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Official Launch of Arty Professional – Exclusive Blogger Event

Arty Professional revolves around creating artisan masterpiece on a blank piece of canvas using the best selection of products and colours. Highly coveted by beauty aficionados, Arty Professional is a premium quality professional makeup range that will enhance your beauty without cramping your style.

Last Saturday I attended an exclusive blogger event for the official launch of Arty Professional; A New Makeup Artist Brand which was held at Busaba, Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Once we were guided to our table there’s various Arty Professional product placed on the center of the table. One would get pretty excited seeing all the makeup product in front. Agree? I’m glad I sit next to the window as the interior decor is all black.

I went busy body a lil bit and spotted more Arty Professional products! This is a whole display I’m talking about. There’s even more on the left side.

Did you spot those colorful eyeshadow? The colors are vibrant and definitely looking pigmented. That’s because Arty Professional provides an array of illuminating colors that make up the spectrum of a rainbow complete with hints of earthy neutrals and achromatic tones to achieve an equilibrium of perfection.

The event started with Elaine from StageAsia Cosmetics Sdn Bhd introducing us to the introduction, history and philosophy behind the brand Arty Professional.

Arty Professional strongly believes that a flawless and radiant complexion is the perfect base for a beautiful makeup. The brand philosophy is complexion focused – that is, all makeup will look great, only if the base is perfect. It combines the expertise of its makeup artists and its research laboratories to develop upscale beauty products and bring the best in elegance and quality to the discerning, modern women. As an Asian makeup artist brand, Arty Professional embodies oriental charm and style to celebrate the beauty and passion of each and every woman in Asia and around the world. Because Arty Professional understands that as unique as each and every woman is, the more important her “own” personal style becomes.

Just for this event P’Fee (left), the Creative Director of Arty Professional is also flown to the country. On his left is his translator. Both of them are from Thailand.

A little background on P’Fee. P’Fee started as a makeup artist at Arty Professional which later on expanded from makeup artistry into contributing his skill set to setting art direction, product development, product packaging for the brand. Currently he is the head trainer to all in-house makeup artists. He is best described as “a MUA who was born with a brush in his hand”.

As P’Fee walk us through each product while giving thorough explanation and tips, we get to hands-on the product itself from the display on our table.

Let me warn you in advance this will be a picture heavy post. I will show you each product that was on my table however there’s actually more of it that you have to explore yourself at the outlet ya.

A good primer will hold the rest of your makeup for the rest of the day. Sparkling Primer (RM120 – 30ml) will diminish dullness with a luminous dewy complexion and replace the appearance of fatigue with instant vitality. Let’s just say your skin will glow from within! Don’t worry that you’ll look like a disco ball cause you won’t. After you apply your usual foundation you will not see the shimmers anymore.

Makeup base is also equally important. Arty Professional emphasis more on modifying your skin complexion with Complexion Modifier (RM120 – 30ml). Always apply a makeup base that allows you to minimise imperfections and enhance your skin tone. This product is a unique makeup enhancer for “corrective” makeup to naturally brighten, neutralise and rebalance the skin tone.

It comes in 3 colors – Apricot, Lilac and Mint Green.

What’s interesting is that their liquid foundation also packaged in the same way as their primer and makeup base. I kinda like the dewy finishing of this product. Extra Moisturising Liquid Foundation SPF15 PA+++ (RM130 – 30ml) is an ultra-light long-wearing foundation with nano seaweed and special skin conditioning ingredients to restore essential moisture deep within the skin. It provides a velvety-sheer finish. Complexion looks brighter and flawless. Lovely!

Alway always set your liquid foundation with a dust of powder. Shimmer Compact Powder (RM95 – 14g) is a micro-shimmering tones set off sparks of brilliance while highlighting the complexion. It’s ultra-fine, blendable formula virtually fuses with the skin for a sheer, radiant luminosity. Each compact comes with 4 different shades. You are suppose to swirl all colors together with the brush provided. But you can also pick up a certain shade to enhance different areas of your face. Up to you.

I received this compact as a part of my door gift. Can’t wait to try this after I photograph it 🙂

The blusher comes in a compact with 3 shades. Blush like never before with Powder Blush (RM85 – 13g) and take every cheek to chic! I fancy blusher like this. I can pick up all 3 shades with a swirl of brush or I can just choose one shade. If I want intense blusher for a particular day I’ll just pick up the darkest color on the top left. It’s that simple.

