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The Christopher Kane for NARS Summer 2015 Collection: Overview, first impression, swatches and makeup recreation

I’m an avid follower of Youtuber Tati so when she posted up a video on The Christopher Kane for NARS Summer 2015 Collection earlier in May, I said to myself that I got to check it out for the most obvious reason first of all – the bright fuchsia pink print against NARS signature black casing. Unexpectedly, Traclyn extended her preview invite to me and so both of us went to the new NARS store at Mid Valley to check out the new collection 🙂

The Christopher Kane for NARS Collection NEONEUTRAL 2015
First thing first, the limited edition collection named as NEONEUTRAL is not a huge array of product release, which was much to my relieve. Even though so, the collection is complete enough for the whole look, which again much to my relieve and I was pleasantly pleased.

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Female Singapore April 2014 Issue X NARS: 40th Anniversary “The Collector’s Edition”

I didn’t plan to blog about this as this is something that you can’t get in Malaysia and I assume it’s already sold out by now in Singapore as well. I’ve decided to do a quick shoutout because I want to thank my wonderful friend, Jenny for bringing two extremely heavy Female Singapore April 2014 Issue X NARS The Collector’s Edition back to Malaysia for me. Just in case you’re wondering. Jenny is the same Jenny from eBay Malaysia whom I used to shop from online once in a while. Although she no longer sell in eBay Malaysia, I still keep her eBay store bookmark in my phone 😉

Female Magazine Singapore April 2014 X NARS 1
Since Jenny is now residing out of Malaysia, I only managed to meet her last Saturday at Estee Lauder Malaysia Staff Sale queue line. She handed me the box set, I sat in the queue line for a while and then bring it back to my car. Magazine coming out with limited edition anniversary box set is not something new. In Malaysia we had before CLEO Collector’s Edition January 2014, Cleo May 2013 X Lanvin ME Limited Edition Box and many more. You can say it’s rare back then but quite common these days.


Beauty News: NARS Final Cut Collection, Bringing New Attitude to PINK, available from January 2014 onwards

NARS Final Cut Collection 1
NARS have a new collection which is available from this month January 2014 onwards that evolves around the color PINK. Pink makeup is something which many of you avoid, but I absolutely gravitate towards pink. NARS is now bringing a new attitude to the color PINK by launching the NARS Final Cut Collection. Let’s take a closer look to see if you will actually like this type of pink 😀

NARS Final Cut Collection 2

NARS Final Cut Collection’s exclusive pink collection debut a modern montage of perfectly provocative hues. NARS really went all out by breaking all the rules with this limited edition collection that represent fierce, feminine and edgy. In this collection, there are 4-blush shade, 4-lip pencil shade and one shimmery liquid illuminator, in pink! 😀 . Just remember pink cheeks, pink lips and pink illuminator.