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MIVVA “BFF Sleepover Kit” November 2013 Edition Review

Time for a review on one of my favourite beauty box’s latest edition – MIVVA “BFF Sleepover Kit” November 2013 🙂

Just a day before MIVVA send out the November edition, the girls at MIVVA posted a sneak peek of the content while they were doing the usual monthly packing. I was able to roughly guessed the content although the picture wasn’t a close up shot. I saw a tube and knew that’s full size and it looked like a cleanser and I certainly can see the nail polish as well as the sheet mask clearly. I wasn’t able to figure out what’s the white and pink tube was and the brands but the content looked interesting.

The next day I checked Instagram and was a bit put off because most of the picture uploaded by subscribers who had received their box wasn’t a close shot either! Urrggghh! I returned home after work and saw my parcel on my bed. Without any delay, as fast as a lightning…I ripped through the PosLaju courier plastic for the awaited surprise. The excitement was hyped up further as mum was standing next to me eagerly waiting to find out as well 😀

This was indeed a surprise.

MIVVA BFF Sleepover Kit 1
I like how MIVVA put a theme on their monthly box. November 2013 edition’s theme is “BFF Sleepover Kit”. The theme is basically self-explanatory so I’m not going further into the theme. The products in each box are more or less have something to do with the theme.


FULL SIZE Néula 8-In-1 Tea Tree BB Cream With Tea Tree Essence SPF30 PA+++ 30ml (Retail: RM23.90 / 30ml)

Earlier I mentioned that I sort of guessed that there are a full size cleanser tube in the box right? I was right but MIVVA sent out three types of full size product from Néula. I thought I would be getting the cleanser but I was so happy to get a BB Cream instead. Yeah I know I’m not a fan of BB Cream but since I have a lot at home, I’m slowly adapting BB Cream into my makeup regime :D. The main reason on why I dislike BB Cream is because it’s too oily for my oily skin type. This Néula BB Cream is actually oil free. Wow. First time seeing or hearing a BB Cream that are oil free! It has a lot of benefit such as anti-pimple, oil control *hallelujah!* revitalization, UV protection, anti-aging, evening skin tone, soothing and light-weight. The price is very affordable. I’m using it today for the first time. So far so good 🙂

MIVVA BFF Sleepover Kit 2


FULL SIZE Stage Nail Color #11 Vivacious 11ml (Retail: RM35 / 11ml)

This nail color would be the second full size product in MIVVA “BFF Sleepover Kit” November 2013 Edition. The color that I received is a purple. This nail color from Stage is said to have one coat formula that dries quickly and to a glossy, salon-perfect finishing. The color suits me perfectly. As long as I don’t get a fluorescent green LOL.

MIVVA BFF Sleepover Kit 3


FULL SIZE UGB Facial Essence Collagen Mask (Retail: RM198.80 / 8 sheets)

I have never heard or seen the brand UGB before to be honest. The mask is targeted for firming and lifting because Collagen and Natto Gum ingredient in it are infused to prevent skin roughness and exhaustion from harmful environment as well as stress. This Facial Essence Collagen mask contain Hyaluronic Acid and various botanical extracts, Witch Hazel Water and Sodium Hyaluronate as a part of it’s ingredients.

MIVVA BFF Sleepover Kit 4


Antipodes Joyful Hand & Body Cream 30ml (Retail: RM149 / 120ml)

I was particularly happy to see this Antipodes Joyful Hand & Body Cream in the box! I’ve tried it before at recent Antipodes Mineral Makeup launch. There’s two type of Hand & Body Cream – Delight and Joyful. Joyful scent is described as summer berry flirts with South Pacific hibiscus flower, thus creating this unique scent of sweet with a little bit of floral scented cream. It contain avocado oil to treat dry, tired and stressed skin. The cream is quite rich in texture, so it takes a longer time for it to absorb in and the skin feels a bit tacky thereafter. A little does goes a long way 😀

The deluxe size comes in a cute, small little pump bottle as well. Also included is a RM20 Gift Voucher 😉

MIVVA BFF Sleepover Kit 5
Here’s how the full size / retail size looks like.

Antipodes Joyful Hand & Body Cream


ONL Dermost Moistay Cream Sachet (Retail: RM144.90 / 60ml) and ONL Dermost Moistay Fresh Gel Cream (Retail: RM144.90 / 60ml)

ONL is making another appearance again with two products. Moistay Cream is a spring water cream to balance up the oil and water level in our skin. It’s a hydrating and a calming cream which is meant for intensive moisturizing. I said before in this post that oily skin user will need something more intensive in order to balance and reduce oil secretion level. That method works well for me.

Moistay Fresh Cream Gel on the other hand contain 100% spring water in it’s base. Cream gel is usually meant for oily skin users that are afraid of tackiness on the face but at the same time needing the moisturization from a cream.

MIVVA BFF Sleepover Kit 6
Look what makes a comeback. It’s the little gift from the MIVVA team! This time we received a bath loofah :D. In pink somemore haha. Actually it’s not what or the value of a gift that puts a smile on the face. It’s the thought that counts 😉

MIVVA BFF Sleepover Kit 7


What I Like

Off topic but it’s the little teaser on Facebook on the box content definitely. I think that the girls are quite naughty that they snap the photo from a distance so the content is visible but I was not able to pin point directly to the exact product. The teaser was out just two days before delivery so the excitement wasn’t prolong for too long.

I certainly think MIVVA has make a comeback. Last two boxes was good but this MIVVA “BFF Sleepover Kit” November 2013 was great, with three full size item in it especially the Néula BB Cream full size. For me the products in this edition was a match to the theme.

