Beauty News: NARS Final Cut Collection, Bringing New Attitude to PINK, available from January 2014 onwards

NARS Final Cut Collection 1
NARS have a new collection which is available from this month January 2014 onwards that evolves around the color PINK. Pink makeup is something which many of you avoid, but I absolutely gravitate towards pink. NARS is now bringing a new attitude to the color PINK by launching the NARS Final Cut Collection. Let’s take a closer look to see if you will actually like this type of pink 😀

NARS Final Cut Collection 2

NARS Final Cut Collection’s exclusive pink collection debut a modern montage of perfectly provocative hues. NARS really went all out by breaking all the rules with this limited edition collection that represent fierce, feminine and edgy. In this collection, there are 4-blush shade, 4-lip pencil shade and one shimmery liquid illuminator, in pink! 😀 . Just remember pink cheeks, pink lips and pink illuminator.


NARS Final Cut Collection Blush – RM120

The shade range for this blush collection ranges from sweet and seductive cherry blossom to passionate peach coral.

  • Final Cut Blush – a peach coral shade
  • Love Blush – a tea rose shade
  • New Attitude Blush – a cherry blossom shade
  • Sex Fantasy Blush – a pale lavender shade

NARS Final Cut Collection Blush


NARS Final Cut Collection Satin Lip Pencil – RM85

NARS Satin Lip Pencil shades also ranges from sweet and seductive cherry blossom to passionate peach coral in order to complement the same color for the cheeks or you can also mix and match the cheek and lip shade to spark a unexpected romance hue.

  • Descanso Satin Lip Pencil – a peach coral shade
  • Stourhead Satin Lip Pencil – a pale lavender pink shade
  • Torres del Paine Satin Lip Pencil – a tea rose shade
  • Villa Lante Satin Lip Pencil – a cherry blossom pink shade

NARS Final Cut Collection Satin Lip Pencil


NARS Final Cut Collection Adelaide Illuminator (RM110)

Complete the overall look by adding a shimmering lavender pink Illuminator, especially on upper cheekbones.

NARS Final Cut Collection Adelaide Illuminator
Ohhh does anything else get pinker than this? I don’t think so 😀 . Which of these caught your eyes? I kinda like all the Satin Lip Pencil and New Attitude Blush. The minute I saw the word “cherry blossom” shade I knew that’s my kind of blush 😀


NARS Final Cut Collection is available NARS Cosmetics, Pavilion KL.

+ Blush – RM120 (Shades Available: Final Cut Blush, Love Blush, New Attitude Blush and Sex Fantasy Blush)
+ Satin Lip Pencil – RM85 (Shades Available: Descanso, Stourhead, Torres del Paine and Lip Lante)
+ Adelaide Illuminator – RM110


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  • haha i agree that the cherry blossom is the prettiest!!! so beautiful!
    i have one nars..the famous orgasm but i dont like it =( =(
    thus i hesitate to invest in this…
    are u gonna buy? please do a review after that!!!!!

    • You have the Orgasm one? Some like it and some don’t. I heard Deep Throat is pretty too? I haven’t decide if I should buy any yet. Hmmm

      • when i look at it i like it, when i swatch also i like it…but i just dont like how it wears on my face.. for some reason.. LOL

        • You have to try it on the face especially if it’s this expensive hehe

  • A new section in the blog Fiona? Thanks for this heads up. I would want to read more beauty news ^^

    • Good eye you have there Evelyn! Yes, rather than keeping all the press release emails I thought I can do a quick shout out. It will be very “press releasy” type of post 😛

  • I am kinda fall in love with NARS after reading your post. The colour just feel so……. calm, elegant and feminine. I am never a fans of pink but this pink make me feel really comfortable!

    • I know right? I think it’s NARS and whatever NARS came out with, it’s easier to accept 🙂 . But it’s true. This type of pink is gorgeous hehe 😉


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