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Female Singapore April 2014 Issue X NARS: 40th Anniversary “The Collector’s Edition”

I didn’t plan to blog about this as this is something that you can’t get in Malaysia and I assume it’s already sold out by now in Singapore as well. I’ve decided to do a quick shoutout because I want to thank my wonderful friend, Jenny for bringing two extremely heavy Female Singapore April 2014 Issue X NARS The Collector’s Edition back to Malaysia for me. Just in case you’re wondering. Jenny is the same Jenny from eBay Malaysia whom I used to shop from online once in a while. Although she no longer sell in eBay Malaysia, I still keep her eBay store bookmark in my phone 😉

Female Magazine Singapore April 2014 X NARS 1
Since Jenny is now residing out of Malaysia, I only managed to meet her last Saturday at Estee Lauder Malaysia Staff Sale queue line. She handed me the box set, I sat in the queue line for a while and then bring it back to my car. Magazine coming out with limited edition anniversary box set is not something new. In Malaysia we had before CLEO Collector’s Edition January 2014, Cleo May 2013 X Lanvin ME Limited Edition Box and many more. You can say it’s rare back then but quite common these days.

This Female Singapore April 2014 40th Anniversary “The Collector’s Edition” is particularly interesting because of what else but NARS. NARS is one of the high end makeup brand that recently just entered Malaysia as well. For some reason I’m still not near NARS outlet in Pavilion yet. I’ll probably get into the brand in the nearest future.

So, Female Singapore April 2014 Issue X NARS 40th Anniversary “The Collector’s Edition” comes packaged in a heavy and thick colorful box. Inside each box there is two NARS pouches in black and red and one NARS mystery gift worth up to SDG40. This mystery gift is not full size but a miniature of either a lipstick, cleanser, lip pencil or even shadow pencil. If you’re lucky, a full size product as well.

Female Magazine Singapore April 2014 X NARS 2
Oddly, I was eager for the mystery gift of makeup products from NARS but when I saw these two pouches included in the box set, I fell in love with it. Odd because I’m usually not into pouches very much. Then it doesn’t matter to me what I get for the mystery gift. I’m just happy with these pouches.

Female Magazine Singapore April 2014 X NARS 3
Initially I wanted to buy just one set because I know it is so troublesome for Jenny to buy more than that. I will feel very bad if carrying these heavy boxes will strain her. When Jenny returned from Kinokuniya, she emailed me saying she bought extra just in case her friend wanted it. It turns out her friend didn’t want it and Jenny ask me if I want it too. You bet I want it hehe. Each set cost SGD18. It’s not that bad actually.

So I ended up with two sets. The mystery gifts that I got is NARS Skin Gentle Cream Cleanser 30ml and one FULL SIZE NARS Sheer Lipstick #Damage. Boy the cleanser is sure heavy. Never ever ever ever ever thought I would get a lipstick what more a full size lipstick. I suspect Jenny purposely gave it to me. Hmmm Jenny. If you do…I wanna hug you and kiss you lol. Thank you Jenny! <3 <3 <3

Female Magazine Singapore April 2014 X NARS 4
Ohhh actually I heard some Kinokuniya only allowed two copies per person but some buyers don’t encounter such restriction. I also heard that Kinokuniya restocked these box set several times 🙂 . I like Kinokuniya Singapore more than Malaysia because Malaysia restrict one copy per person nowadays and they never restock anything especially limited edition box set like this. Most probably Malaysia don’t produce such a high quantity of magazine so there’s no way to do restocking.

That’s all from me today! A short 619 words weekend update 😉 . Once again many thanks to Jenny. Muacks!


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  • You’re so so blessed and lucky to meet one nice trusted seller before!
    Btw, Good Morning & Happy Sunday to you haha!

    • I am! I miss her eBay store because she always have the bestest deal in town for branded beauty products 😀

      Oh and happy Sunday to you too 😛

  • While I was choosing the box set, another lady who was buying the set at the same time as I was kept shaking the boxes. I asked her why she did that and she told me that if it is a lipstick, you can tell by shaking the box lol. Armed with that tip, I was vigorously shaking the boxes to find one that sounded like a lipstick. Thank goodness, I had it right :)) It was really fun for me, choosing the boxes!

    • That lady must have been training at home with her boxes lol. I think I know why she said you can tell if it’s a lipstick. The cleanser is heavy so the sound is different. If it’s a lip or eye pencil the sound is lighter. Ahhhh she’s good!
      Thank you so much for the help to purchase Jenny 😀

      • Yea, she is definitely a pro. I am glad she was around to give me those tips!
        Friends help each other, that’s what friends are for 🙂

        • I learnt something new today haha. At least these boxes are not wrapped 🙂 . I can see myself secretly opening the boxes at a far corner LOL. Oppsss oppssss!!

          • LOL

          • OMG, amazing tip by the woman Jenny met! Never in my life did I think to do that. This is kind of like what people do when they buy durians, right? lol
            I’m glad I got to see your set in person when you just got it that day and for only S$18 – this is a great deal.
            I always see a lot of these magazine gift deals when I visit Hong Kong too. Must pay more attention the next time I am there.

          • Yeap! Some like when you buy durian lol. We have some of the Hong Kong magazine here too. Not much but better than nothing. I saw one magazine (forgot the name) giving out a Cath Kidston flip flop two days ago and one giving away Agnes B mouse with mouse pad last month 😀

  • I am purely jealous XD

    • Awww don’t be 🙂 . I remember that time Cynthia Loh was helping to order in Facebook too.


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