it was good too!

  • wow such a great event!Too bad I am not in Malaysia…

    • It is! This is the kind of workshop that I like to go :). I was actually waiting for product briefing hehe. I’m into details 🙂


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