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CLEO Collector’s Edition January 2014

Last month’s local magazine has been keeping me busy and I thought boy, that was such a good GWP magazine edition. None prepared me for this!

It all happen yesterday during lunch time. My colleague told me that one of her friend posted a picture on CLEO Collector’s Edition January 2014 that comes with a set of Biotherm skin care worth RM200. So three of us (2 girls and 1 guy) hopped into my car and I opted to go to the nearest Borders outlet and that’s at Tropicana City Mall.

Cleo Collector's Edition January 2014 1
CLEO Collector’s Edition January 2014 is a limited edition magazine collaboration in conjunction with the magazine’s new look. There are ample supply of stocks right at the entrance of Borders Tropicana City Mall. The picture taken at the store doesn’t justify the stock level but trust me, it’s a few layer stacked up. I notice that most people will just stand in front of the magazine, stared at it and walk away without buying any. I’m curious why lol.

Cleo Collector's Edition January 2014 6
Each CLEO Collector’s Edition January 2014 cost RM30. Initially I bought three copies using my colleague’s Borders member card which entitled for a 5% discount, making the total RM28.50 per copy only. After making payment, I opened up a copy to see the size of the Biotherm products and if I remember correctly, I saw this set selling at the counter before and I nearly bought a set after trying the trial kit prior. So I bought another two copies 😀

Inside the Biotherm PURE.FECT SKIN PureTRIO 123 set, there are three products included. One full size and the other two is miniature.

  • PURE.FECT SKIN Anti-Shine Purifying Cleansing Gel 50ml (Full size is 125ml for RM90)
  • PURE.FECT SKIN Micro-Exfoliating Purifying Toner 125ml (Full size is 200ml for RM90)
  • PURE.FECT SKIN Pure Skin Effect Hydrating Gel 50ml FULL SIZE worth RM100

One thing to note is the manufacturing date. Of all five sets I have, only one set is manufactured in 02/2011. I was pretty disappointed at first as we are entering 2014 already which means the product shelf life could have expired. Then I decided to run through the embossed batch code with and I was surprised to find that the products are all manufactured in January 2012! I’ll make sure I run a checking on all products tomorrow just to double confirm.

Cleo Collector's Edition January 2014 2
The magazine also comes with a Limited Edition CLEO Clutch Diary. It’s hidden inside the magazine and the magazine itself is all wrapped up in a plastic which are inside the box so there’s no way you can see which design is included. But overall there’s just three design 😀

Cleo Collector's Edition January 2014 3
Another surprise I found inside the magazine is a piece of Bioré Cleansing Strips Pore Pack and a sachet of Olay Aquaction Deep Hydrating Gel 2g. Although I bought five copies, sadly one of the magazine doesn’t have both of the sample. They must have missed the gluing process.

Cleo Collector's Edition January 2014 4
The magazine itself also comes with a redemption card for the new Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping Mask EX which was launched not too long ago. Kinda happy to see this as I missed the launch event due to work. I get to try this in a way 😀

Cleo Collector's Edition January 2014 5
That’s all from me tonight. Just a quick shout out on this awesome CLEO Collector’s Edition January 2014. The last I check is there’s about 4 copies left at Kinokuniya this morning. So do try other places that are listed below.

Kinokuniya, Times BSC, Times Pavilion, Times Sri Hartamas, Times Sunway Giza, Borders Gardens, Borders Tropicana City Mall, Borders BVII, and Borders Curve.


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  • This is so cruel =_=” I’m at Melaka now and none of my friends can help me buy this set. Silent cry every time I saw one by one posting pictures of this collectors edition they got.

    • Have you tried asking the butterfly girls? As most of them are quite close to you. Perhaps they can help 🙂

      • i only asked people who commented that they wanna buy and most of them already got it by the time i asked. i hope when i return to KL this monday, i can still get it 🙂 *positive

        • Oh. No worries. I’m sure you will be able to find on Monday 🙂

  • Yesterday morning I went to Tropicana and to my surprise, only left two copies on the shelf. I only took one and when I went to pay, I saw stacks and stacks that were already reserved. Really surprised because usually Tropicana is the least popular place for these sort if redemption. I guess this time the other locations sold out too quickly that’s why.

