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2nd Phase – WIN! Aveda Invati™ Exfoliating Shampoo & Invati™ Thickening Conditioner worth RM216 per set!

Street Love Anniversary Giveaway

Surprise!! 😀 This is the 2nd phase of Aveda Invati™ giveaway to give chance to supporting readers in conjunction with my 2nd Anniversary.

Win these awesome solution set to combat with your thinning hair problem. The herbal scent of the Invati is absolutely invigorating. You can read my review on the full system at this post.


Invati™ Exfoliating Shampoo

  • Cleanses, exfoliates and renews the scalp with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid.
  • Clinically proven to remove the build-up of sebum and product residue that can clog pores and affect healthy hair.
  • Nourishes dry, tight scalps with extracts from millet seed and milk thistle, equalizing the lipid balance.
  • Contains densiplexTM – an invigorating blend of Ayurvedic herbs, including turmeric and ginseng.
  • One of 7 groundbreaking products honored with Gold-level Cradle to Cradle® certification.

Invati™ Thickening Conditioner

  • Arginine derived from sugar beets and soy protein is clinically proven to restore strength and improve hair elasticity, reducing breakage.
  • Clinically proven to thicken hair with a blend of guar, palm and grapeseed-derived ingredients.
  • Organic kukui nut oil helps add natural shine.
  • Contains densiplexTM – an invigorating blend of Ayurvedic herbs, including turmeric and ginseng.
  • One of 7 groundbreaking products honored with Gold-level Cradle to Cradle® certification.

Simply leave a comment and talk to me in this post on anything related to your hair problem or even share with us your hair care tips. Best commenter (chosen by me randomly) at the end of the giveaway will win! You will earn a higher chance of winning if you subscribe to Feedburner email updates 🙂


1. Giveaway open till 17th July 2013, 11.59pm.
2. Giveaway is only open to Malaysia residents only.
3. You can submit as many entry as you want but with only one winning chance.
4. Winner will be selected at random. An email notification will be sent to each winner. Winners will need to respond to the email in 24 hours or the prize will be snowball to a new winner.
5. Winner will need to collect the prize from Aveda One Utama upon presentation of an official letter from Aveda.
6. The organizer (Street Love) reserve the rights to change the terms and condition of the giveaway in any time as required without any prior notification.

Giveaway opens for 3 days only so hurry 😉


Update: 22nd July 2013
Winner Announcement!


Carrie Anne Long!

I’ve dropped you an email. Please reply within 48 hours ya


Comments (43)

  • I have been like a cat shedding fur for as long as I can remember. The floor will be full of my fallen strands of hair. A lot of people (my family, my partner) has complaint about seeing my fallen hair all over the place and commented on my receding hairline (Oooo, the horror upon hearing that).

    I have been told by many the ways to get back thicker and glossier hair – ie. boil some chinese herbs with pork parts and downing it will lead to thick and black hair, use Brandy and rub on your scalp. Well, I have never tried all that though…been trying to use products for hair fall/thinning from the pharmacy only. They don’t seem to really work as everywhere I go I still see strands of my hair on the floor, table, sofa and etc.

    Plus I have an oily scalp, a few hours or so after washing my hair it will start to get all greasy. A day out in the hot sun means I will end up having like limp, oily and sticky hair.

    And also, dandruff…dreaded skin-shedding 🙁 Ah, my hair woes are like never-ending. Or maybe I just haven’t found the right products/ways to tackle them…

    • Wooo. I remember seeing you with great looking hair. Didn’t realize you are facing so many issues.
      Brandy I heard is to stimulate growth. Works for men’s chest hair lol!
      Based on my own personal experience on hair fall, your hair length could be too long. It is easier to lose hair when the hair length is too long especially when it reaches near the bra-line. Try cutting it shorter 🙂

      I have oily scalp too but that is the next day after washing. My biggest problem now is sensitive scalp where my scalp is so dry that I’m shredding dry scalp just like dandruff. Frustrating. It’s like face. Dry on the inside, oily on the outside.

      Perhaps you can drop by Aveda outlet for a consultation?

      • My partner is always trying to get me to cut my hair short / shorter. He says that the hair of my forehead is like getting real sparse and that I will end up bald if I don’t cut it T_T

        Yea, I do think hair length played a part in my serious hair shedding….lolz. When my hair was just slightly below my shoulder I remember there was less strands of hair everywhere. About a month ago, I did went home to cut my hair but the hairstylist persuaded me to keep the length and he just layered my hair. My head does feel lighter but still a lot of hair falling. Probably gonna get another haircut soon >_<

        My hair and scalp gets oily on the same day. If I do not wash my hair for a day, the next day my head will be so itchy and I will end up scratching it or poking it until my scalp gets hurt and bleed.

