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My Perfume Miniature Collection

Months ago me and Wendy were chatting about her obsession on perfume miniature and she actually collects them. Brand new. As in not going to use brand new. I remembered I was saying I only like miniature cause it’s cute and it’s easy to carry in the bag. One day I ran through my perfume drawer and I went blank a bit cause I do have a mini collection myself *proud*

And, here’s the mini collection! I only get miniature that I like and that I’ll use. I won’t keep miniature that has a scent which is not suitable for me. Most of my miniature is given to me free that comes along with a certain amount of purchase. I’ll show you the break down don’t worry.


First stop. Jimmy Choo. My most favorite perfume of all. I actually own 6 bottles of these. Three each of EDT and EDP. Gotten them from Malaysia Tatler March 2012 issue. I’ve used up one each of EDT and EDP thus the missing bottle from the picture below. I would purchase a bottle when I’m done with these 4 babies!


Secondly is Estée Lauder. I have 2 bottles of Sensuous and 1 bottle of Sensuous Nude. Both is the same scent. Just one lighter and one more stronger scent. Sensuous is given as GWP from Estée Lauder. Sensuous Nude is in a perfume package which I bought from eBay for my first giveaway.


Lastly is the mixed collection.

Guerlain Idylle was given to me when I purchased more than RM300 of Emilio Pucci collection. I love floral scent a lot. This is definitely the best floral perfume especially when the top note tones down.

Miss Dior Chérie L’eau the first miniature I bought. I actually like this more than Jimmy Choo. Also floral scent. Maybe I should purchase this first haha.

Lancôme Miracle purchase is unexpected. I happen to saw someone selling this for RM12 so I grabbed it immediately. Never seen such a cheap miniature :). It’s of course the best seller for Lancôme.

Estée Lauder Pleasure Exotic is from an eBay purchase which I gotten some perfume vials for my first giveaway. Of course I kept the miniature for myself lol!


What’s your favorite perfume? Let you know a secret. Till today I still prefer Davidoff Cool Water Woman which I wore daily if I don’t fee like using the miniature.


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  • i prefer chloe edt more. i think it has stronger and more lasting smell than other chloe perfume 😀

    • Hi Kerrie. I have a vial of Chloe. I heard everyone loves it. If it’s good, I’m gonna start hunting 🙂

  • perfume miniatures… once u start, u can’t stop! hehehe.. 😉 by milktea

    • I know! So cute and it’s addicting haha

  • I love Chloe too and Miss Dior damn nice 😀 btw you finally got an iphone? 😀 hehehehee coz i saw you got instagrammm :p

  • I love the DKNY Be Delicious minis!! You have to decant them into little spray bottles though. I am almost done with my Fresh Blossoms one. 🙂

  • Yes. The phone is cheap. Can’t help it 🙂

  • am always attracted to Lancome Miracle (:

    • Lancome Miracle is a wonderful scent for a perfume :). Now I’m searching for DKNY miniatures 🙂


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