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Beauty News: Oral-B build confident smiles with the launch of “Plaque Off. Smile On” campaign

Half of Malaysians do not understand what plaque is as well as the implications of plaque. However, Malaysians do associate oral health problems with confidence. Statistic shows that 78% Malaysians agreed that they will feel less confident with tooth decay while 77% said that they will feel less confident having bad breath.

Oral-B, the oral care experts with more than 50 years of experience wants YOU to build up confident smiles ant not plaque! With this in mind, Oral-B recently launched the Oral-B “Plaque Off. Smile On” campaign. This campaign aims to create awareness on what plaque is, the implications and methods on achieving bright, beautiful and confident smiles.

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Tips: A Very Simple Step to a Healthier Gum & Teeth

I was lucky to have a dad who was strict about brushing teeth twice a day since I was young. I remembered blaming my dad for being too strict about brushing my teeth no matter how sleepy I am. My dad stood beside me in the morning and before bed just to make sure I brush my teeth. I thought my dad is crazy at that time lol!

Growing up, I’m always afraid of tooth decay. I had nightmare that I lost all my teeth all the time. Freaks me out big time. Even till now I still had this kind of scary dreams. I must really thank my dad now as I have straight, healthy rows of teeth.

From previous annual dentist trip I found out I had a decay on one of my wisdom tooth. My heart dropped hearing that. But I was told it’s pretty normal as wisdom tooth is far at the back where no toothbrush could reach. My dentist taught me one simple step which I still practice until this day. Although there are some who know about this but still not many people are aware so today I thought of sharing this with you.

This post is NOT going to be a complete A to Z guide for you to take care of your teeth. If you need one please visit your dentist for advice ya. This post will be just a simple tips sharing so please take note.