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Valentine’s Day Gift to Myself: Origins Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm Set

What to do with RM20 Metrojaya cash voucher on hand on a post-Valentine’s Day? You bet I bought a lil gift for myself 😉

Origins has been teasing their fans in Facebook with a special Origins Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm Set for RM88, just a few days before Valentine’s Day. I find it a bit sad that Origins only came up with one special set for the ladies and one for the men.

Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balms Set 1
I had my eyes on Origins Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm Set because they are a miniature lip balm with a few color choices. This means I won’t get bored before finishing a tube and I get to try a few different shade for probably the price of two full size Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm? Plus this set is too cute to resist and I happen to finish all my lip balm at home. Score!

Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balms Set 2
I am more interested with Origins Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm Set due to it’s pink tone lip balm. If it were to be red to coral shade I won’t probably buy it at all. When it comes to pink tone, I never say no 🙂

Of all counter brand lip balm, Origins one intrigued me very much. I’ve never tried these. I’ve heard of all the good reviews but never really splurge on expensive lip balm.

Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balms Set 3
At a glance it’s one confusing product. I mean look at these. Origins Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm Set is packaged in a lip gloss-like tube but in fact it’s a lip balm. A liquid lip balm. Are these suppose to be a lip balm that works like a lip gloss?? The texture from the tube sure does resemble lip gloss. I have my doubts on this one to be honest. I’m never a fan of lip gloss and I’m afraid this lip balm will be the same as lip gloss – sticky. After reading reviews and reviews online, I’ve decided to get it. I suppose there’s no more turning back now that I have it with me eh? 😀

Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balms Set 4
Origins Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm Set comes with 4-miniature tube with four different shade. Each tube comes with a slanted plastic nozzle tip, which I would prefer over sponge tip. It’s easy to clean after each use too. Yeah, I’m very particular with cleaning my makeup product after each use 🙂

From left to right: 05 Cherry Pop, 08 Plum Punch, 03 Pink Guava, 01 Nude Nectarine. As you can see, Origins Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm Set texture sure do looks like lip gloss to me. I panicked a bit when I first use one of the tube. I don’t like what I see. I don’t like the thick texture but I was hopeful that it will turn watery upon spreading onto the lips.

Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balms Set 5
It took me quite a few use to get used to the whole liquid lip balm concept. Origins Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm goes on thick and rather a bit sticky, just like a typical lip gloss. However, my perception on these changed a bit thereafter. It does live up to it’s claim of providing hydrating to the lips. My lips stay pout and moist the whole time I had these Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm on. What I really like about this lip balm is that it doesn’t dries up my lips, doesn’t peel the top layer skin of my lips, doesn’t give me the white line on the inner lips area and it’s long lasting as well. It’s sticky but more like watery type of stickiness. I can live with that.

Origins Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm has a hint of mint scent to it. Not overpowering like Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. It also has a bit of minty and cooling sensation that feels quite comfortable on the lips. As for the color payoff, I encounter the same problem I had with Mentholatum Limited Edition Water Lip Tinted Lipbalm. The lighter shade doesn’t show up well on my dark tone lips. Only the one with stronger color does. Here’s the lip swatch for all four Origins Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm shade. The one which I’ve been wearing the most is 08 Plum Punch. Plum Punch give my lips a hint of shade. Whenever I need a nude lip balm I will go for 03 Pink Guava, which is also another of my favourite.

Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balms Set 6
It’s good to know that Origins Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm is formulated without all the harmful ingredients listed on the box.

Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balms Set 7_1
I’m trying to figure out what exactly is this Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm suppose to be because it’s like a hybrid version of lip balm + lip gloss. No doubt it’s a lip balm as stated but designed to work like a lip gloss. Although I’m not a fan of lip glosses, however I do like this one. I’m quite happy to be able to snag the last box as it’s already sold out everywhere by the time I got to the counter.

Anyone bought a box too? Do share if you like this lip balm!


Origins Drink Up™ Hydrating Lip Balm Set was a special Valentine’s Day 2014 set and it is most probably sold out by now. However you can try your luck calling all Origins counter to check if any of them still have the stock.

Price: RM88 for a box of 4-miniatures with 7ml each


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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • Yes! I bought a box of this too during my trip to Hong Kong last year…but that is as a gift to my colleagues and bffs for Christmas. Very happy to see the review here because I din’t try them at all…haha…but I do like the color of Nude Nectarine and Pink Guava!

