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Review: Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ (No. 21 Natural Beige), The New Way of Applying BB Cream

My Facebook timelines had been flooded with reviews on Etude House’s version of Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion recently and I thought why not I do the other way round? I have taken pictures of this Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion since a few months ago but didn’t come around to post up a review. I have no idea why :D. Since I’m on BB Cream and CC Cream chronology lately, I thought it’s a good timing for me to share with you my thought on this product.

How I buy this BB Cushion (that’s how I’m going to call it) is quite spontaneous. It was when Laneige relaunch the product back in May 2013 and there is a Facebook offer for this for RM120 that comes with a refill pack. Coincidently I needed to utilize my Bonuslink points as they are expiring so I redeemed RM100 worth of Parkson cash voucher, drove to Setia Alam mall and bought one!

Laneige 1
In the box there is a white casing, a refill that is pre-attached to the casing and a sealed refill pack. The retail price for all this is RM145. Each BB Cushion contain 15g of product. You get an extra refill so which means for RM145 you get a 30g of product. That equivalent to a normal BB Cream tube 😀

When it was first launched a year or two ago? Can’t remember when but I’m not interested at all. So expensive! However if you think of the fact that it comes with a free refill pack then it might sound more worthy but then it still is expensive for a BB Cream that is soaked in a sponge. Sorry. That’s just me :D. If it’s not because of the promo price of RM120 and the fact that I have RM100 cash voucher…I would have not bought it. Sorry again.

The case itself is a bulky one because of the thick light blue plastic separator for the puff. In a way the separator is there for a good reason. It actually close down quite tightly to prevent the BB Cream on the cushion from drying out faster than normal. It is also to preserve the active ingredients and their functionality.

The puff is different from the usual sponge that you get from other powder palette. I read that the puff is a dual structure puff that are processed with a special technology that helps to hold nine times more than water. It is made from ruby cell and poly-urethane. I asked the BA how to wash the puff since it’s with special texture and she replied back saying “actually you don’t need to wash the puff since you are not sharing it with anyone”. Hello? What?? How can you not wash it with all the germs? Eeewwww!

Lift the blue separator up and you will find a seal. You need to use the BB Cushion after removing the seal. If you don’t intend to use that soon, do not take it off if possible. Not even a peek. I never throw this seal away till now. Everytime after I use it I will put back the seal. Double layer of protection is better than nothing right?

This is how the BB Cushion looked like. It is actually the usual BB Cream soaked in a sponge/cushion heh! Intriguing? Yes because it’s something new and different. Laneige is the first brand that came out with this new-concept cushion-type BB that comes with five active ingredients for Whitening + Sunscreen + Sweat-proof + Soothing + Makeup, contained in the cushion to maximize the refreshing and soothing sensation. Every time you touch it, the air pump in the cushion contains air bubbles for thin and skin-friendly makeup.

I bought mine from Setia Alam mall. I went up the Laneige counter asking for shade matching help from the BA. She matched me with No. 23 Sand Beige which is a medium shade despite telling her that I’ve tried No. 21 Natural Beige and it oxidize on me. I wonder if she listen to me or not. She told me that I’m quite fair. Here’s the thing. If I’m quite fair to the BA, why would she match me with a darker shade? Furthermore I told her base makeup oxidize on me since I have oily skin. I requested for a shade match on my face directly. I told her to put it on my neck near my jawline and then I stand at a brighter place and check on the mirror. She then agree No. 21 Natural Beige is my shade *facepalm*. Sometimes I wonder if she’s the BA or I’m the BA lol!

To be frank I don’t use this quite often. For the first week after I bought it I did use it everyday to test the hype out. Then it sort of stay in my drawer un-notice. If I do remember this palette I will use it otherwise it remain un-notice.\

Let’s be honest here. On the first usage, I was wow-ed. My base makeup was done in just a few second. And I don’t need a lot to cover up everything. What I like is the cooling sensation that was left on my face. It is heavily scented. Yes HEAVILY. It doesn’t bother me much as it smell quite pleasant but not liking that the scent doesn’t disappear in the first hour and more. I can still smell myself smelling like the BB Cushion. On certain days like the days when I had migraine or the days where my menstrual cycle is near, I can’t take the scent. It made me dizzy and nauseas. This is the reason why I seldom use it. Too fragrant even for myself that are into fragrant makeup.

Second usage was a blah. It’s different from the first and I wonder why. Must be the puff. New puff is always the best. Once it is already soaked with product, it doesn’t perform as good as the first time. I notice the BB Cream on the cushion started to dries up a bit. Means the product is actually not a lot.

The below picture is taken after third usage. Can you see 3/4 of it had dries up? Yeap. No more BB Cream on top. Subsequent usage is a nightmare. I need to press down hard to get BB Cream on my puff. I tried stuffing my fingers down to turn the sponger over but it’s worse. Bottom is heavily soaked with BB Cream. If I turn it over means my puff will be in contact with too much of BB Cream. So in the end I decided not to turn it over. I am trying to press down hard to get the BB Cream on my puff at the moment until I no longer can do so, then only I will turn the cushion over.

Hmmm thinking back about Laneige BA telling that there is no need to wash the puff.