    This set is really worth it but I told myself not to be too greedy. I was just running though all my skin care and I definitely have enough to last into 2015! 🙁

    • Probably because everyone knew there will be least people going to Tropicana City Mall that’s why it’s more sellable 🙂 . I have to be greedy, it’s RM28.50 only! LOL. Anyway I’m the skin care provider for the family so I guess it’s still alright. I can use too 😀

  • I am also official skincare provider for the family. 😀 And bodycare too… My mother is still using the Neutrogena red colour set (something anti aging) that came free with some magazine some time ago. I think Women’s Weekly? Anyway, I bought like 5 of the magazines so she’s been using it for some time. 😛

    • Oh yea, thats Ageless range 🙂 . I didn’t buy any because of the near expiry date that I saw on the magazine. Anyway that’s a good buy too!

      • I think the ones I got expire in Q1 2014 and my mum only has one set left. 🙂

        The Olay is surprisingly good at oil control! My face was shine free for 3+ hours and now it’s only a little shiny. Color me surprised, I was so not expecting this!

        I take it you’ve used this biotherm range before? I have not even though I know I have some samples stashed somewhere. How’s the oil control? I read on some other blogs it made no difference at all. Also, do you know if biotherm is significantly cheaper in France? Since it’s a French brand. My brother is going for 2+ months in January. Jealous. 🙁

        • Really? Wow then I must try the Olay today. I’m into anything that is good in oil control 😀
          Yes, used this Purefect range before. A few months ago there’s a sampling exercise. I redeemed a trial kit. Not bad but not the best. Oil control was so-so only. To me it’s just a normal hydrating range. I’ve used better so yes those blogs are correct! Everything is cheaper in France! You can get your brother to buy some stuff back for you ahahahaha!

  • Lovely set for 2014, Cleo has probably set foot into the brand new year right with this exclusive set. Haha, those clutch diaries are quite cute. For the longest moment, I was trying to figure out what a clutch diary is…so duh right. I managed to get a copy after work last week thanks a beautiful little birdy 😉 Thanks for this great review. Because of you, all of us are now more updated with the magazine and good buy that comes with it. 30 bucks for a magazine, cute clutch diary (love your collection by the way!), Biore pore strip, Olay sachet and Biotherm set…this is already one of the best things to start happening before we enter 2014.

    • By the way, I am beginning to seriously think that we might be twins from different mothers 😛 If something is a good purchase, I would also buy in multiples and choose the variety comes with it.

      • Hahaha really?? If something is good and this cheap, no harm stocking up IMHO. Especially if the product suits us and if the expiry is still far away. One set already went to mum yesterday lol

    • I know right? Where else can we get a full size set of Biotherm products for RM30 eh? I absolutely love these. Haha. I knew you’ll be too busy for Facebook so I sent you a photo and I knew you’ll still be working. I’m glad you decided to walk to Kinokuniya to get it although you’re already tired. I don’t fancy the diaries. The cover is made of paper. Which design you get?
      I’ve been reviewing magazines since I started blogging. It’s probably not the best “premium” content for the blog but since I’m like pioneering it already, why stop right?

      • OMG – confirmed we are twins! You wrote the exact feeling and state that I was in, last Friday. Ended work really late, in fact I was the last few ones in office whereas my team already went off much much earlier to touch and left for happy hour. I had quite a fair bit to do with the upcoming proposals and year end wrapping up. I sometimes don’t check my phone before leaving office but on that fateful night, I checked 🙂 And so I left office and building, was going to cross the street to my car while dragging my feet. Then I turned back and headed to Kino because my little birdy gave me that instinct and I was quite sure that Kino would still have stock 🙂 Haha, because I am so duh, I had to ask the guy behind the counter to help me locate Cleo magazine. I went to the Japanese magazine section (my old rusty memory of our first meet up where we went to Kino to look around and it was the Japanese magazine section). He was so nice and patient, he helped me searched in the system database @_@ So shy! I spelled it for him, C-L-E-O.

