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Beauty Box Review MIVVA Beauty Box

MIVVA Beauty Box December 2012 Debut Box Review

A surprise parcel arrived my house last Saturday afternoon while I was taking a short nap. My mum signed and received the parcel for me from the PosLaju postman but I was already awaken by the loud horn and Hello. You see, I’m quite close with the PosLaju postman so when he saw my name on the parcel he do not dare to delay the delivery. He knew my parcel are always urgent lol.

I woke up after the postman left and find the parcel in the living room. At first I couldn’t figure out who is the parcel from (been receiving too many parcel lately hehe) but judging from the box shape I immediately knew it’s MIVVA Beauty Box.

I know all of you have been waiting very patiently for this post that was put on hold due to family affair. So here’s MIVVA Beauty Box debut box! LOVE THE DUO PINK COLOR BOX and simplicity of the box design!

Oh ya just in case you’re wondering…the box is bubble wrapped securely before slotting in a PosLaju courier plastic.

It’s really heavy. When I lifted up the box lid I found a box FULL till the top!

Advertorial MIVVA Beauty Box

Beauty Box Introduction: MIVVA Beauty Box

“Have you heard? There’s a new kid on the block!

It’s not a secret that I love beauty box. I think I’ve mentioned several time before that I buy the concept of it. I think the idea of trying out deluxe trial size products and brands before heading over to the counter to purchase a full size is absolutely great. So who’s the new kid you may ask? It’s MIVVA BOX. is the fast becoming Malaysia’s hottest Online Beauty Portal and this month they’re launching their debut MIVVA Beauty Box! Today 7th December 2012 also mark their unveiling of the website and to join you need a special Invitation Code.

For only RM38 per month, you get 5-6 exciting beauty products and this Christmas, they’ve also packed in little surprises! I never miss Christmas or Valentine box as normally it’s quite packed compare with normal months. Can’t wait for the first box this Christmas!

As boxes are limited, they are only open to members (from 7th Dec onwards) and I was lucky enough to be selected to share the Invitation Code with my readers!

So here it is! Hop over to and key in the MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code: DiscoverMIVVA

Please use my referral link and help me claim my free MIVVA Box! [].

That would be your Christmas gift to me 😛


Here’s some additional info that you might wanna know about MIVVA Box. The concept is rather different as you get to purchase the full size product from MIVVA SHOP directly after trying.


Head on to MIVVA.COM, enter DiscoverMIVVA upon signing up! It’s that simple 😉