My favorite palette or compact of the whole collection is this Touch Up Powder (RM95 – 14g). You know how I’m obsessed with perles as finishing powder right? Well this works the same just that it’s not in pearl but it’s in a compact! It’s a new twist on powders. This multi-palette luminise, brightens and sets makeup with a radian, satin-like finishing. Sound like my kind of palette. Unfortunately I didn’t get this in my door gift. I’d prefer this palette seriously. Just look at those colors! *drool*

Remember those pigmented vibrant eyeshadow color? Mania Face Color (RM45 – 5g) is a highly pigmented and utlra-blendable eyeshadow texture makes a welcome appearance from the bright yellow to muted turquoise. Despite the name it is not for face aight? Don’t get confuse between the name and it’s purpose. One thing I can tell you is that these single eyeshadow pan are larger than usual in the market. It is definitely pigmented and easy to blend.

If you are a fan of loose powder fret not. Arty Professional offer not one but a few different shades in their Expertise Translucent Loose Powder (RM80 – 15g) range.  It is a smooth ultra-fine translucent loose powder with PTP technology to naturally brighten up the complexion. It is formulated to reduce shine but with sheer coverage so I’m pretty sure combination or oily skin girl will like this. There are pink powder which is meant for fair complexion, yellow powder for light to dark tan complexion and I think the neutral powder suits everyone.

I’m more intrigued with their Lip Balm (RM55 – 3.3g) as it comes in 2 shades; white and pink. The white one are suppose to be applied everyday especially before you sleep so you can wake up to a more moisturize lips while the pink one is with SPF15. This hydrating balm will keep the lips soft, comfortable and looking good at the same time. It contains cocoa butter, shea butter, rice bran oil, Vitamin E and chamomile. Top this up with your lipstick if you must! Just look at the lip balm shape. Something different eh?

As for lipstick there’s 2 range namely Nudy Lip Color (RM55 – 3.3g) which is the ultimate lip indulgence in a creamy texture for a natural look and Mattify Lip Color (RM55 – 3.3g) which is a velvet matte in a suede-like cushion texture finishing. So which is your lipstick preference? Creamy nude color or Matte velvet color?

Lip gloss fans will like this Marvelous Lip Gloss (RM55 – 7g) range as it plump the lips up with highly intensive and pigmented color that come in fun flavors such as vanilla to strawberry. Your lips will be pouty, glossy and polished look. I swatches these 2 colors on the back on my hand and I was wow-ed by how creamy it is with just a single swipe of the applicator.

I was more interested with their Waterproof Mascara (RM45 – 7g) as it comes with a slightly curve brush applicator. It contain nylon fibers, Trichogen and Pro-Vitamin B5 to help strengthen and lengthen the lashes for a more dramatic look. It is also safe to be used by contact lens and sensitive eyes users.

Last but not least there’s also Nail Lacquer (RM30 to RM35 – 15ml) range in Arty Professional. On my table there’s Crackle (RM35) and normal cream color nail polish (RM30). Top Coat (RM35) is also available within the collection.

There’s also live makeup demonstration going on at the front by P’Fee. From where I was seated I can see that the makeup finishing is quite matte. Something that I would like since I have combination to oily skin.

Here is the complete makeover look by P’Fee. Absolutely beautiful and flawless. P’Fee went easy with eye color but enhances more on thick winged eyeliner. The coral blusher and lipstick matches the overall look effortlessly. The model’s complexion looked healthy and not looking white. It matches her neck color too.

And here’s a photo of me and Traclyn. Finally we get to sit down together at an event. I looked slightly red from a small skin allergy attack the day before. Thank goodness the allergy subsided after taking meds the night before.


The Arty Professional range of products are now available nationwide in all Stage and StageAsia outlets.
Price Range: RM45 – RM135


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  • The price seems affordable. I must go check it out! 🙂

    • I know right. When I heard the price I was shocked too hehe. Do check it out at Stage outlets ya 🙂

  • Looking good babe 🙂 Love all the products that you featured here. The primer looks so interesting simply because of the little pearls. I am somebow attracted to the little pearls. The blush powder looks nice and wearable too! Ahh what a range of exciting products. Oh, out of curiosity, is this brand from Thailand?

    • I’m also attracted by the pearls! Reminds me of Guerlain. And yes this brand is from Thailand 🙂

  • Yes Guerlain. I remember you had the Guerlain Meteorites Perles Light Diffusing Perfecting Primer right? Love your black dress and necklace mix and match!

    • Yes the makeup base :). Everyone love my necklace that day lol. It was a Xmas gift from a friend.

  • Another great brand introduction post from you! ^^

    • Thank you :). Hope it’s not too lengthy for everyone 😛


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