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Media Preview: Neesya™ Skincare Range of Beauty Products, Assuring Users Skin That Shines From Within In Just 14 Days

My understanding of Neesya started as far as a few months ago when my friend was looking for some bloggers for an upcoming skincare launch. Fast forward a little bit and I attended Neesya’s media launch held last week.

The company behind Neesya is Skinworkz Sdn Bhd. It is a 100% owned Malaysian company and Neesya Skincare Range of Beauty Products is Skinworkz first skincare and it is also Malaysia’s first skin radiance specialist brand that are able to promise to help users in achieving skin clarity, even skin tone as well as radiance.

I find that a skincare range by Malaysian, formulated and manufactured by Malaysian intrigued me very much. Maybe because I didn’t get the chance to approach this closely to a newly launched brand before, I personally find Neesya is quite interesting.

The person behind Neesya is Chris Yong, the CEO of Skinworkz. I had the opportunity to have lunch with Chris an hour before the launch event together with his elite team which you will be very surprised to know that they are all men! Through the chat at lunch and during the launch, I can see the passion within Chris. He is passionate with what he do, with his brand and with his products.

Chris is not just any other average guy. He hold many years of experience and knowledge from his valuable past experience. And now to add into his already impressive profile is Neesya, a new skincare brand targeted to the lucrative mass market.

I had this question in mind for the longest time. Why the name Neesya? I finally got my answer during the product presentation.

Neesya is actually “butterfly” in Greek that symbolizes the spirit of today’s modern woman. For more explanation on this, just read the below 🙂

Besides knowing Neesya as the skincare range, I also learnt that Neesya put themself as The Skin Illumination Specialist. Users can have a skin that shines from within in just 14 days regardless age, skin type or lifestyle. All this is thanks to LumiScience° ™ Technology which is a formulation that was trademarked. What this do is that it employs a 360° approach that helps achieve remarkable skin clarity and radiance. It also combines the in-depth understanding of skin physiology, skin radiance factor and the selection advanced brightening, hydrating, anti-oxidative active ingredients.

Neesya products are developed with 3-principals – Brightens, Protects and Renew. These 3 different principal works in harmony to promote healthy, translucent-looking skin that reflect and retract light just like diamond.

The range of product at this moment is only eleven. So far at the launch we are only introduced to ten as the balance one (Brightening Cleansing Milk) will be out slightly later.

The overall range is divided to three – Signature Range, Care Range and Ancillary Range.

Of all 11 products, 3 product is classified as their Signature Product.

LumiScience° ™ Brightening Eye Contour Gel 
Effective anti-dark circle and anti-puffiness eye treatment
5 Actions: Brightening, Anti-puffiness, Hydration, Smoothing & Firming Immediate brightening with optical light diffusers

LumiScience° ™ Hydrating Serum
Intensive Skin Hydration with LumiScience° TM Technology Hydrates & illuminates the complexion
Immediate Hydration and deep hydration within 14 days

LumiScience° ™ Illuminating Essence
Neesya signature product with LumiScience° TM Technology 4 Actions:
1. High performance Whitening
2. Hydration
3. Radiance
4. Renewal
Radiant skin in 14 days

After the presentation, all the media were invited to try the product that are available on the table and there was also a demo at the front.

We then adjourned to the nearest and the first Neesya outlet which is located at Subang Parade.

Neesya is positioning themself to fill the void in scientific skincare category in the mass middle range market with prices that are hard to resist, from RM29 to RM79 only. This price range is acceptable based on the product size and efficacy.

Here is the full product range with price.

1) Lumi Brightening Gel Cleanser 100ml – RM29
2) Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner 75ml – RM35
3) Lumi Brightening Toner 110ml – RM45
4) Lumi Brightening Day Cream (SPF20) 50ml – RM64
5) Lumi Brightening Night Rejuvenator 50ml -RM69
6) Lumi Brightening Overnight Mask 75ml -RM59
7) LumiScience Illuminating Essence 65ml – RM79
8) LumiScience Hydrating Serum 30ml – RM75
9) LumiScience Brightening Eye Contour Gel 30ml – RM67
10) Skin Essentials Eye & Lip Makeup Remover 110m – RM35

Neesya™ Skincare Range of Beauty Products is available at Subang Parade.
Please visit their website http://www.neesya.com/ for more info.
Online Store: http://www.neesya.com/
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/neesyaskincare
Price Range: RM29 to RM79 only


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  • that is affordable!! will you be doing any Neesya review?? 🙂

    • Indeed very affordable! The matter of fact…yes! I will be reviewing three Neesya products as I’ve been using a week before the launch 😉

  • Too bad there is no counter in JB 🙁

    Review please ^^

    • They are still new. Give them some time to branch out 😉
      Review hopefully will be up in a week time. Been swamped with work lately 🙁

    • Hey,

      they will be having online purchase real soon! 😀

      • Thanks for the info dear. That reminds me to edit the details at the bottom.

  • Fiona: thanks for the great write-up!
    Evelyn: While we don’t have an outlet yet in JB, as an alternative, you may want to visit our online store at http://www.neesya.com which was just launched yesterday. Happy shopping!

    Neesya skincare

    • Thanks for dropping by Chris! I have amended the info at the bottom to add in the website and online store details. Thanks for the update 🙂


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