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Bagasmic: Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Medium Multi-Function Tote

I can be very random at times. Although I have been thinking to check out the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Medium Multi-Function Tote at Michael Kors boutique, I never really set a target to buy it. Maybe I’ll buy after checking it out but just never went straight on buying. The randomness hit me on my birthday eve while I was driving to Dome The Gardens Mall for breakfast with Jerine.

Right after breakfast, I went up to the Information Counter to ask which level is Michael Kors. To my disappointment…it’s not opened yet. Dang! The desire to buy it right away was so strong that I can’t stop thinking of getting it. Ultimately both me and Jerine went to Kate Spade as they have something similar but it was not as good looking as Michael Kors. We also thought of rushing over to Pavilion but I needed to haul some skin care at Clarins Metrojaya so I went home without a Michael Kors bag that day. You see…I’m not someone that will buy luxury bag. To spend on one on birthday eve gave me a solid reason to buy one for myself.

So a week later (which is last Sunday) I drove to Pavilion. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Medium Multi-Function Tote at Pavilion boutique was selling like hot cake that they only have Navy, Black and Vanilla. I requested for the SA to check on other branch on Luggage (color name for brown) and looks like One Utama still have it.

So I rushed over to Michael Kors One Utama.

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Medium1

Michael Kors boutique at One Utama is the second outlet in Malaysia if I’m not mistaken. Pavilion one was so much smaller comparing with One Utama. However being one of the luxury brand here, both outlet’s SA is extremely polite and helpful. I wasn’t dress to kill on that day when I stepped into both boutique. I never do on weekends 😛 and I was treated with extreme good customer service.

25ans Magazine Japanese Magazine Michael Kors Review: Magazine

25ans March 2013 X Michael Kors Wallet / Passport Case

If you are my Facebook page follower then you’d remember that I posted about this Japanese Magazine supplement just before Chinese New Year. I was so tempted to get it but couldn’t made up my mind so I hide the copy that I was holding *evil me*. I went back yesterday to see if the hidden copy is still there and it was! I guess this means it’s fated that I should get it right?

So here it is! Totally no regret. It is as gorgeous as the blurb on the magazine front cover. 25ans March 2013 X Michael Kors Wallet / Passport Case issue is retailing at RM62 per copy at Kinokuniya. I paid RM58.90 after 5% discount using Isetan card.

25ans X Michael Kors1
Rather than the usual corrugated brown box shell packaging, this Michael Kors wallet comes in a gift box. Classy for a magazine supplement. The box is slot in a clear transparent plastic which I’ve removed and not in the picture.

25ans X Michael Kors2