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Beauty Workshop Origins

Origins “The Great Age Erase” Workshop

Finally a workshop from Origins Malaysia. Good for me those that wanted to know more about the brand and products. Anyone planning to attend??

Discover how Origins most powerful anti-aging skincare can help to keep your skin radiant and youthful, naturally at The Great Age Erase Mini Facial Event on 25 Aug at Origins The Gardens. 

Call 03.2287.4662 for more information and to book your seats now. Vouchers are available at RM30, includes door gift worth RM80 and exclusive gifts with purchase. Limited space, so book early to avoid disappointment.


Beauty Workshop Benefit Event

Benefit Raising Eyebrows Book Launch & Brow-Shaping Masterclass

I was delighted to be invited for Benefit’s Raising Eyebrows book launch as well as Brow-Shaping Masterclass which was held last Satuday at Personal Shopper Room Parkson Pavilion.

As I had another episode of muscle dislocation on my right knee (old injury recurring again), I took a muscle relaxation + pain killer meds in order for me to limp over to the event! LOL. I reached early and waited for other bloggers to arrive.


The book Raising Eyebrow is written by Cameron Tuttle, an American author. Cameron made brow grooming sounds fun and easy with all the tips and info. Basically everything that you need or want to know about eyebrow is in this book. Unfortunately this book is not being sold in Malaysia currently. I’m so lucky to be given a copy thanks to Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia.

Beauty Workshop Clarins Event

Clarins VIP Beauty Workshop 2012

Rise & shine everyone! I woke up at 4am today because today is THE DAY. If you still haven’t heard yet, it’s the SURIA MERIANG STAFF SALES!

While I’m spending a few hours of queuing, here’s what happen at yesterday’s Clarins VIP Beauty Workshop at Zang Toi Cafe Pavilion.

I reached around 9.45pm. I couldn’t find “Zang Toi Cafe” from the directory floor plan and no one knew where is it. I have to walk all the way to the middle of the mall on 3rd floor Information counter to ask. Apparently Zang Toi Cafe is inside Parkson at 4th Floor. And it’s at far hidden corner in Parkson. No wonder no one knew where is it.

I registered myself with Priscilla who was taking care of the registration counter and I can see Kamsiah is already there. Chatted happily with Kamsiah as we finally met after chatting for quite some time in Facebook. Like myself…Kamsiah is a Clarins user and a devoted one too.


Peggy came over and offered to take a picture of us. So kind of her.

Beauty Workshop Clarins

Clarins VIP Beauty Workshop Exclusive for Facebook Fans

Find out how you can have a V-shaped face contour and a beautiful skin the natural way. Come and be our VIP!

Date: 26 May 2012
Time: 10.00am – 12.00pm
Venue: Zang Toi café, Parkson Pavilion KL
Fee: RM30*

Workshop highlights
1) Skin care daily essentials
Get beauty tips on how you can achieve the perfect V-shaped contours and find out what’s good for your skin 

2) Skin check
Personalized skin diagnosis

3) Free gifts and offers
Each attendee will receive Clarins door gift worth RM50. First 15 confirmed registrants will receive complimentary eye treatment worth RM80 in addition. 

Send in your details (Full Name, Mobile No, IC No) to Banking details will be given upon registration.

Confirmation of registration will be given after we have received the payment.

*Fully redeemable for Clarins Products & each participants will receive a doorgift from Clarins worth RM50


Beauty Workshop Event Lancôme

Lancôme Virtuôse Drama Workshop

I was one of the first 30 lucky fans who RSVP for Lancôme Virtuôse Drama Workshop last week. This event is in conjunction with the launch of Lancôme’s new mascara; Virtuôse Drama. We are invited to witness the power of this amazing mascara with Zamri Zainol, Lancôme National Makeup Artist. It was agonizing waiting for Lancôme’s confirmation email. If you’ve been following my blog you’d come to know that I love putting makeup on my eyes especially mascara and how much I’m worried about my lashes lol. So this is something not to be missed.

The event is held yesterday 15th October 2011 at South Void Mid Valley from 11am to 12pm. Registration starts at 10.30am. Zamri will teach us how Virtuôse Drama mascara can transform lashes into a dramatic lengthy curl immediately. Isn’t that sounds exciting already?

Before that. Here’s some info on Virtuôse Drama mascara.
The 1st mascara with double lifting lash effect, by Lancôme.
Lashes are lifted at the roots and at the tips with a lash lifting brush, custom-designed and tested on Asian lashes.
Ultimate curve is combined with dramatic length.
Total smudge-proof formula. Easy removal.

I arrived before 10.30am and unlucky enough to encounter some unpleasant incident just as I was walking over to Lancôme counter at South Void. Read here. My mood, excitement and concentration was totally ruined.
Putting the incident behind now let’s focus on the event which I attended.

