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Review: ZA Cheeks Groovy #02 Strawberry Pink – Pink Cheeks and Affordable, I’m Sold!

If it’s not thanks to Kamsiah who gifted me with a few ZA cosmetics last year, I wouldn’t have found my love for ZA cosmetics especially the blush. I’ve only started to dig into my blush collection one by one end of last year. Looks like my philosophy to open a new blush after finishing one is thrown out of the window 😀 . This ZA Cheeks Groovy #02 Strawberry Pink was hidden in between palette so I’m always missing it. One fine morning I thought “ahhh haaa! Where’s my ZA blush?”. It doesn’t took me long to like this blush.

ZA Cheeks Groovy 02 Strawberry Pink 1
I’m a loyal user of pink blushes. You have no idea how long it takes for me to finally accept coral blush. Yea I was afraid that I’ll turn into oompa loompa lol. No matter what. I’m all about pink blush.

ZA Cheeks Groovy is packaged in a black plastic casing. It’s light on hand, looks alright and definitely not those cheap plastic material. I’ve not drop the blush on the floor yet *touch wood* so I can’t tell you if this will break or whatsoever 😛 . I do hope it doesn’t. I like this one! It take a bit of strength to pry the casing open and closes up with a loud click sound.

ZA Cheeks Groovy 02 Strawberry Pink 2
ZA Cheeks Groovy #02 Strawberry Pink is of course a pink blush, which I am so sure that the shade was screaming for my name. It’s weird that now (it’s night time as I was composing this review) the blush somehow looked a bit of coral. In the morning? Oh yeah it’s definitely a strawberry pink alright. Some blush is soft to touch and on the pan, while some is hard. This ZA Cheeks Groovy #02 Strawberry Pink is definitely a sturdy hard blush on pan. This means minimal fallout.

ZA Cheeks Groovy 02 Strawberry Pink 3
Most people said they don’t give a darn on the mini brush included right? Well I do! I always appreciate small little thing like this brush for example. Think about it. If the brush wasn’t included, people complain there’s no brush. If there’s a brush included, people complain that it’s not a good quality brush. The main thing here is the blush, not the brush. The brush included is for your convenient, which most people toss it away anyway. Although I no longer rely on the mini brush included to apply my blush, I on the other hand collect all these mini brush and keep it aside. You’ll never know when you’ll need it 😀

Okay, enough rambling on the mini brush 😛 . Let’s get back to the brush. You can stop tossing the brush away because let me tell you the brush bristle is oh-so-soft. Not a bad one. This is a keeper.

ZA Cheeks Groovy 02 Strawberry Pink 4
The shade of the blush stays true to it’s shade name – Strawberry Pink. It’s a sweet pink which will compliment well any skin color. I have fair skin and I can already foresee how this shade will look like on me. This shade will give anyone a soft flush of pink on the cheek 🙂

Groovy Cheeks comes in five shades. Four shades for the cheek namely 01 Glowing Pink, 02 Strawberry Pink, 03 Pink Petal and 04 Apricot Pink while one shade, which is 05 June Bright is a highlighter.

ZA Cheeks Groovy 02 Strawberry Pink 5
Here’s how ZA Cheeks Groovy #02 Strawberry Pink looks like on me. I usually apply more blush as I contour my cheek bone before that. And of course I like how my face is with more blush haha 😀

ZA Cheeks Groovy 02 Strawberry Pink 6

ZA Cheeks Groovy 02 Strawberry Pink 7

ZA Cheeks Groovy 02 Strawberry Pink 8
The blush lasted whole day on my oily face but the color faded off slightly, leaving me with a hint of blush on comparing with how pink my cheek is before I left the house. This is quite a good blush to add into any blush collection, it’s also cheaper to collect the whole Cheeks Groovy collection too. My advise is layer on more blush or you can toss this blush into your makeup pouch and touch up when needed 😉

ZA Cheeks Groovy 02 Strawberry Pink 9

ZA Cheeks Groovy is available at all leading pharmacy chains, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide.

