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Review: If You Are Attracted to Guerlain’s Illuminating Pearls, Most Probably You’ll Like Guerlain Meteorites Perles Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer

Just when I was about to finish the last bit of my Guerlain Meteorites Perles Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer, I realized that I have not review this makeup base yet. Not too late I hope. At least this is permanent at the counter, not limited edition 🙂

According to Guerlain, this is a light-diffusing base with magical correcting and perfecting pearls. These pearls is soaked in a cool gel with an unrivalled water content that are meant to revitalise the skin. I know, I know. Pearls suspending in gel = interesting.

For some reason many people thought that the pearls will be dispense out pearl by pearl. I have no idea who planted these thought but think about it…how is it possible? The pearls are much more bigger than the nozzle :). What’s amazing is that these pearls doesn’t melt in the bottle. It stays suspended in the gel. Interesting eh?

The gel has a cooling effect which feels quite comfortable and calming. To me it act as essence for hydrating purposes. If we apply the pearls alone most probably it’s too dry on the skin? So the gel is definitely necessary.

I loveeee the hefty bottle. It is made from thick glass, heavy on hand and extremely sturdy. Trust me, this bottle of mine undergo a few series of drop test lol.

The cap is made from plastic in gunmetal black. And of course these type of surface and color attract finger print. Since I wipe my makeup after each use I have no problem at all. I like the Guerlain logo printed on top of the cap. Talking about luxury…Guerlain has it all.

The pump is working well and good. However I do get pearls harden and stuck at the tip of the nozzle. But when I used it the next day the harden pearls would just burst out 🙂

So girls. This is how it looks like after it was pumped out straight from the bottle. No you don’t get one by one pearls out. All you get is a mixture of melted pearls + gel. With just one dollop I can see the light-diffusing properties even before spreading it out. Normally for the whole face I would need 2 full pump. Eventhough so it still feels slightly dry because the primer dries up almost immediately upon touching the face. It is suppose to be dry because it matte the skin.

The pearls transform on contact with the skin into an illuminating base that gives the complexion a natural matte look and evens out imperfections for instant radiance without shine. My face is more defined and radiant. That is because the pearls are a combination of gold, pink, blue and green sparkling micro particles that gently illuminate the face and conceal imperfection. On me it gives a light shiny sheen. But don’t worry, you won’t look like a disco ball. Once you smooth out foundation everything will be covered. I’m quite sad that the illuminating effect doesn’t peek through the foundation. Although it claim to matte the skin however on my oily skin the mattifying effect doesn’t stay long. On normal or dry skin the mattifying effect would be much better.

On the left is right after I spread the dollop of primer evenly. As you can see it is still wet and the sheen is not visible. All I can see is a hydrating base. On the right is after the base dries down. It goes on matte but doesn’t settle into fine lines. Click on the picture to enlarge. I’ve hyperlinked the photo.

As for the scent, it carries the signature Guerlain Meteorites Perles scent. If you are used to it and like it…you will like this too.

Here is the ingredient list for those that are interested.

If you are looking for a decent, good quality illuminating makeup base…Guerlain Meteorites Perles Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer would be a good try. I’m pretty disappointed that the illuminating effect is not visible after foundation is applied. But of course I can always top it up with my Meteorites Perles Illuminating Pearls 🙂

Sometimes when it comes to skin care or makeup there’s no 100% perfect product for everyone. We just need to experiment more and top up with whatever product we can to make another product a perfect one.

Guerlain Meteorites Perles Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer is available at Guerlain counter nationwide.
Price: RM222 for 30ml


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • Hi Fiona. Can I know if this give a pinkish look?

    • Hi Noradiana, this doesn’t give a pinkish look. The pink pearls + gel melts on the skin to transparent finishing 🙂

  • the colour seem similar to the Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow?

    • Actually nope. Burberry Fresh Glow is more thicker and gives more sheen. This is more watery, moisturizing and the sheen is subtle.

  • i read this and i deleted my memory in reading it so i dont go and buy! i know i sounded brainless but i just got the rmk base and clarins beige uv (quite nice as base but i cant wear it alone it is too fair to me…unless i apply super sheer but then it defeats the purpose of being beige and give coverage. do u have that problem?i tot we are same shade…)
    anyway, i am super broke now haha.. but this is a nice review..i have always been so interested in this!!!!!

    • Ahhh dear. Okay let me explain.

      Clarins UV in Beige is more thicker and gives more coverage than Neutral and Tinted. You don’t need that much for the whole face. Just a 5cent size maybe? Warm with both palm and pat onto the face from inward to outward. Smooth out areas like inner corner of nose with your fingers. Don’t apply like normal otherwise it’s too thick, flakes and more whitish.

      You can finish your RMK first before getting this. This is permanent don’t worry 😉

      • ya i read your post about just use a 5cent..i do that and the coverage is too sheer (i am not complaining) so in the end i still have to cover with foundation
        haiz why i have so many scars

        • It’s meant to be sunscreen dear hehe. Just apply your RMK foundie on top.

          • yeah… haha… coz i was thinking to skip two steps XD

          • Ohh then you need Clarins BB cream. This is sunscreen + BB cream. Full coverage all the way haha

  • Guerlain is intriguing with the meteorites and this primer. All their products look classy and feature interesting make up magic. I am intrigued by the pearls. As though it is some mythical beauty product. Works well for you too.

    • Guerlain make good products :). I do hope this is more matte than it claimed. On my oily skin it’s not 🙁

  • im curious as what the pearls are made out of, it couldnt be the baked powder pearls from the meteorites finishing powder right? and for it to suspend in gel, it has to be something with a outter coating? im so curious, have you ever felt one by its self?

    • My best guess is, it’s similar with pearls from meteorites finishing powder. It does not need any special outter coating because you need the pearls to be melted in order for it to be dispensed out. There is no way I can feel the pearl one by one my dear. It’s already suspended in the gel which means it has already drenched and soften to touch. Furthermore you don’t dispense the pearl out one by one either, as what I have mentioned in the post 🙂


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