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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Series: How I combat acne attack using less than five products

People say as you get older your skin gets drier. I am the other way round. Oily skin can get a little bit annoying at times but nonetheless I felt blessed because I don’t have fine lines or wrinkles on my face. It’s either that or this, right?

At my age now I shouldn’t still have oily skin or a skin that is prone to breakout. If you remember not long ago I have shared with you my current skincare routine using a full anti-aging skin care range that I find might be too rich for my oily super oily skin that it gave me a few new pimples every day? I was in luck because not long after my review was posted up, my long expected Thursday Plantation Tea Tree skin care series parcel arrived my doorstep. I badly needed these products to turn my skin around.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree
Nope, you did not read the title wrongly. I did received five Thursday Plantation Tea Tree skin care products, which I find by just using three products from the brand helped to solve my acne problem. I’m not going to review all five products by sequence, i.e cleanser > toner > gel but instead I’m going to tell you my favourite product from Tea Tree series down to my least favourite. Since there’s going to be five products and you can already foresee how long this review is going to, I don’t think I’ll go too technical like the usual review. Just straight to the point like and dislike 🙂 . Ready? Let’s start.


Tea Tree Daily Face Cleanser (RM28.70 / 200ml)

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Daily Face Cleanser 1
My favourite and also the main product in reducing existing pimple as well as preventing future pop out is this cleanser – Tea Tree Daily Face Cleanser. I am a firm believer in serum or cream in making a difference with skin condition but this cleanser changed everything. It’s not just any cleanser. For me it’s a gel cleanser that not only managed to reduce sebum production but also helped to reduce pimple from flaring and preventing future breakout. I know it’s hard to believe the preventing part actually works on my skin but it did. I didn’t have any new pimples after a week of using this cleanser.

Tea Tree Daily Face Cleanser is suitable to be used daily as the name suggest. It contain antiseptic and antibacterial action to help removing excess oil. It’s no wonder my face is actually less oily than previous. If you do notice, the cleanser is infused with soothing Chamomile. Chamomile presence in skin care is to calm irritated, inflamed skin. And of course it comes with Tea Tree Oil that helps to control bacteria on the skin. Let me warn you this whole Tea Tree range contain a very strong Tea Tree scent. It smells almost like a strong herbal, which will take time to get used to. I certainly did.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Daily Face Cleanser 2


Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure Multipurpose Liquid (RM30.70 / 10ml or RM46.70 / 25ml)

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil 1
The second product that took an important place in the whole Tea Tree routine is the Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure Multipurpose Liquid. You know there’s a similar oil in the market that is highly raved by most people on the net? This one from Thursday Plantation is exactly that but with the exception that this one is way much better that the other one. It’s not only a Tea Tree Oil that calm down flare-up pimple but also a multipurpose solution for almost everything. I’ve used the other before so I will be able to tell you the difference. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil is so much easier to dispense out from the bottle. It’s also more runnier, more concentrated as it is 100% pure while the other one is just 15% and most importantly it works almost immediately.

On pimple it does reduce the inflammation but takes probably 2 – 3 days to make it go away with day and night use. It’s amazing when used on insect bites or on any itchiness on the skin. It takes less than two minutes and the itch went away just like that. Although it’s an oil that goes on oily but what I like is that it dries down completely leaving the skin without any oiliness or stickiness. It does leave the skin a minty, peppermint sensation which is quite nice and soothing especially when used as a solution on infected pimples. I’m also sharing this with mum as she have irritated itchy skin from gardening around long grasses around my house.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil 2


Tea Tree Blemish Gel (RM24.70 / 25g)

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel 1
This Blemish Gel equally gets a spot in my favourite product from Thursday Plantation Tea Tree series along with the Tea Tree Oil. Honestly I couldn’t pin point which is the best because they’re both good 😀

