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Review: Rekindling with Bioré Pore Pack Black, thanks to a sample that comes in the magazine

A few days ago I posted a yucky picture of a used Bioré Pore Pack Black together with all the blackheads extracted from my nose at my Instagram fionastreetlove. A very dear reader, Melissa Ting requested for me to blog on which is the best nose pore strip that I have used before as she is looking to buy one. Now, you must be thinking why would a recommendation needed for pore strip. Trust me. You need to as not all pore strip works in extracting all the gunk out from the nose. I have decided not to do a comparison review between pore packs because it does take some time for the nose area to get all clogged up. I’m not going to let Melissa to wait for a month of two for a review 🙂 . So Melissa here’s one.

Bioré pore pack failed on me previously so I stay away from them. A recent Cleo magazine haul re-introduced me back to Bioré Pore Pack and it’s the Bioré Pore Pack Black. Needless to say I went to Guardian pharmacy and bought a 10 strips pack.

Biore Pore Pack Black 1
There is two types of Bioré pore pack available – white and black. Since the white one failed on me and black one works like a charm, I repurchased the Bioré Pore Pack Black. Once you have chosen which type of pore pack suits you, you will then have a choice to choose either a 5 strips pack or a 10 strips pack. I bought the 10 strips pack since it only cost me RM9.88 per pack.

The one you see on the left below is the pore strip I get from Cleo magazine. The retail version is the one on the right. On one side it is full with instruction on how to use the pore strip and on another side is a word of caution. You might want to know that this pore pack is Made in Japan too 😀 . But rest assured both is the same.

Biore Pore Pack Black 2
I won’t elaborate much on how to use the pore strip as it’s basically the same across all brands but I strongly recommend you to read through the Cautions stated on the packaging. Things like what to do when the pore strip adheres too strong on your nose and you face difficulty removing it and so on.

Biore Pore Pack Black 3
Pore strips packaging is to tear from the side. It’s completely different from sheet mask. This is because the pore strip is wider in length and you will find it so much convenient to take the strip out. Just want to highlight, nothing important 😀

Biore Pore Pack Black 4
Here’s Bioré Pore Pack Black 😀

The top part is soft to touch and feels like paper. There is three slits on top and three slits on the bottom (not visible here) which you will have to separate and loosen with dry hands before using so that the pore strip fits perfectly on your nose.

Biore Pore Pack Black 5
On the other side is a glossy surface and protected with a clear plastic liner. This is the part where it will be in contact with your skin. The glossy surface will turn to something like a glue once in contact with water. Don’t under estimate this. It will stick on the nose without any slight movement.

Biore Pore Pack Black 6

Bioré Pore Pack Black Application Tips:-

Wet the nose surface sufficiently, dry your hand and place pore strip on with glossy part facing down, press on gently and make sure there’s no air bubble. DO NOT attempt to wet the top surface of the pore strip as this will weaken the glue and affect the efficacy of the pore strip.


I made a mistake during the first few times. For some reason I thought my nose is not wet enough so I tend to wet the pore strip top surface, just like how I would do with Skin Food Egg White Pack. Skin Food one is my all time favourite. It’s more thicker and each pack comes with a strip for the forehead and chin. So adding water on the surface of the pore strip doesn’t do any harm. In fact it enhance the glue. Bioré Pore Pack Black comes in a much thinner material so wetting it further will tend to weaken the glue.

This is what happen when I do it as normal. I have difficulty removing the pore strip off my nose as the glue was so strong. I was tearing while slowly removing it but upon seeing all the blackheads on the pore strip, it’s all worth the tears 😛 . Look at all the dirt! Don’t ask me why my nose’s left side has more gunk than the right lol. Nevertheless my nose was all smooth thereafter 🙂

Biore Pore Pack Black 7
Here is the ingredient list.

Biore Pore Pack Black 8
I’ve come to the realisation that there is no way I can permanently prevent my nose from turning into a strawberry nose. No matter how pore pack cleans up all the dirt, the pore is still there. Dirt and sebum oil will still be clogging the pores up, making a new batch of blackheads. What I can do is to keep on repeating the usage of pore pack as a weekly deep cleaning treatment.

Bioré Pore Pack Black has quickly become my favourite pore pack as it’s much cheaper than Skin Food Egg White Pack. Oppss sorry Skin Food 😀 . However I don’t just stop at one pore pack. I usually keep a few different brands at home and rotate between them.

Until the next pore pack review, hope you will find this review useful. If you are still skeptical on the efficacy on you, you can always try the 5 strips pack first. I find that pore pack efficacy varies on each person. Just need to keep searching for the right one 😀


Bioré Pore Pack Black is available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide

Price: RM5.88 / 5 strips and RM9.88 / 10 strips


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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • Very interesting post!! Firstly, so effective! I got a shock after seeing that the nose stripe actually take up so much blackheads and whiteheads! First time I saw this as the old one fails me as well. Secondly, the price!! Around RM 1 a piece. Its so economical compare with other products i tried before. I think biore products are getting better now. I also interested in their make up removal using the wipe tissue.

    I only get to know skin food also have similar products.

    • I had a shock too. I can see congested pores on my left nose I decided to use a pore strip. I never knew the glue is so strong that day that it manage to pull all the gunks out. Shocking. The old version came off clean. No blackheads on it at all. Fail to the max! Black strip also makes it easier to spot the gunks hehe.
      Biore is improving a lot, especially this pore strip. I’m constraining myself not to use it too often lol. It’s so addicting. Skin Food Egg White Pack is the only one works for me previously. I’ve been through a few boxes of that 😀

      I think the wipe tissue should be good. It’s highly raved by Xiaxue 🙂

      • I tried it! and I have more gunk than you! The glue was strong but it’s not pain at all. I failed the first time cause my nose is not wet enough I guess. I just tried it again just now and I wet my whole face just like after face wash. Amazingly it work! Very satisfied with the result! Thanks for the review and intro me this product! btw mine is with sweet floral smell. I can’t find same as what you post above. Maybe out of stock. They have another apple flavor. The sweet floral fragrance is quite pleasant, not annoying at all.

