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[ADV] Cleo May 2013 X Lanvin ME Limited Edition Box

Last Sunday I spotted a special limited edition blue box of Cleo magazine May 2013 issue in collaboration with Lanvin ME at Kinokuniya. The magazine is selling for RM7 which is definitely a steal considering the normal issue would be RM6 per copy. This collaboration came in place in conjunction with a new fragrance launched by Lanvin – Lanvin ME.

Cleo X Lanvin ME1.1
The box is a super thick and heavy duty box in a “Tiffany blue” color that resembles the color on Lanvin ME packaging box. It does look like a blown up version of the fragrance if you ask me.

Cleo X Lanvin ME2
The magazine and other booklet supplements are all wrapped in another layer of transparent plastic which I’ve removed for this picture. As you can see it’s not tight fitting. There’s some loose gap around the magazine so yes the box is larger than the magazine.

Cleo X Lanvin ME3
For just RM7 not only you get a hard box which you can reuse for other storing purposes, you also get 3 different reads.

The usual Cleo magazine is of course included, with this Lanvin ME collaboration you’ll also get a Lanvin “My Diary” booklet and lastly a Sephora beauty booklet, a miniature 4.5ml of Lanvin ME fragrance (yay!) and a complimentary Starbucks iced coffee voucher.

Cleo X Lanvin ME4
Now, we all know we buy this magazine probably in bulk because of one thing. The miniature fragrance that was included. Am I right? 😉

As I said earlier this special box comes with the latest Lanvin ME miniature 4.5ml.

Cleo X Lanvin ME5
The miniature is the exact replica of the actual full size except for the dangling rhinestone on gold chain at the bottle neck. But of course, it’s a miniature. The baby version 🙂

Cleo X Lanvin ME6
Another thing to take note is the Lanvin ME My Diary booklet that comes with every copy / box.

Cleo X Lanvin ME7
The reason why the special My Diary booklet is included is because there is an ongoing contest happening to win great prizes from Lanvin!

All you need to do is to turn to the middle page of the booklet. It is a blank double page spread.
1) Do up the most creative collage that you can with the title ABOUT ME. The collage picture must be the pictures that best personify you and what you love the most in this world.
2) Then describe your ABOUT ME collage using these four words – Glamorous, Divine, Sublime and Fashion.
3) Mail your entries to the details as stated in the booklet! It’s easy right?


You must be thinking oh gosh I’m so lazy etc etc. Perhaps the prize can wake you up a bit? *wink*

1X Grand Prize – worth RM5,000
Lanvin handbag + Lanvin sunglasses + Lanvin ME fragrance set (80ml Lanvin ME fragrance, 150ml body lotion & 150ml shower gel)

6X Consolation Prize – worth RM500 each
Lanvin ME fragrance set (80ml Lanvin ME fragrance, 150ml body lotion & 150ml shower gel)

I’m not someone that can be creative and good in arts and craft but I tried making my own About Me picture collage he he he he.

Here’s what best describes about me. It’s a really simple one. I know most of you can do better than this! So do create one and send in your entries ya.

Cleo X Lanvin ME 8.1
Top Left – Loves makeup and skin care to death!
Top Right – Blogs daily at, with occasional break on a sunny Sunday *lol*
Bottom Left – Loving and devoting crazy sister to a cute poodle mix & A perfume hoarder with more than 10 bottles and counting…
Bottom Right – Work for the industry best – Driven *:)*

Cleo X Lanvin ME9
This special limited edition box set is only made available at selected major bookstore in Klang Valley. Below is the list of bookstore that you can hunt for. These are selling fast! I would suggest that you Google for the bookstore number, call them up to check if it is still available before heading over.

Borders, Gardens
Borders, The Curve
Borders, Bangsar Village II
Borders, Tropicana Mall
Borders, 1 Mont Kiara
MPH, Mid Valley
MPH, 1 Utama (new wing)
MPH, Bangsar Village
Popular, IOI Mall
Popular, Ikano
Popular, Sunway Pyramid
Popularm Bkt. Tinggi
Times bookstore, Sri Hartamas
Times bookstore, Pavillion
Times bookstore, Bangsas Shopping Center


Good luck and have fun!


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  • I like the picture collage. It is simple but yet described you well too.

    PS: Got to love that cute poodle Lucas. Cute to the max^^

    • Lucasssssss. I’ll get to see him on Saturday 🙂

      Thanks. I’m glad you like the collage. Took me a 2 hours LOL. Search pics, print, cut, take picture etc. And it was raining. Only managed to go out to the garden after the rain stopped.

  • Sad that this isn’t available in Penang. 🙁 Wonder why they always limit stuff to Klang Valley only. Pretty unfair to other states.

    • Oppss. Not sure why dear. Hmmm

  • Ahh! So sad 🙁 I really wanted this! Why Klang Valley only! Haha, by the time I make my next trip to kl, for sure it will be sold out. :/

    • Awww it’s selling like hot cakes now. Flying off the shelves. Very limited each bookstore stated.

  • Awww,you bought this too Fiona??Lucky you,i tried looking for it yesterday but everywhere nearby my area that has it is already sold out :'(

    • I didn’t. This is an advertorial 🙂

  • waaa… no 1 loves makeup & skincare to death hehehe memang 🙂

    • Ahahahaha yes! Memang right? 😀

  • only in KL…why all the good things only in KL *sob*

    • Awww don’t be sad 🙁

  • Awww..too bad, only in KL. ==

    • Maybe because all the main big bookstore are all located around Klang Valley.

      • ya..they lazy to transport. =P

        • Hehe no la, I think it’s the brand preference. For example Lanvin is the sponsor so they have the right to determine where they want the special box to be. All the major shopping centre is here in KL and the brand is pretty strong here. And also each brand have their own preference and direction 🙂


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