Review: Keep Smelly Feet Away with The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray

Not many people are comfortable speaking about smelly feet nor have I ever encounter a product review to prevent smelly feet unless I google for it. I don’t have smelly feet or should I say “Hong Kong feet” issue. I do like to wear pump a lot to work. With our humid hot weather it’s unavoidable if the feet or shoe smells a bit especially if you are someone who like to insert shoe insole like me. Unless you don’t sweat wearing a pump whole day! The main reason why I like shoe insole is because I want to protect the inner part of the shoe so that it will look just like brand new. This idea came along when I find myself taking off my shoe a lot whenever I visit a client’s office. No one like to see a nice shoe on the outside with bad inner condition. At least I don’t.

Many years ago when I was still managing near to 40 retail sales person, one of them is particular about her feet. Everyday when she come to work she would take her sweet time spraying her feet with The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray before putting on her socks. I remembered asking her if the foot spray is really that good. From where I was standing I could smell a refreshing peppermint scent and it’s quite pleasant on the nose. She told me it’s really cooling and her feet stay dry and free from smell by the end of her shift.

I didn’t know what took me so long to get a bottle. Perhaps it’s the price. I couldn’t justify paying RM39.90 for a foot spray. Other brands are selling half the price the max and drugstore ones are RM10+ only. But I finally bought a bottle a few weeks ago after I finished my other useless foot spray.


The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray comes in a typical transparent spray bottle. As the name suggest the color of the water is sky blue. What I don’t like about the spray bottle is how the water will leak out when I press the spray button down. My fingers, the spray top and cap are all soaked with the water!

What I do is I would spread my toes apart and spray 2 times on each feet as I’m about to leave my house. Once to the top of my toes and another time to the bottom of my feet. I don’t spray when I reached office as I’m about to put on my shoe because it’ll still be wet. I don’t want to stuck my feet into my shoe in wet condition. If I spray from home this allow my feet to dry naturally. The cooling sensation from the peppermint lasted up till I reached office. I love the minty feel on the feet as I’m driving.

I don’t only use the foot spray when I wear pump. I used it all the time regardless what type of shoe I wore. I just like the cooling, minty sensation. It’s actually quite soothing. The scent on the other hand doesn’t smells like cheap peppermint. It does smells like pure peppermint instead of artificial one. Absolutely worth the money!

I couldn’t find the ingredient list on the back of the bottle. This doesn’t come in a box either. Won’t go wrong with product Made in UK eh?

I gotta give myself a slap again. I should have bought this earlier. It’s really good and definitely worth the money I paid. This bottle of 100ml could last long with daily use. It gave my feet a fresh and cooling feel. After a full day of wearing pump my feet doesn’t stink but instead still smells like peppermint just as it is in the morning.

The best thing is I can easily replenish the foot spray as The Body Shop outlet is everywhere. Even a small mall in Kajang had an outpost counter as well. Otherwise I can also order online. Will definitely repurchase this.

The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray is available at all The Body Shop outlet nationwide.
Online Store:
Price: RM39.90 for 100ml


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


22 thoughts on “Review: Keep Smelly Feet Away with The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray

  1. I have been looking for this review and it seems only you reviewed it properly locally. Same as gin I don’t fancy peppermint as well but I will try this at the store ^^

  2. I read this when you first posted it and recommended to my cousin-in-law…
    And… A couple of weeks ago, I finally got to buying a bottle on their online shop with a little discount for my little boy.
    His feet gets stinky after wearing the Attipas socks-cum-shoes for a couple of hours cz he has sweaty soles.
    Sometimes, even by just wearing socks, his tiny feet stinks too. LOL…. Scary but true! Or should I say, stinky, but true! LOL…

    I often have to wash his feet in a basin of water whenever we reach home XD
    He enjoys it (and so do I… I mean the washing part lah, not the stinky part… hahahahaha) and thinks it’s a funny treat as it is ticklish when I scrub his feet with a wash cloth.

    I bought this, sprayed it on his feet before putting on his socks and his feet didn’t stink anymore.
    I haven’t tried it with his Attipas shoes yet. Will try it this Wednesday and pray for the best that his feet wont sweat so much (or stink so much) when we remove the shoes! **keeping fingers crossed**

    1. Oh yea. I remember you telling me about the little boy’s stinky feet hehe. I think the shoe type socks-cum-shoe doesn’t let the feet breath properly plus the fact that he sweat so easily. Respray if necessary. I like the minty sensation and I drive with shoes off so everytime before I get down from my car I’ll mist once lol.

      1. Thanks for the tips, Fiona.
        Will re-spray it before we get down fr the car this Wed…

        Tell u something funny…
        Once, i held up his foot to smell if it stinks and accidentally poke d wet and stinky foot it into my nose… yuckkkks! @_@”

          1. I tried it yesterday… Spraying on his toes and soles before leaving the house, and again, before wearing the Attipas shoes prior to alighting from the car…
            He enjoyed it and was giggling when I sprayed it on, maybe because it was ticklish when I sprayed it on to his feet, or maybe he finds it amusing, or maybe because of its cooling effect,
            He was wearing the shoes from 11am – 3pm
            When we reached home, I removed the shoes and sniffed at his toes.
            Yeah, sounds and feels gross, right? LOL!!!!
            Eew… it still stank, but not as much compared with without using it…
            Izzit him or izzit those shoes? Adoi… @_@”

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