        O, didn't really know that our scalp can be just like our face. Dry inside and oily outside…

        Aveda seems like a good product to try. Are they very expensive?

        • Hehe. Your partner is more worried about you getting bald. I had my parting on the left side for more than 20 years. I’m beginning to fear that I might get bald too so I changed my parting to the center when I perm my hair last year. Now that I’m back to straight hair…I’ve change parting to the right :D. Thinking to change to the center again.

          Layering only keep your hair lesser from the middle down. Hair is still long so it will still fall :P. Try getting a trim every month :D. So you will still get to keep your long hair but at the same time cutting it a bit.

          If I keep touching my hair, my hair will get oily. Otherwise I’m good lol.

          Aveda is natural and less harmful on our hair and scalp. I kinda like the herbal scent. Quite expensive if you buy the regular bottle but worthy if you get the jumbo size ;). Come to the event! That way you will get to learn more and you need not go to the outlet alone and scared hahaha 😀

          • My parting has for the majority (95%) of time been in the middle…haha. I did try to change it when I had a haircut a year or two ago. But I would have to blowdry my hair after every shower to get the parting to be on the right/left side. Kinda taxing….so in the end it went back to the middle >_<

            Will be getting a trim soon. My little fringe is getting longer 🙂

            I don't have to touch my hair for it to get oily…..even if I do not use any products (oil, gel & etc) on my hair, it will still get oily very soon. One day of non-washing and my friends will be like, "Did you put oil on your hair?" T_T

            Aveda sounds like good stuffs then 😀 But I am too shy to attend events with a group of people 🙁

          • Middle parting for long hair is nice especially when you curl your hair with styler 😀

            I seriously envy those than can wash their hair once every few days. No itch, no oil, no nothing. My scalp start to itch if I don’t wash immediately at night.

            Come Alicia! Everyone that’s going doesn’t know each other, seriously ehehehe. It will be my first time meeting most of them too 🙂

          • I am shy about these things too 🙁 Bad hair is not something I am proud of.
            Maybe you need to have an event for us shy people, Fiona! We can all come in masks (beauty masks, halloween masks, masquerade ball masks…)

          • Haha Jude. I don’t think so anyone will want to go since all so shy for Aveda event what more masquerade one.

      • I’m just kidding about the masks, of course. Laughing is better than crying about things, don’t you think?

        • You’re right 🙂

          • Haha, it would be great if there’s another event for shy people (minus the masks)….but it will be hard to get us to go I guess in the end coz we are still shy….lolz

            I too envy those who can wash their hair once in two or more days >_<

            Thanks for inviting….but still shy shy here…

  • thanks for giving us a chance to win this range again, Fiona ;-D

    Originally, I have thick hair, and hairdressers have often commented that my hair is like a broom XD
    Unfortunately, I suffered from post-maternity alopecia the 2nd month onwards after delivering my notti bub.
    It was scary as I noticed a receding hairline, especially at my forehead!
    6 months down the road, my hair is slowly re-growing, looking frizzy and messy as the ‘baby hair’ has yet to reach a certain length.

    Come CNY 2014, I am dreading the time I will go through the same experience again as my 2nd bub is due by then.
    It would be a recurring nightmare of hands-full of hair shedding whenever I wash, comb or tie my hair.
    And even if I’m not doing anything, I’d leave behind a trail of hair all over the floor to the chagrin of my cleanliness-obsessed hubby. Picking up strands of hair fr the bathroom floor (or using a Cellophane tape to pick them up) only added more stress to myself, causing more hair loss.

    I understand that post-maternity alopecia is inevitable as it is due to hormonal changes, but I hope this range can at least help me control or reduce hair loss early next year, reducing the stress of losing hair, losing sleep and juggling between a little toddler and new-born. **keeping fingers crossed**

    • Yes post-maternity alopecia is really inevitable. I have heard and seen many mummy complain about this problem. I have hair everywhere in the house too haha.
      However I do think your scalp is lack of nutrient. Shampooing and conditioning alone is not enough. Now is the best time to treat and prevent for future post-maternity alopecia 😀

      • I tried various shampoos but none seem to work for me.

