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Men vs Women: Who Do You Think Is Messier?

An interesting topic of discussion two days ago at Mix Breakfast Show with Rod and Sarimah whereas they discussed about who is messier. The men or the women. I couldn’t help but to wonder myself who I think is messier while driving. I was so deep into my own thoughts that I almost forgotten to concentrate on driving.

I realized I have a very good example in the office :P. The messy table (top photo) you see below used to be my place until I was moved to a smaller space (bottom photo) to be with the rest of the team. I am a private person outside so I like to keep everything either in the drawer or bring it home. Smaller space means I would need to be super tidy otherwise I wouldn’t have space!

P/S: My colleague would probably kill me after this lol!


Here’s the thing. I couldn’t made up my mind. I think men are messier but on the other hand I do think women are messier too. Let me tell you why I said so.
I, of course as a woman think that I can be messy at times but I always clean up after that. For example, when I’m doing my makeup…I never fail to mess up my table. Sometimes when I look at it I couldn’t believe at the mess that I make either. The good thing about me is that I always always clean up after that. So I would say woman are messy at time haha! When I’m at my work desk in the office, I practically occupy all the empty space available. Remember I have 3 bags? But when I go home the table is back to it’s own empty self 😀

As for men, haaa. Classic. They can get messy and dirty and never bother to clean up after that with a reason – the girl always clean up for them. I think it’s really a guy’s nature to be messy. I actually told my colleague that I’m going to post this up and he said he’s messy because he have a larger space. Tsk tsk tsk. Blaming on the large L-shape table it seems. Don’t get me wrong. No doubt there are guys that are a neat freak. Even neater than a girl 😀

So, who do you think is messier? Men or women? Is your bf/hubby messier than you or the other way round? I can’t wait to hear your story!


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  • Interesting topic!
    My mom is the super tidy type of person, to the extent of cleaning and keeping all my things till I can’t find them, and she will conveniently forget where she placed them whn I ask her!

    Me? Im the super messy type, I’ll just leave my things as they are bcz I know where to get them when I want them and it just irks my mom to see the mess. 😛

    My hubby, is the very organized type and he mops the floor 3 – 5 times a day, more if the weather is hot @_@”

    • What?? Your hubby mops the floor 3-5 times a day?? That’s OCD la babe LOL. He is hygienic I would say :). Good that he mops. Worse if he doesn’t help to mop hahaha.

      My dad is super messy. My mum is not messy but trying to be neat and fail badly haha. I am very particular about things so I mess things up and I will clean it up so that I know where is the things. Sometimes I can’t find something when it’s too neat 😀

      • Ya… he’s particular abt dust on the floor that might b inhaled by the notti bubs. So he mops it whnever possible… LOL
        I just sit and shake legs la… hahahaha…

        • Its really good that the hub is particular especially for the benefit for the notti bubs.

  • I am a very tidy and organised person, a trait which I inherited from my mother as she is super neat and fussy. My husband is also a neat person and he does help out with keeping the house clean and tidy although not as neat as me la. Lol.

    I think generally, men are more messier than women because it is in the women’s nature to be the tidy one. I know there are exceptions to this rule though. Having said that, you should have seen my boss room when I started working for him last year, I nearly fainted looking at the horrendous mess in his room. It took me 6 months just to clear and organise his room because his previous secretary was equally messy as him. Hahaha.

    • I think me and you are quite similar. My bf are messier before that and now is more neater maybe because he knew I would hated to see stuff on the floor, sticky and dusty floor etc etc. The list never ends LOL.

      Talking about bosses. I too nearly fainted seeing my boss’s place. Messier than I thought. However we don’t try to clean his place :).

  • I’m the type of person who works well in messy condition, haha! but that only applies to my study table, as I’m still a full time student. when it’s messy, it feels homey to me. but when i do arrange my things, i’ll take hours to make it perfect and nobody, touches my things. my parents are both neat and tidy type of person, they have things located at its particular place and will get mad if we children used anything and didnt put it at the right place back. my bf, is a very neat person, 24/7. even though he’s the only boy in the family, he’s as neat as a girl. he never shows up with a messy car, even before going to class he’ll make sure the inside of his car is super neat. and he always ranted about how his housemates (boys, obviously) didnt care about cleaning the house, their house looked like a shipwreck and he had to subtly ‘invite’ them to clean the house together.

    • My work table at home also quite messy last time. Mostly full with the products that I’m trying :P. The modern / metrosexual guy nowadays are a neat freak haha! But I do feel that the gf/wife is a big influence in this too.

      Oh and guy with car…is a total different story. They will make sure their car is squeaky clean and neat. Its a guy thing 🙂

  • Well, at least I clean up my table once a while after massing it up. I can’t really stand messiness but sometimes I am very messy as well especially my study table. But I’ll clean in up when I can’t stand myself anymore. Talk about cleanliness, I will say I am very clean compare to a lot other people but I can’t even beat my mom. She can even feels with her foot if you have wipe the floor or not! haha

    • High five! I’m exactly like that too. In my house I’m the clean fanatic. If my mum miss a spot during cleaning, she will get nagging from me 😛

  • i think guys are generally more messy…
    but i am personally a VERY messy person. my table is worse than your guy colleague up there lol. but on the other hand, i am very good at tidying up. if i want i can make it as tidy as you…
    having said that..

    i only tidy up every….. one semester?


    • LOL. You have a very good reason to be messy! 😛
      I think that’s just girl you know. We can mess up badly but we always clean up good.

  • I guess you haven’t met my sister. Her mess would put any man to shame!

    • Hahaha. Maybe when she gets older she will be better 😀


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