The name says it all. It’s a Blemish Gel that contains a 20% concentration of Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil, which also known as Tea Tree Oil that works by killing off bacterias that causes acne. This gel is said to be suitable for acne, pimple, blackheads and whiteheads. I’m only using it for pimples because that’s my biggest concern. I’ve already used up 1/4 from the tube so you can imagine how bad my skin was a month ago. The Tea Tree Oil scent is more subtle comparing to all other products. The gel too leaves a cooling sensation on the skin. Slightly minty and cool but not as great as Tea Tree Oil.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel 2
Blemish Gel is the first product of all five Thursday Plantation products that I received and that I broke into within the first day. Coincidently I have a few pimples so I am able to show you how it fares on me. Usually my itchy hands will just pop the pimples I see but this time round I let it flares up. I’m so sorry that I didn’t expect it to be this awful looking. It took me only two days to clear it up. I don’t mind the marks because that’s how my skin is so it’s not a surprise. How nice if Thursday Plantation came out with acne marks gel, eh?

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel 3


Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner (RM35.90 / 100ml)

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner 1
Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner arrived with some leaking from the bottle so I have to clean it up and put a aside until I have totally forgotten about it. I was told by a few friends and readers that this is their favourite toner. I don’t usually put a requirement on a toner but since this is highly recommended, I’m intrigued!

This toner is alcohol-free and it contain natural aloe vera, lavender and tea tree oil extracts that works by soothing, calming and removing excess oil as well as bacteria from the skin. Witch Hazel is a natural plant that are high in tannins. Tannins are found in any natural astringent because of their ability to tighten, dry and harden tissues. So Witch Hazel is infused into the toner to help tighten pores and to improve skin appearance. I can understand why this toner is a favourite among everyone I spoke to. It does accelerate the healing process faster when used together with it’s cleanser, follow-up by either the Tea Tree Oil or the Blemish Gel. The downside for me is the extreme tea tree oil scent that is a little bit too strong for a toner for my liking. Imagine when the cleanser is so strongly scented, then I apply this strong scented toner and then the strong scented oil. It’s a little bit too nose clogging for me.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner 2


Tea Tree Daily Face Wash (RM39.70 / 150ml)

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Daily Face Wash 1
I thought my favourite amongst all five Thursday Plantation Tea Tree products would be the self-foaming face wash but turns out its the least favourite product of mine. Not in a bad way actually. This face wash is dedicated for normal to sensitive skin. Its an all-natural soap-free foaming cleanser that is infused with certified organic Chamomile Flower to soothe skin. I like self-foaming cleanser because it takes zero downtime to lather and rinse off. The problem with this for me is the strong tea tree oil scent once again. Everytime I dispense some cleanser onto my palm and place both palm onto my face, the foams will just get into my nose, making it difficult for me to breath with the heavy scent. I do hear some user commenting that this cleanser dries up their skin but not me. I don’t have the usual combination or the usual oily skin mind you. My skin is the super oily type that no cleanser will be able to dries up my skin 😀 . I like to use this as night cleanser right before I sleep because that is the only time my face takes a small effort to clean.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Daily Face Wash 2
You don’t need to get all five products to combat with acne. All you need is just three products – cleanser, toner and oil/gel. My top pick would be Tea Tree Daily Face Cleanser, Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner and Tea Tree Oil. If I have smaller pimples that is not flaring red, I would substitute Tea Tree Oil with Blemish Gel. If I need to pick just one product from Thursday Plantation for rainy days, that product would definitely be the Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure Multipurpose Liquid 😀

Limited Time Promotion

Exclusively at Guardian pharmacy from 7th May to 31st May 2014, purchase a bottle of Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner 100ml for RM30.48 (NP: RM35.90) and get a tube of Daily Face Cleanser 75ml for FREE!


Thursday Plantation is available at all Watsons, Guardian and leading pharmacies outlets nationwide.