Here is the Before and After picture. The coverage was alright but doesn’t cover all acne marks completely. It definitely brighten the face, that’s for sure. This BB Cushion would need some time for it to set and dries down a bit before setting with finishing powder otherwise it will be a bit tacky.

There is something that I couldn’t figure out about Korean BB Cream. Whenever I had Korean BB Cream on, my face is itchy especially when in contact with car air-cond. The itchiness will disappear after an hour. This situation doesn’t happen to me if I’m using other UK version of BB Cream. Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion gave me the most itch of all BB cream.

Does this melts and move on me? Yes it does. By mid day the base makeup on my cheek and jawline sort of melted and become patchy. I would need to use my fingers to smooth everything out. Same goes to my upper lip area. I have white mustache!

Now, the refill pack. How do you change the refill? Simple. Turn the casing over with the back facing you. See the “Push” word? Just push and the center part will dismantle. Put in the new refill and you are ready to go.

Laneige claim that this BB Cushion is sweat proof but it doesn’t work for me. I like the cooling effect it gave me as I was applying this on but I still think the scent is too heavy especially if it doesn’t goes off immediately. It certainly can make someone nauseas.

This is not a good oil control type of BB Cream. In fact my face oil up on a faster rate than usual. Bummer.

I am not even done with the first pan so I doubt I’ll repurchase anytime soon. Actually I don’t think so I’ll repurchase this. It is just not as good as raved for me.

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ is available at all Laneige counter nationwide.
Price: RM145 for 15g x 2. Comes with a refill pack.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • I don’t know why but I feel sick looking at the BB cushion texture >.<"

    • LOL! All the holes? You should try applying it. The smell will even make you feel sicker :(. Laneige should tone down the heavy floral scent.

      • The BA gave me a sample when I enquired about it some time back…but I haven’t open the sample pack yet…i don’t like strong smell too; maybe I should give away the sample (^.-)

        • The sample gave me a love and hate relationship. First time was okay. Then it’s not. One thing about the sample is that it’s so small that patting takes a long time. Although I do love the fact that they make a sample similar to the full size 🙂

          Don’t give away the sample first. Try it. Maybe you will like it?

          • Will consider 😉

          • 😉

  • wahh, thanks for the detailed review Fiona! I had planned on trying this but when you say it gets your skin oily faster than the usual rate, I cant risk my money buying it. I always get the same problem too, bb cream/cc cream making my face a lot oilier, sometimes even with products with “oil-control” properties =_=”

    • Glad you find the detail review useful Mieza :D. BB Cream somehow is oilier or makes my skin oily faster than usual. You should try Dr. Brandt CC Cream. It’s superb on oily skin. I should squeeze some for you to try!
      Products with oil control properties is not controlling at all hahahaha!

  • I have a sample of it but I haven’t use it too xD I remember you said the first time u tried on this bb cushion , it looks greyish on you >._<
    the BB cushion looks like 95% similar to this product haha. but like more expansive. rm100+ for 1 item neh~

    • Yea, the sample on me is nice sometimes and sometimes not. I’m not sure what happen lol. Sometimes I turn grey and sometimes I don’t 😛

  • I guess this suit people with dry skin … as it works perfectly on me. On the down side, recently bought a new pack and the sponge is drying up …ewwww!! Sigh…

    • Yes, cause it’s more hydrating. Oily skin user still can use this. Just that the face is going to be oilier :p.
      Ewww on the drying sponge! Did you exchange for a new one?

  • Hey thanks for the earnest review 🙂 It looks good on you! The shade fits you very well giving a natural finishing which I adore. When this product was first launched, the BB cushion concept seemed revolutionary…However, I was not too intrigued per se because the moist cushion and rubbery puff seem a little messy to me. Granted, I am not a diligent beauty person lol. Oh well, back to the usual BB cream in a tube for me.

    • You are most welcome!
      The shade do look good but too moist for oily skin like myself. On certain days it oxidize on me. When this was first launched I wasn’t interested haha. I would still prefer tube too.

  • What is the Etude*** House version of this BB cushion? Do you have the link? =]

    • That’s the Precious Mineral Any Cushion and nope, I didn’t have the link as I didn’t bought it. You can find a handful of reviews through Google 🙂

  • Hi
    May I know where to buy the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion in Johor Bahru or Malaysia ? and May I have a sample and I would like to try it. It looks amazing and I hope you can give me a little sample for trying.

    I would appreciate for your consideration.

    Esther Ho

    • Hi Esther, you can find Laneige counter all over shopping mall and I believe you can find Laneige in JB as well. Just ask for sample from the counter.

  • Thanks for this honest review dear. I just saw about this product on go shop Tv ASTRO, and plan to order. Glad to find this review, i wont buy it if it will make oilier hewheewheww

    • My pleasure Wid! 🙂
      Actually most of my friends loveeeee this BB cushion. I happen to have a skin type that will get oily very fast therefore I find BB cream is too oily on me. I prefer foundation over BB Cream overall. I suppose if you have more things to cover, you tend to pile on more product thus making the skin oilier than usual. My suggestion is to get a sample from the counter to try first 🙂


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