        Then he said, “Sorry Miss, we don’t have this magazine”. Hmm..I thought that was the strangest comment ever to hear in Kino. Then I politely said it is an Asian/Malaysian magazine, not Japanese. His face light up and he told me to head over the side near the entrance. HAHAHAHA, thank God I was alone. I am such a blur case! I apologized to him for the confusion caused by me and thanked him before I left to the other side of Kino.

        So I got the magazine and left happily. I got the clutch diary with the denim and some green mesh design. Haha, I thought the clutch diary was a little poser like, but come to think of it, it is quite cute and just nice to jot personal notes and inspirations when I am out on weekend. My Biotherm set is manufactured on January 2012 and there’s still a good 13 months to go. Since I am running out of moisturizer, I thought this is a good buy to catch up on some women magazine and also get to try the skincare. All thanks to our wonderful Fiona 🙂

        Yes, I always look forward to your magazine reviews because I don’t read much magazines. You have very interesting and sometimes quirky details especially those from Japanese magazine. So I always have the memory of you of skincare, beauty, cars, charity and magazines all rolled into a beautiful Fiona 🙂

        • Aiyoh girl. You went to Japanese magazine section hahaha. Okay, the layout of Kinokuniya is pretty simple. Facing main entrance (in front of OPI) is where all the English magazine is located. That’s where Cleo is hehe. Walk further inside, slightly turn to the left is Chinese magazine section. Walk further up, slightly to the right and turn left is Japanese magazine section 😀 . I think you’re too tired. I sometimes is also like that when I’m too tired.

          I’m wondering why Biotherm’s shelf life is just two years eh? By right unopened products shelf life is 3-years. I’m just going to ignore the 13 months thingy hehe. The notebook is alright and made to look like a real diary/planner 😀 . I have too much now. Going to give away some 🙂

          Hmmm I haven’t been doing much charity this year. It was a roller coaster year for me. If I can’t take care of myself I won’t be able to take care of other people. Let’s jump start the charity in me again next year 😀

          • Lol, thank you for the guide to Kino 🙂 My memory of Kino is only the cafe and the Japanese magazine section. Usually my boss and I like to hang out at Kino cafe to catch up during lunch because it is quiet and cosy. Usually I will bump into my client, client’s big big boss and some of my big bosses. I remember the Japanese magazine section vividly because that’s where we hang out after the first Lancome event. Haha, good thing I found the magazine and he must be shaking his head thinking I am a lost lady 🙂 Even as I think back of the fateful night, I still laugh like a mad person when I am alone because I am just so silly.

          • I chose the cafe at Kino is also because of the fact that it’s hidden away and private. Most places would be crowded but not the cafe there 😀

            Japanese magazine has been quite a boring thing throughout the whole of 2013. Nothing exciting. Good for the wallet but sad because I feel empty lol. Haha you’re too anxious after work + tiredness + lots of things in your mind that day. He must be wondering what the heck is Cleo. When pronounce fast it sounded a bit off one.

  • Why no JB?? It is always KL!

    • Because the client (Biotherm) most probably wanted to focus on the Klang Valley.

  • After reading this post, sometimes I wish I was born in KL ahahhaha, seriously, #summersadness why they only run all this in KL…whyyy…=( #onlyinkl

    • Awww Abigail. Mainly because the focus market is concentrated in KL. Now, that’s the good thing. The bad thing is you’ll end up keep spending *cry*

  • 5 sets, omg @.@

    • Ok la. Some people bought 10!

      • 10 sets!! That would be, about RM300? @.@ It’s a good buy though… ^^

        • But RM300 is still cheap 🙂 . Over the counter if you spend RM300 you probably only get 2 items haha


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