+ Tea Tree Daily Face Cleanser 200ml – RM28.70
+ Tea Tree Daily Face Wash 150ml – RM39.70
+ Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner 100ml – RM35.90
+ Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure Multipurpose Liquid 10ml – RM30.70
+ Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure Multipurpose Liquid 25ml – RM46.70
+ Tea Tree Blemish Gel 25g – RM24.70

Visit Thursday Plantation Malaysia Facebook page at for more latest news, products, promotions and contest.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I am totally bowled over!

    At my age (nearing the Big 4 in a few years’ time), I am NOT supposed to have oily skin or acne, but I do.
    And it’s driving me to despair and I’m on the verge of giving up and accepting the fact that I will have to live with it for the rest of my life.

    And for the fact that it is good for insect bites or itchiness, I really have the impulse to rush out and buy it for my babies…

    I’ve tried another brand many years ago (the one you mentioned with only 15% tea tree oil content), but it leaves my skin oily and sticky. So your mention about Thursday Plantation’s Tea Tree Oil that is void of oiliness and stickiness is also a pull factor for me.

    I’ve seen it on display at the pharmacies, but never tried them cz I dont know how effective it is.
    Now I know, I will certainly give it a try, especially since the price tag is soooooo reasonable 😛 😛 😛

    Thanks for sharing, Fiona 😀

    • Your skin is just like mine! But good because that means we have lesser or no fine lines and wrinkles haha.
      Oh yea. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil dries up completely. Can’t feel any tackiness on the skin. My mum said it’s good. I think Caring has the best promotion nowadays. Not sure what it is as I haven’t step into any so far lol

  • i’m gonna try the gel, thanks for the review Fiona ^_^

    • No problem Mieza 😀 . Try the oil too.

  • I told you it’s very good hehe~

    • Lol. Yes. Thanks for the recommendation 😀

      • Should have thanked Miss Datin haha ><

        • Datin ar? She have to ask me a few times then only I accept lolol

          • Hahaha!

          • SEE!!!!!!!

          • Thank you thank you 😀

  • Gosh, I still remember how I used to have acne on my face few years back. I felt so depressed and have no confidence to look at people. Haha, I feel like getting the daily face cleanser. You made it sound so good, hehe. Does it foam a lot?

    • Sorry, missed your comment. It can get a little bit confusing on the backend of the blog lol 😀
      Daily Face Cleanser will suits better with all skin type. Some normal and dry skin user said Daily Face Wash is drying on the face.
      It does foams up good but being a gel cleanser, it’s not as much as other cream cleanser or foam cleanser 🙂

  • I love how this product really works great on your skin! The result is amazing!


    • Hello Mitch 😀 . Other user said their acne was gone leaving zero marks. So it’s one awesome range to try 😉 . I’m just happy that the product helped me to get rid of all the acne.

  • Hi thanks for sharing this. I just bought my first tea tree oil from thursday plantation since my skin started breaking out so badly for a few months now. Been looking for the perfect solution to fix my acne. I’m just confused on whether to go for the blemish gel or the oil? Or do they give similar results? Which one would u recommend? I’m suffering with tiny pimples and also 1-2 huge ones, also stubborn scarring from the previous breakouts >.< TQ

    • Hi Laila,
      Totally understand that it’s confusing between both blemish gel and tea tree oil as both works the same. I would recommend Tea Tree Oil. Blemish Gel on me sometimes work, sometimes don’t. None of the product will work on scarring. You will need to find other product suitable for post acne marks 🙂

  • Hi! Is it suitable for my 14 yr old daughter?

    • Hi Sheena, yes it is 🙂

  • Is it suitable for hormonal acne ? Or just spot treatment ? Does it clear blackheads ? Thanks!

    • Nope, it does not clear blackheads as far as I remember. Mine are just hormonal acne.

  • heay…
    im not this product user yet… but im very curious with all this ..
    act.. now im using aiken tea tree oil cleanser..
    so can u share sthing bout aiken prduct??

    • Hi Maisarah, unfortunately I don’t have any Aiken products. Sorry, can’t help you in this matter.

  • How to remove pimple mark
    #product that sale in WATSON or guardian

    • You may try Anti-Pimple Mark from Oxy


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