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My CNY Eve Must-Do; This Year it’s 180° Different

Every year before CNY I’d be doing spring cleaning for my room. It’s a lot easier back then before I started this beauty blog. This year I had a major dilemma. I have no idea where to start! I’ve started cleaning many weeks ago but avoiding the beauty product stash areas and cabinets. The only stash I had reorganized many weeks ago is the LENNART Drawer Unit. I’m suppose to clean and reorganize my beauty stash and I have no idea how because it’s too overwhelming all thanks to beauty boxes. So I’m taking this opportunity to announce that I’m taking a break from beauty boxes next month onwards 🙁 boo hoo hoo.

Don’t be surprise if I told you I wash my car every week 2 weeks. I don’t let anyone touch my car. I’m manly like that lol. So no surprise that I must wash and polish my car’s interior and exterior on CNY Eve. I’m crazy with my car that I polish the dashboard, side panels and tyres! I guess there’s not many girls that are into cars and I’m one of the rare species LOL!


I started around 10.30am with washing all carpets…2 layers of them. In total I have to wash *counting* 10 pieces of carpet. My back felt like breaking by the time I finished washing 6 carpets and I mean washing, not even rinsing yet. As you know my right knee could easily sprain anytime so I wash all carpet standing FML.

My car’s dashboard is made from 2 types of material. The smooth light grey requires no polishing while the black one does. With the right product you could get a shiny black dashboard like this! Makes me happy to see shiny and clean interior. I still sound manly here I know 🙂

Every year I demand to pack all the angpows early but mum said too early. This year I was so busy that I’ve totally forgotten until today mum complained that I haven’t pack the angpows. Then we started to have cousins coming over and I have to pack the angpows as mum was cooking LOL. Who’s the married one here again? I’m so choosy that I need to specifically choose which angpow packet to use every year. This year I’ve chosen these to use.

It is a tradition in my household to sweep the floor on CNY Eve night because we cannot sweep the floor on 1st day of CNY up till the 3rd day (I think). I volunteered to sweep the floor for mum and boy was she happy!

Don’t remind me of the ugly pedicure. I’m going to redo later.

It is a tradition for me to have everything new for Chinese New Year. Every year I will buy new inner wears, new pyjamas, new clothes, new shoes etc etc. You get the drill. Mum said I’m weird and too conservative. This year I only bought Triumph. They have Buy 3 Free 1 and Buy 5 Free 2 promotion! Sorry la. No La Senza here. I find that Triumph fits me better. I’m not going to buy expensive undergarment brand just because they are branded. I only buy it if it fits me comfortably. Period.

Once again, no La Senza here too! Very important for me to have new pyjamas. I used to buy gown type of pyjamas but ever since I started blogging I find myself always sitting on a Ikea children stool taking product picture in the garden, in my pyjamas. It’s not so convenient to wear a gown so this year I bought T-shirt and sleeping pants. These are so comfy.

This year’s CNY Eve I did something different. Can you believe that I was busy in the morning taking pictures of beauty boxes? I took leave since Wednesday to do my personal backlog stuff like car servicing, car air-cond servicing, car rim servicing (dented mine thanks to pothole), shopping for shoe, some clothes, schedule some blog post, take product pictures and many more. But since Wednesday when my leave started I woke up at 5.30am to send my brother to the train station as he got into accident and his car is in the workshop. Having the only car at home my obligation took at 180° turn. I find myself driving from 5.30am till night. Send my brother, drive my parent to do CNY shopping, CNY plant shopping, more shopping, and shopping, the banks as well as fetching my brother from the train station back home. I started to panic on the day before CNY Eve cause I haven’t even done a single thing yet! I was demanded to fetch them like a driver and totally ignored me when I had bad migrain due to lack of sleep and tiredness.

I was also suppose to make some tanglong from angpow packets but due to the “busyness” that my parents kept me for the past few days, I couldn’t be bothered. You can read these posts on angpow tanglong making 🙂


Happy Chinese New Year! May the coming New Year bring you joy, love and peace.


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  • wow, you are so busy this chinese new year.

    • Very busy :). Having the only car in the house after my brother got into accident…priority is on the family.


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