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MIVVA Beauty Box February 2013 Valentine’s Day Edition Review

Love is in the air! That’s the theme for MIVVA’s February 2013 beauty box.

I received my box without any glitch. MIVVA uses PosLaju courier service. They are the only beauty box that uses PosLaju. I’m quite happy with their choice of courier as majority beauty boxes here in Malaysia engaged GDex. With everyone sending their boxes at the same time GDex is having problem with delivery due to lack of manpower.

I didn’t know MIVVA already planned to send me a box and it’s a tradition for me to get all the boxes available when it comes to Christmas and Valentine’s Day so I subscribed for one :). I had a weird feeling that I’ll be receiving 2 boxes and boy I was right. Double happiness eh? Thank you MIVVA *muacks*

For some reason my box was slightly dented this time round although it was bubble wrapped. Must be the courier handling.


After I removed all the papers (I’ll explain below) I saw a similar view from December 2012 box. As I mentioned before MIVVA went the total opposite way. Instead of using the girly girl pink they went black! Love the uniqueness idea.

This time I received a personalize card too. It’s in red cause it’s Valentine’s Day edition. I purchased the box using my real name Huei Yin and opted for a gift card to be sent to myself with a message ” Happy Valentine’s Day to me!” teeheehee.

The usual message card from The MIVVA Team is also included in the box. Like the design and the properly printed card. It’s classy.

MIVVA heard us! If you remember I said that their Product Description sheet is a little confusing due to the different variant of the box. This month’s Product Description sheet is much better. The product featured on the sheet is exactly what I received in the box.

Here is the content of the box minus the brochure, booklet and voucher ya.

Let’s walk through the content one by one. In this February 2013 Valentine’s Day box you’d find a few full size products. If debut box I received super duper large deluxe size products, their second box is not bad considering there’s full size already.

First full size – Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Toner 120ml (Retail RM49.90/120ml)

Contains Gentiana Lutea Root Extract and Black Pearl Extract to ensure optimal skin condition. NMF Sodium PCA and Hyaluronic Acid to retain up to 6000 times of their weight in water to keep your skin continuously hydrated and seal in moisture to defend against outside influences. Vitamin B3 can hinder transformation of melanin and minimize the amount of melanin to keep your skin fair and bright.

Time came just in time as my toner stock was running really low lol. I like the “purifying and brightening” effect that the toner will give me. Can’t wait to start using this! The bottle is not plastic but glass. Never had any toner in glass bottle before. Somewhat feels like SK-II lol!

Second full size – Paul Penders Natural Cream Lipstick #Tearose 3.5g (Retail RM79/3.5g)

A lovely variety of matte shades made with LevensESSENTIE Gold (a 100 years old, time tested, holistic extract made from 22 certified organic herbs) and natural plant oils for extra moisture, without chemicals. Free from artificial colors and chemical dyes. For added moisture and prolonged wear use Paul Penders Lip Gloss after application. Available in 9 delicious shades.

I never say no to lipstick. Always makes me happy to get a lipstick. But also gives me headache on how to finish using the ever-growing lipstick stash haha. This is a bliss ya know.

I knew in advance that we are going to receive something from Paul Penders after seeing the Paul Penders logo in MIVVA website. As far as I remember there’s no Paul Penders in December 2012 box so immediately I knew this is a hint. But what product? Skin care, body care, makeup? Now I know. It’s a lipstick. I received Tearose shade. It’s exactly what I like. It’s peachy nude and normally peachy nude is my lips but better type of shade.

Next up – Nature’s Lab Refreshing Body Whip [ml unknown] (Retail RM69/250ml, RM103/450ml)

A light and freshly scented natural whip with Shea Butter, Cocao Butter, Grapeseed & Chamomile extracts, to moisturize and nourish your body every morning and night. This feather-light, non-oily and non-sticky body whip will leave your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and refreshed. An all-time favorite and most suitable for the hot and humid summer climate.

At first I didn’t know what is a body whip. Then I found out it’s body lotion. I wouldn’t call it body butter since it’s quite runny like lotion. It definitely smells amazing and fruity. Will use this once I finish my lotion 🙂

A skin care trial set! Skin79 White Reviving Skin Radiance Mini Set (Solution Retail RM90/30ml, Softener Retail RM67/15ml, Emulsion Retail RM72/150ml)

It give caring clean and clear skin by improves dull surface of the skin, and contains international patented that soothes the skin which has been exposed to the environmental aggressors. It also helps to revive your elastic and healthy skin.

Ahhh something that I haven’t tried before. Although I said a lot of times I prefer makeup more than skin care now but when it’s something that I haven’t used or tried before then it gets my attention. Although the size is quite small but it comes in a set complete with Softener (scrub + toner), Solution (serum) and Emulsion. I only know Skin79 from their iconic BB cream range which I’ve gone through 2 bottles of the pink version. This will be my first time trying their skin care range.

