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Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber In

Picked up Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber In from Watsons Mid Valley by accident for RM49.90. I was looking for the white mascara base but chose this because of the latest manufactured date. Only realised this when I got home. It’s kinda expensive but been drooling over this with a hope that this can save my right eyelash which is shorter than my left eye. Both my eyelashes “used” to be same length. Maybe due to those eyelash essence which I tried a year ago?

This mascara base is upgraded version of the previous lash bone. Previous one are good according to many beauty bloggers and this new version contains black “hair” or fiber in it.

I love the gold logo on top of the cap!

The fibers looks gross. Ewww. This mascara base is scentless.

I got something from Watson’s current on-going promotion. Buy RM20 & above and get this at RM11.83. Usual Price is RM16.90.

This is my second bottle of Maybelline Eye & Lip Make Up Remover. My first bottle is bought at a cheap price from a similar promo. This is a good remover. Which is why I don’t need it now and I still buy it :).

Monica and I both got ourself a bottle.

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