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Beauty Box Review MIVVA Beauty Box

My Pamper Kit from MIVVA July 2013 Edition Review

It seems to get harder and harder to arrange all the products in MIVVA box month by month don’t you think so? 🙂 It is not a bad thing actually since we are well pampered with a box full with varieties of products. To coincide with this, MIVVA came out with the latest box with the theme My Pamper Kit.

This month’s box is quite a heavy one too. Notice the change of box design? Yes, MIVVA decided to change their box material AND design all together as the previous revamped box is too soft therefore some of the boxes are dented when it reached the subscribers. This new box is black in color with silver polka dots and logo. It is very thick, hard and durable too. Hopefully this new box will solve the dented box issue 😀

Here it is! My Pamper Kit July 2013 Edition.

In this month’s box there is actually 3 full sizes. We are really being pampered by the girls! Okay, let’s go through the content one by one.

Beauty Box Review MIVVA Beauty Box

MIVVA “Colourific” June 2013 Edition, It’s The Best of The Best Ya’all!

If I take a look at all previous MIVVA beauty boxes I will have a hard choosing the best box. So far MIVVA has been hitting on all the right spot. I’m not saying that just because they send me a box every month. I’m saying it based on how good they have been since they started just 6 months ago.

I call the June 2013 edition, the best of the best box. It is simply COLOURIFIC! Only 4 products, and all 4 is full size. Simple. There is no brochure, no sachet, no deluxe or mini and no voucher. Just 4 full size products. Intrigue enough? Here it is.

Can I keep repeating that I just love this box so so much? For someone who’s into makeup, this is definitely a box not to be missed. Oh they are sold out by the way. No back order anymore. Finito.

Beauty Box Review MIVVA Beauty Box Special Feature

[EXCLUSIVE] Special Feature – Behind The Scene of MIVVA Beauty Box

With 9 beauty box subscription being offered in the market (…and counting) the expectation towards each and every one of it is getting higher and higher. I’m not sure if you realize this, beauty boxes are exceeding demand in the market now. Based on what I read and see nowadays subscribers are demanding or expecting more than what beauty box can offer. You can say that the initial concept of a beauty box is errrrr well… is down the drain. Let me tell you again what is exactly a beauty box and why it is being offered as it is. Mind you this is based on my own understanding eversince I subscribed to a few from Singapore wayyy before anyone of you do here in Malaysia.

Beauty box is a monthly subscription box with curated samples/deluxe sizes (hereinafter refered as sample) for those that want to try new brands and products. It is similar to a magazine subscription whereas you pay a certain subscription fee to get a box. Why samples? Simple. I think whoever that came out with this awesome beauty box idea realized that we had a hard time walking over to a certain brand’s counter or outlet to ask for samples to try before purchasing a full size especially luxury brands. Drugstore brand on the other hand will only give you samples when you make a purchase with them. It is thrown in as “value for money” kind of thing. Unless you get a sample from local magazine which was very rare a few years ago.

Beauty Box Review MIVVA Beauty Box

MIVVA Beauty Box April 2013 “Galaxy” Edition Review

MIVVA’s April edition was highly anticipated because of the new box design. The team did a test run in this month’s edition but not all subscribers are getting the new design as the boxes was sent out randomly. I’m one of the lucky receipient to score the new box design. But before I show you the new box, let’s take a look at the content of the “Galaxy” themed edition.

If you’ve been following my Instagram and Facebook you would had already saw this new design on the day I received the box. The design on the lid was perfect in pink and mint green. By far MIVVA is the only beauty box to be bold in their box design. Although I like their previous box, I cannot deny that I love the new one more. But fret not. Everyone will be getting this new design from next month onwards. However the bottom part of the box is quite soft therefore it’s dented due to courier.

Beauty Box Review MIVVA Beauty Box

Yet Another Great MIVVA Beauty Box March 2013 Edition Review

If you have been following me on Facebook you’d already know that I was especially happy to received MIVVA March 2013 Edition a few weeks ago. It was the heaviest of all this month. Once again, I purposely put the review on delay. It’s no fun when the blogosphere is cramped up with the same review at the same time, day and week right? I thought of giving MIVVA “the extra mileage” (wow what a term LOL) hence the purposely-delay review.

Well. Let me just tell you MIVVA had never ever ever let me down with their boxes month by month. Every month I whoa myself until I thought I was having a heart attack! I can just stop skin care shopping and just subscribe to MIVVA for the rest of our lives haha. Why is that? Look at all the goodies!

Before we start to get in details with each item, please ignore all the orangey pictures. My neighbour was moving house and I’m too shy to sit in the garden with my pyjamas on and with all the weird poses LOL! So I stay indoor instead. Orangey because of my beige curtain.


Beauty Box Review MIVVA Beauty Box

MIVVA Beauty Box February 2013 Valentine’s Day Edition Review

Love is in the air! That’s the theme for MIVVA’s February 2013 beauty box.

I received my box without any glitch. MIVVA uses PosLaju courier service. They are the only beauty box that uses PosLaju. I’m quite happy with their choice of courier as majority beauty boxes here in Malaysia engaged GDex. With everyone sending their boxes at the same time GDex is having problem with delivery due to lack of manpower.

I didn’t know MIVVA already planned to send me a box and it’s a tradition for me to get all the boxes available when it comes to Christmas and Valentine’s Day so I subscribed for one :). I had a weird feeling that I’ll be receiving 2 boxes and boy I was right. Double happiness eh? Thank you MIVVA *muacks*

For some reason my box was slightly dented this time round although it was bubble wrapped. Must be the courier handling.