Lastly – Murad Vitalic Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask 7.5ml (Retail RM16.50/7.5ml)

An antioxidant-rich, weekly treatment that restores, revitalizes and balances the skin. Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating mask provides instant, intensive smoothing and hydrating benefits. Each single-dose treatment dissolves dull and dry skin creating a complexion that is fresh, clear, smooth and bright.

This is the second Murad Vitalic Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask that I received from beauty box this month. To be frank I haven’t start using the first sachet hehe. Now I have two sachet. Two is better to sample a product than one eh? 🙂

Special treat alert! Each subscribers for the Valentine’s Day box is also receiving a special treat from MIVVA team. A packet of marshmallow and a flower hair clip. My marshmallow happens to be a flower. Love it. I’m munching on it as I draft this post 😛

This is new. For your information MIVVA just rolled out their MIVVA Points Rewards Program. I found two mini MIVVA Angpaos in the box. Each angpao contain a card and they are the same.

Take a photo with your BFF holding the MIVVA Angpaos, post on Facebook and tag @MIVVAcom, email and receive an additional 200 points in your account!

This is a great idea! Easy peasy right? I like the angpao though. Can MIVVA pass me some?

And there’s a voucher from Murad! It’s RM30 gift voucher redeemable from online purchase only.

And product booket from Murad, Skinlab and Beautymate 🙂

What I Like
That there’s 2 full size in the box. Absolutely love that I get to try brands or products which I never did before like Paul Penders, Beautymate, Skin79 skin care, Nature’s Lab and Murad. Okay, that’s everything in the box that I never tried before LOL. Kudos on the content. I like MIVVA’s concept and that they rolled out their point system this month. The extra treats of marshmallow and flower hair accessory is a good touch. I’m also happy that MIVVA continue using PosLaju as their courier choice. If it’s GDex like everyone else then there’s a high possibiliy that some boxes will be stuck at the warehouse due to lack of manpower.
MIVVA improved the Product Description sheet as well. It’s now not confusing as December 2012 one.

What I Don’t Like
That my box was slightly dented this time around. It’s weird considering my December box was in perfect condition. It’s definitely the processing center and not the delivery post man as mine came in a van, not the usual motorcycle. Other than that I couldn’t find anything else that I don’t like about the MIVVA box.

I still think MIVVA is one of the best beauty box and is worth to subscribe. For RM38 per month I get 2 full size product alongside deluxe sizes. I’m absolutely wow-ed by their debut box and I’m not disappointed with this second box. Including non-beauty stuff like marshmallow and flower hair clip is brilliant. Beauty boxes is not about beauty products like makeup, skin care or hair care but beauty boxes should really start to think out of the box like including one girly stuff like maybe La Senza panties, accessories like necklace or bracelet, scented candles etc? No harm trying 🙂


Hop over to and key in the MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code: DiscoverMIVVA
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Subscription Fee: 1-month = RM38, 3-months + 500 points = RM114, 6-months + 1000 points (1 free box) = RM228
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Disclaimer: The box was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Mivva box is worth subscribing at the moment. So far so good. I love the body whip – I’ve finished it. Haha. I’m going to get the full size when I have the time to go out and shop.

    • Yeap agree! I haven’t use the body whip yet. You’re fast! I’m slowly taking out all the samples and trial size to use. Gotta de-clutter before getting back to beauty boxes lol

  • The scent is very nice, and the body whip, surprisingly, is soft to the touch. The best part, it absorbs quickly. Haha. I want to get the full size, and transfer some to the small pot. I have yet to try the lipstick. I got the same color as you. Apparently, I have sensitive lips now. I have to be careful with what I apply on my lips. Otherwise, my upper lip line will start to peel -_-

    • Good idea to reuse the small pot. It’s a good size. I’ve yet to try the lipstick too. Was itching to use it but need to take picture first LOL

  • I use a spatula to scoop the body whip. Don’t think it’s a good idea to dip my fingers into it. The lipstick is pretty. I am debating whether to use it or give it to my sister. She is a lipstick lover, just like you.

    • I wouldn’t mind dipping my fingers into jar for body lotion lol. Try the lipstick first. If not suitable for you I guess you can pass fo your sis 🙂

  • I like their stuffs in this month’s box cause i think most of the stuffs they are including is gonna be useful for me 😛 Oh and nice name you have Huei Yin,i like it 😉 Sounds nicer than my name,mine is Pui Yee lol >_<

    • Chinese like to name their daughter with either Yin or Ying or Yee one.


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