Antipodes was a bomb too. Love the natural and organic concept 😀

What I Don’t Like

I couldn’t find anything that I don’t like about this MIVVA “BFF Sleepover Kit” November 2013 edition. The content suits me well 😀


I still think so far MIVVA is still one of the best beauty box in Malaysia. I really do salute the girls for being able to source all these wonderful brands for us to know and try such as Néula, UGB, Antipodes and ONL. I’m quite glad that there’s no repeat from other competitor box otherwise the same product will be overflowing in my room. For me MIVVA certainly did make a comeback with this box and proved that they are one of the best in the market.

I know most of you would prefer a BB Cream instead. What did you get? Cleanser or face lotion? Anyone with face lotion do let me know if it’s good for oil control 😀


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Disclaimer: The box was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


Comments (14)

  • RM38 for 3 full-sized products is really a steal!
    I’m tempted to subscribe to their Dec box now… hehehehehe….

    • I hope December box is a bomb due to Christmas haha 😀

  • Looks good! The hand cream caught my eyes. Thumbs up to the girls.

    • Hand & Body Cream is now in my office for some TLC 😀

  • This box was awesome for me!

    The only bummer was I received the cleanser instead of BB cream or lotion. Since we already received full size cleanser last box and I’m still using it, this seems a bit of an over kill. I’m also really curious about whether the BB cream and lotion would work for oily skin!

    UGB is a new brand I guess. I was in Sunway Pyramid week or two ago and they just end opened a kiosk.

    The onl was quite nice on my skin but pity the quantity was too small. I’m probably one if the few who don’t mind sachets but there should be a generous amount. Otherwise, how can you tell if it works?

    Oops I have to board my flight now. To be continued…

    • I’ve looked at all three Néula products that MIVVA sent out. All three are good product so don’t worry :). BB Cream on the other hand is quite good. I’m liking the velvety finish, which is matte. First BB Cream that finishes matte!

      I believe UGB is new too. Good that we get to try UGB :). All sachet are made in this size dear haha. Maybe you can get that after you finish your stash hehe.

      Have a safe flight Ashley!

      • I meant that if they are giving sachets, then they could at least give 3 or 4 sachets of the same product. Biotherm always gives at least 3 sachets of the same product.

        I’m looking forward to trying the Antipodes, seems luxurious.

        I liked the nail polish color I received but got to admit I’m disappointed in stage (not Mivva!) that all the colors they sent out are the stock they wanted to get rid off. They were selling them at the Alliance warehouse sale at a ridiculously cheap price.

        I think brands definitely need to wisen up and realize consumers are smarter than that. If they are just going to give out near expiry stuff or old stock, then that’s just a reason to boycott those brands.

        Oh, and the loofah in mine is white!

        By the way, I spotted a shop in Bugis Junction that sells deluxe cosmetic samples. It was just a quick glance through and I didn’t even catch the name of the shop but the prices seem reasonable. 🙂

        • I know what you mean. I was just joking with you. But then all along ONL sample in MIVVA is just one or two sachet. Biotherm is counter sampling so it’s feasible for them to do so :). I like the Antipodes sample bottle. I’m gonna squeeze my full size content into it once I finish this 30ml. Everything goes cheap at Alliance warehouse sales, even their best seller Avene Thermal Spring Water. I couldn’t find the MFG or expiry date. Do you know the date of the nail polish?

          Are the shop in Bugis Junction legit? I mean the deluxe samples. Authentic? I wonder how online shopping portal giant like Best Buy World get all this.

  • I also couldn’t find the date of the nail polish. Most brands don’t usually put them down I think since they last practically forever. There’s a code 0608 that repeats on the bottom of all the bottles. Not sure if its a date or batch number.

    I guess maybe if they were selling a wider range of colors at the warehouse I would have a different opinion but the exact same colors? Meh. Actually I thought the Avene spring water was cheap but not significantly cheaper. After I did the calculations, each 300ml is only RM4+ cheaper if I base against the 3 bottles for RM110. Those nail polishes were only 5% their usual price each. So I leave you to do the math. 😛

    I really have no idea if the products are genuine at Bugis Junction. It’s a small shop only and at the pathway towards the MRT so not a fancy type shop. But I guess if they were selling at those prices they could not be in a fancy shop. I’m also wondering how Best Buy World gets their products. A small shop like this could be just during from Best Buy World. But like I said, I didn’t linger long enough to find out!

    • Ahh nevermind. Nail polish generally last longer I suppose. Actually 2 years ago when I hauled back some Avene Spring Water it’s really cheap. Not as little as RM4. And the MFG dates are the same year.
      I shopped a few times before at Best Buy World. Their products are authentic. Usually I go to BBW if I want to try some stuff like Clinique CC Cream :). Asking from counter is so hard.

  • I actually got the face lotion. I think it did quite a good job. Previously my face will start to feel the oiliness around noon around 12 pm after applying make up. After using this especially before I apply make up, my face can last until around 2-3pm before it start to oil up which quite good for me.

    I feel like MIVVA always know what I need. I wanted to buy a loofah but somehow MIVVA box know it and give to me before I buy it!

    • Wow. Means the oil control face lotion works! Thank goodness it’s not that expensive. Actually I need a loofah too. So lazy wanna go buy. I still think loofah is expensive…around RM6+- right?

      • Better oil control but not totally la. But I am satisfied with it because at least my make up on face can last longer and not ‘melt’ and feel oily.
        Ya me too! That’s why I keep dragging to buy the loofah. now I use it everyday during bath. Bigger loofah should be around that price. I used to buy during promotion in gurdian or watson 3 for RM 6. But the loofah is small la.

        • No oil control product would be a total sebum stopper. That’s not suitable for skin. Not bad result actually. I don’t spend on loofah either. Use hand is more economical LOL 😉


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