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My 1st Beauty Workshop with Clarins

My very 1st beauty workshop and I’m glad it’s Clarins!

Last week I received a phone call from Clarins on inviting their new members to go for a workshop. It’s totally free of charge with door gift, light refreshment and of course loads of skin knowledge as well as their product usage and benefits knowledge. I always wanted to go for workshop but I was pretty much tied up with work and since I no longer have to do weekly magazines deadlines, I have the time to attend. Ohhh ya…the Monday deadline for next week is pushed forward to Saturday as Monday is the replacement public holiday for Labour’s Day.

I reached Amoda building parking around 10.14am and I received a kind reminder phone call to check if I had any problem locating their office. I was greeted by one of Clarins BA at the entrance and was guided to their training room thinking “am I the last one to arrive?”. Turns out I was the first one :). The workshop didn’t start at 10.30am because as you know Malaysian like love to be late. More than 10 people signed up or rather said yes to attend but to my disappointment most of them didn’t even show up! Why the heck would you said you will attend if you don’t even wanna go? You’re wasting so many people’s time and resources. I pitied Clarins staff as they called a few times to reconfirmed the workshop attendance and yet still many people was joking around with it. It’s your lost for ffk-ing. Shame on you!

I’m not sure what time we started the workshop though (I didn’t check) and I was paying lots of attention to the presentation.

The room display for the day. Initially I sat on the left section but later on changed to the back row facing the screen which would be more easier to see everything.

I choose to sit in front of the products basket so I can play around with it easier hehehe. There is also a pencil, mirror, hair clip, tissue paper, cotton pads and that was my sky juice with lemon slice and a information form which I didn’t fill up as I’ve done that a few times before at Clarins counter.

Some of the products which we will be using later on.

We started off with a short introduction by the trainer, Erinn and we watch a slide show on Clarins history, charity projects and moved slowly to products info and secret ingredients behind each star products range.

This is Erinn. She’s very friendly, funny, pretty and extremely well-verse in Clarins product knowledge.

I totally forgot to take pictures when we were hands on with the products. Sorry! I was too concentrating on the process.

After the hands on session, we treated ourself with some light refreshments and we were handed a door gift as a token for taking the time to attend this workshop. We got ourself a Clarins paper bag which inside we found a stripy green Clarins pouch with products. Here is the goodies.

I got a miniature HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase 15ml, Shaping Facial Lift 10ml, HydraQuench Cooling Cream-Gel 5ml and HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase 3ml.

Thank you so much Clarins for organizing and inviting me for this workshop. I hope to attend more of your workshop!