        • Haha not bad right? It works wonder as long as you use the strip correctly. I bought mine from Guardian. They only have the normal package. After I bought it I went to Watsons and I saw the floral one. I was like dang! I want that instead! I collect stamps from Guardian at the moment so all drugstore haul will be from there 😀

          • Yea I can feel the difference from first time and second time. The nost strip really get harden after sometimes. Go try the floral one. Maybe I’ll try the apple one next time. Its kinda addictive but I am following the instruction of not using it more than 3 times a week. haha

          • Hah! I didn’t know you used it so often. I only use it like once every 2 weeks. I wanted to let the dirt collected first lol. Have to keep monitoring the hardness. Too hard you will shed tears like me hehe.

  • eh i got this too couple of weeks back in Caring and its on sales.
    used one strip and forgot where is the whole pack now :3

    • Haha you are forever losing things in your room. Your nose not as congested as mine though 😛

  • I used to use these, but I feel like over time they enlarged my pores a little. It’s so distressing! I prefer B.liv’s Off With Those Heads. Truly works wonders!

    • Oh really? I don’t use it very often so it’s so far so good for me. On the other hand B.Liv’s Off With Those Heads doesn’t works for me at all. Mine is all hidden blackheads. Nothing works except for pore strips.

      • yea B.Liv don’t work on me as well! haha

        • Maybe it doesn’t work on hidden blackheads?

  • I tried this a few months ago but it failed to remove the blackheads from my nose.
    I shall try again tonight to see if it works cuz before I did added water on top of the strip & maybe that the reason it failed to pull off those gunk from my nose.
    But for me I love the DIY egg white & cotton method which really does wonders! =)

    • Yes, do try again as adding water on top may weaken the glue thus effecting the blackheads pulling. No DIY for me. I can’t stand raw egg smell at all and all the bacterias lol.

  • Your post reminded me that I still have a whole pack of Guardian Charcoal Pore Strips lying in my cupboard. Since it’s been sometime since I used a pore pack until I forgot whether it works or not on me, I tried it tonight and I saw loads of gunk being pulled out. Glad that even Guardian brand worked for me….as I bought it at quite a cheap price months ago. Or maybe it’s just because my nose is sooo congested any pore pack would’ve worked just fine…. >_<"

    I've tried Biore before as well (the white and the black too) and remembered they kinda work for me sometimes…I guess it depends on the amount of gunk I have on my nose at the time I use them @_@

    • As I was grabbing this Biore, I wanted to get the Guardian Charcoal Pore Strips too. I never heard anyone using it and I’m not sure if it works or not so I put it back hehe. Pore strips only works if you use it once in a while. There’s nothing to pull out if used too often so many people will just say it doesn’t work. I have to agree with you that it kinda depends on the gunk on your nose 😀

  • This works wonders! Thanks for sharing babe. I have not tried the sample that I have from the magazine haul. I must say that I love these stick and pull items that helps eradicate the black and white head. I have the KOSE one and I reminded myself that I looked like Justice Bao 🙂 But peeling it off and seeing lotsa dirt is definitely worthwhile. No pain no gain eh? 😉

    • I’ve tried KOSE one many years ago. I doesn’t work for me after a few tries so I stop using it. I think the tricky thing about blackheads on the nose is when the gunk is on the inside. If it’s on the outside, everything will works 🙂

  • I have tried the Biore white pore strip but recently let a Guardian staffer talk me into a five-piece sample pack of the black one and I have to say that I really, really hate it in the black.
    I think I got it too wet because it slipped and slid around my face, threatened to fall off at any moment and left me with black stains all over my face and fingers. It was a complete horror to use! I prefer the white ones because at least it doesn’t leave a visible trail of mess. The black one was a horrible experience and left me somewhat traumatised.
    I may still use the white kit but I’m not a huge fan of these strips in general because they are so specific and require some perfect conditions in timing in order to perform adequately – I seem to lack this coordination.
    The other thing is letting it dry too much and peeling off too quickly removes skin. These are certainly something you have to use with care.
    I know from your pictures that these black strips work just as well but I just had a hell of a bad time on my first try and am not keen to try the black ever again.

    • I’ve over-wet my nose before too but not until the extend of slipping off. It does require a bit of patience and skill. Too wet, doesn’t work. Too dry, hard to peel off. I don’t have luck with the white one but the black one works on me 🙂 . It really doesn’t matter which to use. As long as the product works for you and your skin.

      • That’s true – it doesn’t matter what colour the pore strip is as long as it gets out the gunk but that black one is so horribly messy when I get it wrong lol
        Drives me crazy!

        • Have you tried Kose peel off mask? My friend said it works for them but it never works on me as well. I have stubborn strawberry nose 🙁

  • Biore pore pack sometimes work on my nose, but most of the time it doesnt. Guardian’s work better on me 🙂 Now I’m in love with The Face Shop White Mud Nose Pack and I had it reviewed on my blog as well ^_^ have you tried it?

    • Awww that’s too bad. My other favourite is Skinfood Egg White Pack. I saw the Guardian one. Was thinking to buy that once I finish the Biore. Oh yes I’ve heard of The Face Shop. Never tried it before because peel off pore mask usually don’t work on my nose. I need harder suction 😀


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