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Review: Getting Classy and Luxe with Guerlain Shine Automatique #260 Jardin de Bagatelle

I have this Guerlain Shine Automatique #260 Jardin de Bagatelle for nearly a year now. This is my very first Guerlain lipstick. Only took it out to use end of last year but that also only a few times. Guerlain is well-known for it’s classy, luxurious packaging not to mention the high quality of it’s product.


In one gesture, a cocktail of sequins and colours! Automatically ACCESSORY… Fashion accessory. Seductive object. Beauty asset. Automatically SEQUINS … A light-reflecting cocktail, made of various shimmering pearly particles, tone-on-tone, contrasting, red, blue or golden, which boosts lips with subtly sparkling scintillation. Automatically COLOURFUL … Unlike classic white pigments, crystal pigments do not have an opaque base. They are more transparent, giving purity and radiance to colours with no whitening effect. 12 new irresistible shades in an extremely fine texture that becomes one with the skin to deliver perfect moisturisation and maximum comfort. Lips are soft, smooth and deliciously glossy.

Shine Automatique and Rouge Automatique both have the same packaging. One might mistaken one with each other. Honestly I am in love with the luxe gold case. Its so Guerlain, so elegant, so luxurious. The square tab bearing Guerlain’s initial makes it even more special.

The size of the lipstick is just like any other lipstick. It’s heavy and sits nicely on the palm. My hand is able to grip on to this heavy lipstick nicely while applying lipstick. In my clumsy case, there was no fear of dropping the lipstick maybe due to the weight.

Let me show you WHY I LOVE this lipstick so much. It’s the system used. Unlike conventional lipstick where you have a separate cap and the need to twist the lipstick bullet out, this one honey? You just need to slide the tab down and the lipstick will emerge out from within! This mean you can even apply lipstick with just one hand, while talking on the phone or even while driving (not recommended though lol). After you’re done…just slide the tab up to push the lipstick back in and the lid will closed again. My first encounter was hilarious. I have no idea how to work this. I was holding it upside down, slide the tab up and the lipstick emerge from bottom lol! There’s always a first time 😉

The shade I have on hand is #260 Jardin de Bagatelle. Judging from the tiny color box on the label at the bottom of the case, the color is something that I would like. I’m not sure how much you trusted the color box on label to be the same as the actual lipstick but I take it seriously. And of course I’m always disappointed by it. So ladies, always try the lipstick on your lips before buying. Label or even swatch on the back of the hand is different from what’s on the lips.

The swatch on the back of my hand appears extremely sheer. I tried doing a strip swatch and keep on layering but the color just won’t pop. So I have no choice but to do a huge patch like this so that you can see the color clearly.

Shine Automatique provides more hydration thus providing the shine to the lips. Despite the lack of color opacity, the hydration part is not so bad after all.

As usual I like to put on a thin layer of lip balm before I apply lipstick because of my dry lip condition. Below pictures is with EVE LOM Kiss Mix layered at the bottom. Just a thin layer will do the trick. The color is so natural on my lips, as if I didn’t have any lipstick on.

Here is an upclose look.

Without lip balm, the color payoff is actually more holographic sheen with visible crystal pigments in it which is quite unique and pretty. But fret not. From far it’s only visible as an opaque pink.

However I don’t recommend applying this color on top of concealer or foundation base. I do understand some people will use foundation or concealer to apply all over the lips as base due to darker lips but this lipstick color will just disappear leaving you with a nude lips. Trust me, it’s doesn’t look good.

Guerlain Shine Automatique do have nicer and darker shades that the color will pop out better this this #260 Jardin de Bagatelle. This color is more natural on the lips and is certainly fairer skin’s MLBB (My Lips But Better). I kinda like the color but at the same time a bit tricky for me. Sometimes I ended up with nude lips due to the foundation residue on my lips. I would also suggest skipping lip balm for this particular shade to help with better color payoff. If you just want a hint of color by all mean just go ahead with layering lip balm as base! One thing for sure is don’t judge the color payoff by looking at the lipstick bullet. It’s not as opaque as it seems.

Here is the ingredient list.


Guerlain Shine Automatique is available at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens and Sogo.
Price: RM114


Disclaimer: Product was given to me as door gift during Guerlain Bloggers Get-Together With Maxime Poulin. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Now that is one classy looking lippie and I LOVE the color on you. Very natural! Perfect with a smokey eye look too I reckon.

    • Very natural, making my lips looked softer :). I would say it’s good on smokey eyes too. Been doing slightly smokey eye to work this week and this lippie goes well with the look.

  • So off topic here, is that the hair after Steam Pod? The colour do look good on your.

    • It is. The review picture for this lippie was taken a few months ago which is after my Steam Pod treatment :D. This lippie color will suits mostly everyone…mostly.

  • This looks so sweet and good on you 🙂 Love the sleek slide packaging too.

    • Thanks! The case is awesome :). I should be converting all my lipstick to Guerlain in future 😀


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