        Yes, you have a point there, girl. I went to a hairdresser and she advised me to continue taking folic acid even after childbirth to prevent hairloss. I didnt do it the first time, but for sure I will do it the second time! 🙂

        • My hair fall is seasonal but so far most product works on me :D. Folic Acid eh? Never tried that. I hope I don’t shed too much hair when after I give birth in future 😛

  • I come from a family that has a problem with dandruff.In addition to that, I also have hair fall.The drugstore products is completely useless for me and I’ve tried a bunch! The hair fall really bothers me,there will be a lot of clumps of my hair on my bedroom floor which makes me sad.I’ve tried hair oils(olive oil,baby oil,etc..)but it doesn’t stop the hair fall,though it does make my hair softer.I do hope this shampoo will make a difference.

    Thank you for the giveaway! tc! 🙂

    • Hair oil I think don’t promote hair growth and prevent hair lost :). Got to infuse the scalp and hair with more treatment product like hair masque, hair serum or even hair “skincare”. Invati definitely will help make a different. I finished the whole system 😉

  • The biggest problem for me is hair fall. It seem to be like falling all the time especially after bathing and after waking up from sleep. I tried a lot method but it never work. However, my hair is very thick so nobody will notice it. And that’s why I have a lot of baby hair. Look not so nice when I tie it up as all the baby hair will ‘stand up’. haha

    • That’s because your hair is sooooooo long dear haha! Long hair tend to have more hair fall. Try to keep a moderate length. Now I try not to have hair too long. The hair fall is too much. It’s crazy!

      Baby hair is so troublesome. I envy girls with smooth hair surface 🙁

      • Yeah me too! Long hair is also one of the causes of hair fall. I still get a lot hair fall even with short hair. Its time to get some trimming for my hair. haha!

        • Hahaha. Beside having long hair, there is a lot of other factor 🙂

  • My grandmother always says to use virgin coconut oil as conditioner because it helps make the root of the hair strong and thickens the hair. Haven’t really gave it a try yet as it never dawn on me that I needed this. But the hair keeps dropping and the hubby keeps complaining. Maybe it’s time to cut my hair short and use some serious hair thickening shampoo/conditioner and the coconut oil remedy.

    • Ahhh yes virgin coconut oil is a remedy widely use by Indian right? I heard it makes the hair strong and black :D. I guess it works as Indian always have full, beautiful bouncy hair. What I don’t like is the smell only haha 😀

  • I’m afraid that if went to Aveda I would keep all their consultants busy for a full day. My hair has always been the bane of my life. I had so much hair as a kid that I resented it (it was so thick and untamed) but now that I’m all grown it is the complete opposite.

    My hair issues run the full gamut; massive hair fall issues resulting in overall thinning, frizzies, cow licks, dry parts, oily parts, dandruff and a stubborn side part that I can’t commit to changing.
    I read somewhere that seeing a dermatologist helps because the problems are all hormonal but it’s one of those things I have been putting off and off because I really, really, really hate going to the doctor.

    In truth, I really want to attend your Aveda workshop (you have great events and I’d love to attend one day) but I’m really scared it might be embarrassing to go through these issues in public with a consultant.

    My hair and I have never been great friends but I’m sad to have to part this way (i.e. through thinning) 🙁
    Not many people realise how much of a relationship we women have with our hair. It’s truly a part of our identity even if it can be cut off in a second.
    For many, cutting a few inches off takes some nerve. I’ve heard of some girls getting really depressed after a bad hair cut which seems to take forever to grow out. My sister (in her teens) once sat at her hairdresser’s and bawled her eyes out after a bad cut. She couldn’t stop crying and they had to beg her to leave. It was quite a scene.

    Many beauty magazines and blogs like to talk about beauty as being about luxury, glamour and pampering but I have been reading your blog and am grateful that you show that behind the idea of beauty is a lot of hard work around some not so beautiful issues like hair loss, skin allergies, scarring. You address things that we women might be ‘malu’ to talk about.

    • Hi Jude! It is also true that all this hair fall is hormonal. I am one living evidence 😀
      You should come. Most of us have our own embarrassing hair issue and this is a really great opportunity to solve the problem :). Hair is like face. You have problem and you get depress. It is very normal, afterall we are all girls hehe. I once read that rinsing your hair during shampooing with warm water will promote hair growth. I’ve since practice what I read and let’s just say my hair grow on a fast rate too.