    • So nice of you 🙂 . At first I was sceptical so I only tried Pink Guava. Turns out I like it so I started using Plum Punch…a lot. You can see the tube is like empty on the inside lol

      • Yes it is I saw it hahaha…so next time if I happens to see this again, I will try them myself ohoho~

        • Or just get the full size. I think its RM58 per tube. Not sure the exact price though.

  • The problem for me with balms is that the colours are just too lightly pigmented for my bland lips.
    I need to swish some balm over my lipstick colour under a balm so I don’t need to invest in fancy lip balm products when a standard clear balm does the same job. I also don’t like scented lip products unless they come in mint or chocolate – the fruit/ floral scented ones annoy me.
    This was a pretty set but I’ll stick to more pigmented lip products like stains and lacquers and just use clear balm over that for moisturising.
    You’re so fortunate to have naturally pink lips where you don’t even need to add much lip colour so I understand why a lightly shaded balm might be enough for you during the day.

    • I am a person who separate clearly between lip balm and lipstick. Lip balm to me is to be worn alone when I don’t feel like having any lipstick on and under any lipstick to keep my lips moisturize. I never treat my lip balm as a lipstick. I ran out of lip balm (before Mentholatum sent some over) so I’ve decided to pick up this lip balm set. Frankly speaking I don’t have lipstick on my lips 24/7. I remove my lipstick before meal and reapply lip balm after meal. I will only reapply lipstick when I reach client’s office. I think many people has been telling me that lip balm are too lightly pigmented. That’s because they’re not lipstick/lipstain/lip lacquer. They are suppose to be a balm to keep the lips moisturize 🙂

      I don’t have pink lips though. My lips are dark tone and super dry. Usually I put on lipstick (Burberry Lip Velvet at the moment) for color on my lips. I don’t really bother if the lip balm contain any color or not.

  • RM 88 for 4 tubes is worth it. You put such a generous amount on your hand for the picture to let us see the colour difference. However there is not much difference from your lips. It look more like lip balm as there is no ‘oily’ effect on lips after using it. From your photos, it’s more like moisture than oily.

    • I over-squeeze! LOL 😛
      I gave up on lip balm with color. It looks the same on my lips. You are right. It looks more moisture than oily. Certainly not oily at all. I needed something strong because my lips has gone haywire lately.

      • Cherry pop has little orangy effect la… Its ok as long as lips don’t crack I am very satisfied already. Maybe you can try lip mask and scrub. Just put some lipstick shade on your lipbalm. 🙂

        • Cherry Pop happens to be the least color that I like. Eh why should I put lipstick shade on my lip balm? I don’t really care if my lip balm is color or colorless. I prefer colorless lip balm. It’s not suppose to be a lipstick to me. It’s suppose to be just a lip balm to moisturize my lips.

          • hahaha! yea… to make the lip moisture is better.

            btw my housemate ask we what products I use recently because I look really different and my skin condition getting better and more radiant. I think it is because I keep using face mask like what you recommended the other day! That’s the only thing I add in my routine skin care. Seem like there is an obvious effect even though I don’t use it everyday and I might missed once or twice in a week.

          • Haha see! It works! I used it for 5 days in a row only also can see a change in skin texture. Currently I stop the daily mask routine as I’m on brightening range now.

  • I thought im the only one whom, after using most lip balms, experience the top layer of skin on my lips peeling off, but after reading yr post, i realized im not the only one… Very frustrating, right? I thought mosy lip balms are supposed to moisturize and prevent that, but the ones i used… *sigh*

    • That means the product doesn’t suit your lips. Sometimes when I have super cracked lips I will use lip gloss as lip gloss will be able to scrub away all the dead skin after a few hours lol

      • Oh.. I didnt know that… No wonder la…
        thanks for the info and the tip, Fiona

        • Time to change lip balm 😀 . If it dries your lips up means it’s not doing it’s job.

  • Now I know why you insist on clear lip balm! I couldn’t agree more. Need more colour? Use lipstick! Don’t treat lip balm as lipstick because both product function differently. Just one question from me. Does these comes with any fruity scent? I hate scented lip balm. Hate it.

    • Yeap. I talk about the shade because it comes with color. Usually my product review highlight everything 🙂
      To answer you, just a bit of mint scent.


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