Price: RM36.90 each. Comes in 5 shades altogether (4 cheeks, 1 highlighter)

For more info on ZA, please “Like” ZA Malaysia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/za.malaysia


Disclaimer: Gift from friend.


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  • I love ZA products! I usually walk away from it in Watsons but now I look at them every single time I passed by. The blush looks great on you 🙂

    • I usually hunt for ZA 2-way foundation double pack + casing at Watsons lol. Thanks! Glad you like the blush 😉 . Sometimes when it goes on sale you can grab the blush for RM28.88 I think.

  • i have always take a look at them every time i pass by za counter…
    now u make me wanna have them.
    I always love za cosmetics..
    i like their two way foundation powder( apply to my t-zone), concealer, browliner, mascara and blusher.
    I never own their blusher yet. Love Za mascara much.

    • Oh really? I’m always looking at 2-way foundation and brow pencil because that’s what I’ve been busying for more than 10 years 😀 . Sometimes I grab their skin care when it’s on Buy 1 Free 1 😉 . I heard their mascara is awesome. That’s my next target 😉

  • Looking good Fiona. You look like you are having so much fun with the review. I’m happy to see that! But of course good review from you as usual. You weight the pros and cons in the review. RM36.90 is a good price for a blush. Even better if it is on sale 🙂

    • I am having fun :). Makes me happy when I get the shot I want lol. Thanks for the kind words Sarah. Haha it’s even cheaper when it’s on sales. Keep an eye. If can’t tahan just get one first 😉

  • ZA products are nice! I have the blush in Glowing Pink, concealer and Glitter Eye Colour (04 Star Glow). Also a pretty nice shimmery gold eye shadow. 🙂

    You are going to get their mascara? Mind to do a review on it? I normally use Maybeline one. But wanna know the result/review of ZA mascara before bought one to try.

    • Yes they are and it’s getting better and better! I’ve gone through quite a lot of ZA products over time 🙂 . Mascara is in the wish-list. Most probably only can get it after I finish a few of my current mascara. Will definitely review it. Keep an eye on the blog!

  • You look so cute in the photos! I have not looked at ZA for a really long time so thanks for the reminder to check out this understated brand again 🙂

    • Hehe thanks Lyn 😀 . ZA came out with a few new and reformulation skin care. The brand is definitely changing, catering to more mature market.

  • Lovely! Your post tug my heartstring immediately 🙂 I am a light blush user, not too adventurous and self conscious due to my acne scars. You look lovely and cute with the blush 🙂 And I love the diva glittery earrings too, hehe 🙂 Thanks for this review. ZA is affordable and great for trying out for a noob like me.

    • Thanks Jen. If you are into light blush then this will suits you. I actually need to keep swirling and run my brush over to get more color LOL. It’s a star diamante earring that I bought from Park Avenue in Parkson 😉 . Nah you’re not a noob already. You do good makeup nowadays 😀 . But getting a drugstore makeup means there’s room for trial and error. Won’t heart ache if the product doesn’t work hahaha.

      • Hehe, thank you dear. You’re always inspiring and sincere with words 🙂 Yeah, I noticed you have a flair for the accessories from Park Avenue. Suits you well and looks great with the make up. That’s true, the beauty of drugstore products are that they are economical and won’t cost a bomb. Even better if we find something that actually works too 🙂

        • I stopped buying accessories already. What I have at the moment will last me long 😀 . Whenever I need to get a beauty fix, I’ll go to Watsons and start exploring 😉

  • More drugstore product review pls ^^ . I think if lightly apply it will look much more subtle. Like you said…you like to apply more. The shade is lovely.

    • Okay dear. Will take a drugstore walk soon 😉 . Actually the color payoff is quite subtle. I put more pressure during application so that the color stand out more 😀

  • I think my mom using this! She is such a supporter for ZA product. hahaha…

    • It’s not bad. I have always known ZA by their cosmetics 🙂 . Your mum is so cool. Wish my mum do make up too so I can sneak away her stuff lol. Love their 2-way foundation powder. Now I’m getting closer and closer to their skin care range. The quality is way better now. Gives me more confident in using the products.


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