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Slender Legs and Extra Comfort with XIERRA Thermal Pants Fusion

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I love the XIERRA Thermal Pants I own. It comes in my favourite purple color, it’s a capri which gives me the option when I don’t feel like wearing a long pants for workout. What’s not to like? But there is something missing. Something that I wish XIERRA would make too. Then, XIERRA launched the Thermal Pants Fusion and I felt that the missing piece was filled. Yeap! The missing piece for me is the Black color option. Not only XIERRA read my mind on the color Black, the new Thermal Pants Fusion is also an “upgrade” in so many ways. I’ll tell you why.

XIERRA Thermal Pants Fusion is a long pants. XIERRA’s first thermal pants is a capri so a long one like this would fill the void for people who wanted a long version instead. I, for one sometimes prefer a long pants. Sometimes 😛 . A new feature with the Thermal Pants Fusion is also the meaning behind the word “fusion”. This time, the long pants are made and incorporate two different type of material. The top until the knee top is made with the typical thermal pants material, which the remaining bottom is made with breathable spandex material for the extra comfort.

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XIERRA Thermal Pants: Why I Must Wear This and Only This For Metafit Bodyweight HIIT Training

XIERRA Thermal Pants 1
If you have been following me on Instagram close enough, you will know that I am pretty much into Metafit Bodyweight HIIT training now. I used to do every other workout as a part of cross-training but now Metafit has become my main workout besides sprinting and running. Just so you are not confused, I am very much into running for the past one year plus. I slowed down a lot on running as I find it to be a bit too routine for me so I adapted sprinting, and later on sign up for Metafit. Metafit is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training, which in my opinion is way way wayyyy better workout for anyone who are into working out the whole body. You sweat a lot, you get sore, you move a lot and you use every single muscle of your body. It is a short workout but an intense one.