      Thank you for the compliment, Jude :D. I believe in sharing real life beauty issue that relates back to me 😉

  • My hair thinning problem started to emerge in my University hay days. I think it’s due to stress and also lack of sleep as a result of burning the midnight oil to study (and play computer games ^v^) However I had little concern on it and did not bother to seek for remedy. Back then, the fall rate of my hair was not significant.

    I only started to become concern on my hair problem during months before my wedding. I remember I felt horror when staring at a photograph of me, that clearly shows my ‘bald’ head. I tried a few hair products that claimed to prevent hair falling or to volumize hair, but I didn’t see any encouraging result.

    Recently my hair fall rate become worse :'( You can see my balding head clearly during the recent StriVectin x Street Love Tea Party: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=389918527795763&set=pb.248759825244968.-2207520000.1373973973.&type=3&theater

    While looking for proper solution, I have adapted the practice of not combing my hair when it’s wet. Wet hair tend to be more fragile, thus if I comb my hair when it’s wet the fall rate would be higher. I also let my hair dry naturally and seldom use the hair-dryer, because I believe heat will damage my hair (lol). Anyone also have the same belief? Haha…

    Recently, I went to Aveda to redeem the Street Love-Aveda Welcome Gift, and the consultant have suggested me to use the Aveda Invati products…but I’m not sure if after I but the product, will it works? Will my hair or scalp ‘reject’ this product’? I really want to try this product yet I want my money worth every cent!! Haih….anyway, I have registered for the Street Love x Aveda Pampering Hair Day. Hope I am chosen so that I can learn more about my hair problem…

    • Oh don’t worry, that’s not too bad. That’s not till balding :D. Maybe the hair on either side of the parting is pressed too flat therefore the parting line looked bald 😀

      I have the same theory on hair dryer too! Last time I was told that it is best to let hair dry naturally. Recently I was told hair is healthier with hair dryer. Which is why also I have no idea LOL.

      You should ask for Invati sample hehe :). Will see you at the Aveda event 😉

      • Eh really? Hair is healthier with hair dryer? Aih, confused confused @.@

        Ya, I think my hair problem is not as bad as some people, yet better to cure it now before it becomes worse >.<"

        • That’s what I heard, but you know different people have different “remedy” haha!

  • I always thought that my hair falls like crazy but since my hair is long, people keep saying that it’s normal but nah ah…I do think there’s a problem now, especially on the sides of my head. It’s so thin! And flat! Also, my drain gets clogged up after 3-4 washes and it’s really really scary!!

    I’ve tried so many hair loss products (Shiseido, Nioxin, Ellence, etc..) but nothing seemed to really work so far. Probably cause this takes long term. Oh well, hope I get to win and attempt Aveda! 🙂

    I’ve seen a skin specialist recently to check my scalp too and he gave me some treatments & supplements. Fingers crossed!

    • Join us at Aveda event Kimberly. You will learn loads regarding your hair, styling that suits you, consultation and chances to win great prizes 😀

      • Thanks Fiona but what Aveda event is going on now yeah? Will surely check it out.

        • Click on the huge banner below the menu Kimberly 🙂

          • Okieee…Just submitted! 🙂

          • See you at the event Kimberly. I’ll send out the official email when the RSVP ends.

  • hi fiona dear! >._<

    by the way, thank you ! 🙂

    • Although I don’t know what is it for but you’re welcome LOL 😀

  • omg, fiona , do you see my entry? I saw it just left : “hi fiona dear! by the way, thank you!” like that only

    how come T_T

    • Yes I saw that entry haha. You ter-click submit before finishing the comment?

  • hi fiona dear!

    I have very thin hair, and split end at most of them =[ it may look ok from far, but when come to near distance, my hair look so meh 🙁 so thin! =[ now it easily become frizzy whenever I am, especially when I am outside of the house T___T it looks terrible. My hair is virgin hair…I have been taking good care of my hair and I never colour it before, never have hair makeover before, but this is the problems that bother me, since long time ago. it never get better T__T please helpppp, I hope this Aveda Invati set will be able to help >_<

    by the way, thank you fiona dear ^_^

    • Chinese girl normally have fine, straight hair. If you do and still go for rebonding it will only make it more flatter. Luckily Aveda have a product that will help to “add volume” to flat hair 🙂

  • Thanks a lot, Fiona!
    You really made my mundane Monday blues disappear! ♥ ♥ ♥
    Thanks a lot & have a great week ahead ya!

    • You’re welcome 😀


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