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[Video] A Look Inside iHerb.com E-Fulfillment Center, WOW…Just WOW!

iHerb.com E-Fulfillment Center
I’m a huge fan of iHerb.com. I bet you already know that based on all the hauls I have been doing and all the Insta Stories I’ve been posting 😛 . Have you ever curious with how the whole iHerb or online store works? Because I have a tremendous interest with iHerb operation and so yesterday I went on a little search and watched some videos. One word – AMAZING. I have to pick up my jaw from the floor. Literally. No kidding. It was really an eye opening piece of information on how iHerb works and how efficient everything are. The Good-to-Person Technology and Perfect Pick system is the secret to how iHerb managed to process, pack and ship out our orders so fast. Ahhh mazzzzinnngg!

This video below is iHerb.com’s Hebron, KY, Distribution Center. A kinda-new distribution center located next to DHL to cater to international orders.

And this below video is on iHerb.com’s Goods-to-Person Technology and Perfect Pick system. Both which are crucial in ensuring all orders are shipped out the same day provided orders are placed before 1pm PST time.

Enjoy the videos!

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