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Second iHerb Haul: A different shipping experience and how I expedite the parcel delivery

I was just happy with getting my second iHerb parcel that I have no intention to blog about it at all because the purchase is mostly done for a friend, until I realised I do have a fair share of haul 😀 . This time round I experienced a totally different shipping experience so I thought of sharing with you what happened.

First thing first, here’s the mini haul 😉

iHerb Second Haul
I bet by now you had already figure that I am kinda obsessed with iHerb based on my Facebook updates. Thanks to all your recommendation and push to order from the addictive site, I can’t stop browsing now. Just in case you are not aware, Real Techniques was on 20% discount for the whole of last week. A good friend of mine had just started getting her feet wet with skin cares and makeup, which was groomed by me *ehem* so one day she ask me to help her to order some Real Technique brushes. She gave me a long list of brushes she want but I sort of trim everything down to just two items because as a beginner, she doesn’t need all brushes at once.

When I posted up my First iHerb Shopping Experience post, I didn’t realised most of you bought from iHerb and are worried about the parcel. Reader M and Aggie both shared in the comment section that their parcel was stuck in “Clearance Event” at DHL for a few days. My first purchase was a smooth sailing from order processing to packing and pick up with the exception that my parcel went for a mini holiday tour to South Korea, Singapore then only to Kuala Lumpur and lastly Poslaju Centre. However, my second purchase was not quite the same.

I placed my order on the 15th May but the order was in queue for processing until 19th May. God knows what happened within the 4-days gap. This 4-days was the hardest to wait because I didn’t encounter this on my first purchase. The parcel was packed on the same day and sent out on the same day as well. I cannot help but to wonder how the heck is my parcel going to reach me within the estimated delivery date of 22nd May as stated on DHL tracking page. One thing I notice this time round is that the status update on DHL page is also slower. But then I was surprised to see that my parcel reached Hong Kong the next day. That means it’s quite near to Malaysia. The parcel was stuck in Hong Kong for a full day for parcel sorting according to countries (I found out later) and the next day it reaches Subang! Almost gave me a heart attack because it’s faster than I expected. Then the status update on DHL page takes on an even slower speed. And everything stopped at “Clearance Event”, just like what reader M and Aggie experienced. Twice. I woke up the next day to find that the parcel was cleared and it was sent to delivery facility in Kuala Lumpur. Basically I missed all the updates but it was fun to find out what happen when I was asleep the night before. As I was heading out to KLCC, I made a call to DHL and put in a request to collect the parcel personally from their delivery facility in Glenmarie Shah Alam as DHL does not send to Kajang. By DHL standard, they will only Poslaju out my parcel on Monday and I’ll only receive it on Tuesday. So that’s my shipping story on second iHerb haul. I was lucky because my parcel was not stuck at custom for days.

iHerb Second Haul DHL Shipment Tracking
Nah, the shipping story wasn’t dramatic at all. Just thought you girls would want to know if you encounter the same situation. There wasn’t any info online to refer to you know 😛

When I first started off with Real Techniques, I did some reading online and I thought I only need Expert Face Brush for everything. Then I realised I’m lack of something and then I knew I had to get Buffing Brush. But it wasn’t sold in iHerb. Since I’m also into contouring, I thought I should get Contour Brush as well but again, it wasn’t sold in iHerb. Real Technique Core Collection ($18) set is the one and only best alternative for me as it consists of Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush, Buffing Brush and a panoramic case. I also took this opportunity to get another Blush Brush ($9). It’s the biggest brush of all beside retractable brush LOL. Sam’s Picks Exclusive Brush Set ($29.99) that was out of stock for the longest time is now back in stock….AFTER my order arrived =.=”

I bought just two ELF makeup, HD Mattifying Cream Foundation Oil-Free #Porcelain ($3) and Matte Lip Color #Coral ($3). Coral isn’t a shade I want as it’s too nude for my dark lip color but Rich Red was and it was out of stock. You know what? It’s back in stock now =.=”

iHerb Second Haul 2
Here’s my friend’s purchase. Her order for Real Technique was literally one each of everything but I downsize it to these two based on makeup she apply on daily basis. She bought a Travel Essentials ($18) set that comes with a Essential Foundation Brush, Domed Shadow Brush, Multi Task Brush and panoramic case and a Blush Brush ($9). That is what she need to create a whole look basically 😀

iHerb Second Haul 3
Will there be iHerb haul #3? I think there will be. Very soon 😀 . I have to get Sam’s Picks Exclusive Brush Set. That’s the brush set that I wanted to get at the beginning but it was out of stock in iHerb. Ouch my wallet 🙁

Hope you managed to get a tip or two on DHL International Express Shipping. It was nerve wrecking for me after knowing that my parcel was stuck with “Clearance Event” just like what reader M and Aggie went through. Thank goodness it was just a day. I’ve learnt that we shouldn’t buy a lot on the same product otherwise custom tax will be applied and custom clearance will be delayed. Anyway that’s what I read lah.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great start of the week 😀


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  • I ordered from iHerb 1st with the lowest postage flat us$4. No tracking number. It reached savely 1 month later. So far so good.

    • Good for you 😀 . I couldn’t stand waiting for one month and $9 wasn’t that bad 😉

  • i want Sam’s Pick Exclusive brush set as well (T_T)

    • It’s tempting right? 😀

      • definitely tempting. I wish the price is not crazily expensive here but that’s a wish-never-come-true I guess. All seller punya price are twice the original price I can die looking at them.

        • I know right. Even seller who order directly from RT or iHerb resell it back at a high price, but yet cheaper than Shins. For example Blush Brush. Shins selling for RM78 while online seller RM45. Still okay lah. Thank goodness we knew about iHerb hehehehe

  • now i am waiting for iherb discount on total purchase to get my hands of a couple for brushed and natural ingredient for DIY mask

    • How often do they do this discount on total purchase?

  • i have long list in my basket and shipping gonna caused US$13 =(
    I also bought from beautybay.com and shipping around 3 weeks

    • Thanks a lot of online shopping going 😀 . But I’m sure you’ll enjoy using the products.

  • I chose normal shipping too and my Expert Face Brush arrived within 1 month from purchase. Next time I will definitely try DHL shipping but I must order more for it to be worth it. I agree with you it is addictive 🙂

    • Yes, if you just buy one brush then it’s not worth it 🙂 . Each of my purchase is more than $40 so I chose DHL Express. Not bad. Arrived in a 5-days time 😉


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