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Isetan Anniversary Sales – Paul & Joe, Shiseido, Majolica Majorca, Clarins & Kate


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I took some time off from work and headed to Isetan Anniversary Sales on Friday morning. The first day usually is closed for Isetan members. I was told there’s a Paul & Joe and Anna Sui further markdown 2 weeks ago and I was really excited. I go in from Ground Floor and went straight up to 4th floor at “The Gallery” where the cosmetic and fragrance fair is held. Here’s my damage.

I didn’t know where Paul & Joe counter is at so I took my time to browse around for other stuff and then I saw them. My target is to get lipstick, eyeshadow, 2-way foundation but there’s no single lipstick or eyeshadow for sale. Everything is packed in a set and we can’t choose the lipstick or lip gloss colour that are in the set. I was delighted to see that Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation UV Set selling at RM158 which comes with a free refill and lip gloss. Next I decided to grab Paul & Joe Face Color & Lip Gloss Coffret Set for RM109.

Paul & Joe Face Color & Lip Gloss Coffret Set – RM109
The set comes with Face Color C (blusher), Lip Gloss C (tri-color), fur wand for face color & a cute drawstring satin pouch!
Face Color C is actually powder balls just like Guerlain’s. I never have this before so I got it anyway eventhough RM109 to me is kinda expensive considering the items in the set is very little and I don’t like/wear lip gloss.
Drawstring satin pouch is made from thick satin material which doesn’t feel flimsy at all. It’s kinda cute too 🙂

The most value for money and anticipated purchase for me is this Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation UV Set which comes with a retail compact, refill pack and a Lip Gloss N. All that for RM158. The compact itself costs RM150. Basically I just add RM8 for the refill and lip gloss! LOL.

Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation UV Set – RM158
Closed-up look at the set.

I moved over to Anna Sui for mascara but they only offer 30% off from retail price which is not really a lot saving if I were to compare with all the counter there. So I moved to Shiseido counter and managed to grabbed MAQuillAGE Full Vision Mascara #BK999 for RM40 and two Eye Color N which is eyeshadow base for RM17.50 each. When I checked the mascara the next morning, to my horror the mascara is all dried up. So I brought it along with me the next day (yes I went again with my colleague) and ask for an exchange. I was told straight to my face that they don’t allow exchange. I screamed a lil to her saying that I bought a mascara from them, it’s dried up and I can’t exchange? She said yes they don’t allow exchange. I repeated myself again this time with a hard tone and she said she’d ask from another colleague. I overheard her colleague saying to her that they must exchange for me and I was relieved. When the lady came back to me with an answer, she told me to choose another item. I was so annoyed. I insist that I want a mascara and she said it’s sold out. AIYO. SAY SO LA EARLIER. The lady didn’t even mentioned about sold out. She just blindly ask me to choose another item. So I chose a blusher for an exchange with the same price. Phew. Long story huh.

  Shiseido MAQuillAGE Eye Color N – RM17.50 each & ShiSeido Accentuating Powder Blush #B2 Rosy Beige – RM40
This is the exact colour. Not as light as above picture. This applies to be more natural. Not too white or too pinky.

I was happy to see Majolica Majorca there as well. I skipped their eyeshadow which is dirt cheap comparing with drugstore. I only grabbed two Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara for RM29.90 each.

Next. I walked down to Ground Floor to Clarins counter to get HydraQuench Starter Kit which is selling at RM78. This is very similar to Truly Matte Best Busy Set. Only missing a cleanser.

HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase 15ml, HydraQuench Cream-Gel 15ml,HydraQuench Cream-Mask 15ml & white cube pouch.
The cute square cube pouch included is cute. I like the leather-like material.

On the second day, I constrain myself from spending but curious about Kate Nail Color Dry so I bought one to try. It’s to fasten the drying process of nail polish. It’s only RM12.

* Picture appears blur due to the shrink wrap.

What’s my damage? Total of RM569.80. Phew.


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  • OMG i hate rude salesgirls! Can they understand they are in a service sector where they are supposed to provide good service? Pengsan..

  • What to do. They think I’m stupid. Little did they know I’m not as stupid as they think 😉

  • Hi Fiona!

    If only I’d been in Malaysia, I would surely haul like crazy!

    Love love love you haul!

  • Hi Vonvon,

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Actually as I was at Paul & Joe booth, I kept thinking “Vonvon will like this sales” :). I know how much you like them.

    I was thinking to go back for another set of Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation UV Set. Still considering if I should get the single eyeshadow+eyeshadow brush+eye gloss set.

  • Awww, Fiona. I am touched! 🙂

    There is no Paul & Joe in the UK except in Fenwick department store, which unfortunately is not anywhere near my place.

    Hmmm, my advice is to go get the eyeshadow/eye gloss set. haven’t tried their brushes. But their eye gloss is very pretty and nice to use. Hope there is still stock available! 🙂

  • Thanks Vonvon for the good advice!

    I went back the second time on last Sunday and I’m still holding the eyeshadow/gloss set hehe. The brush is cute.

    Disappointed with Shiseido though. All the items are mfg in 2008 and some 2009. Which is why I didn’t get anything major.


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