The event area is nicely setup and it’s comfortable to walk around as all Lancôme personnel is nice and friendly. I like the fact that they’re so professional and taking care of their customers and guests well without pestering them too much with promotions.

Registration counter.

Makeup tester stands.

The theme and product focus at the moment is Visionnaire; the must have skincare item for all women who encounter skin imperfections such as pores, acne scars and marks, and fine lines. So I can see huge posters around their counter.

I was invited to do touch-up on my makeup after registering myself. It doesn’t matter if I had makeup on as this is just a touch-up to refresh my face and makeup. The make-over section was full so I waited while trying to regain my concentration from what had happen earlier. Soon enough I was informed that they are ready for me. With the blur dreamy face on I walked over and I saw Zamri Zainol! Zamri is Lancôme National Makeup Artist who have been with Lancôme since 1997. That’s 14 years! I thought I was hallucinating at that point of time as weird enough I can’t differentiate which is real. All this blurry state of mind is all thanks to the pervert that spoilt my day. As quickly as a thunderbird I shake off the blurness and it is indeed Zamri who’s going to do touch-up for me. Zamri explained that he will be using a method called 2-Minute Aura by using 3 products; Génifique, UV Expert GN-Shield and lightly dust on Teint Miracle or Maqui Miracle compact powder.

Step 1: Blot excess sebum from face lightly with a piece of tissue.
Step 2: Warm up Génifique on the back of your hand and gently press on face over existing makeup. Do not worry that this will ruin your makeup because it won’t. This is just “touch-up”.
Step 3: Same with Génifique, warm up UV Expert GN-Shield (sunblock) on the back of your hand and gently press on face.
Step 4: Use a face brush can swipe all over face some Teint Miracle or Maqui Miracle compact powder.

Zamri added Step 5 for me which is blusher before showing me the miracle of Virtuôse Drama mascara. I listened very carefully at his tips and asked him a question or two. I was amazed with the effect of Virtuôse Drama mascara on my lashes. Zamri’s tips on applying mascara is do not brush like a hair comb. Instead place the applicator to the root of your lashes, hold it a while, twist and brush up. With this technique we can skip eyelash curler as Virtuôse Drama mascara will create the curl and hold the curl.

After my make-over, I walked around snapping some pictures.

Makeup section is so hot that it’s full all the time 🙂

Lancôme mascara series.

Lancôme lipstick, lipgloss, compact powder, liquid foundation & blusher series. Lovely!

Lancôme perfume series.

Free gift promotion for this event.

We adjourned to the makeup tester stand side to start the workshop. Lancôme’s Brand Manager gave a speech. Oppss I forgot her name. Her skin is flawless!

A girl volunteer to be the model for the demonstration. Me and another Indian girl is with makeup on so we didn’t volunteer. The rest is too shy hahaha.

Zamri with model of the day.

Zamri showing everyone the 2-Minute Aura to freshen or touch-up our makeup. He started with warming up Génifique on the back of his hand.  

With Génifique warmed up, he press onto the model’s face. 

Repeat the same process with UV Expert GN-Shield.

As the model is without makeup, Zamri used liquid foundation on the model.

Same warming up technique.

This time he applied the liquid foundation like normal as I said before the model is not with any makeup. If you have makeup on you can’t do this. You can only press on to your existing makeup.

After applying powder, Zamri applied blushed on the model.

Zamri explaining about using mascara base.

Applying the base first to add length and separate the lashes one by one.

Zamri was about to use the new Virtuôse Drama mascara!

Using the special applying technique for Virtuôse Drama.

Lastly Zamri applied lipgloss to the model.

Tips from Zamri. Only for Virtuôse Drama mascara. Whenever we are free we can always use our finger to push our lashes upwards to create more dramatic curl! It’s proven. We witnessed it.

And lastly a picture of me and Zamri which was taken after my touch-up. Gosh he look so young and he have flawless skin. No kidding. It must be Lancôme. He even share with us how much he love Génifique as the product make him look young.

I wasn’t the lucky 5 for lucky draw which consists of 1X Ombre Absolue Palette and 1X Blush Subtil Rose worth RM260.00 in total. It was my unlucky day I guess. But nevertheless I’m happy to be able to attend the event.

Soon after collecting my door gift, I left quickly to the security counter to check on their result on CCTV video. Unfortunately they couldn’t capture the pervert’s face. I wasn’t in the mood for anything else but to get out of Mid Valley quickly so I left. If there’s no incident in the morning I would have bought the new Virtuôse Drama mascara. Maybe next time.

Door gift.

I was given a Complimentary Makeover Voucher, Génifique 5ml and UV Expert GN-Shield 5ml.

It was a successful event organized by Lancôme Malaysia. I do hope to attend more of this in the future. Thank you Lancôme!