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[Video] A Look Inside E-Fulfillment Center, WOW…Just WOW! E-Fulfillment Center

I’m a huge fan of I bet you already know that based on all the hauls I have been doing and all the Insta Stories I’ve been posting 😛 . Have you ever curious with how the whole iHerb or online store works? Because I have a tremendous interest with iHerb operation and so yesterday I went on a little search and watched some videos. One word – AMAZING. I have to pick up my jaw from the floor. Literally. No kidding.

iHerb Haul with Pixi Beauty OMG! and Then Some

iHerb Haul with Pixi Beauty 1

I loveeee iHerb. I like that I am able to purchase brand and products that are not available in Malaysia. I like that sometimes some of the product goes on sale. I like that they ship to Malaysia, and I like that they now have Shipping Saver that save me some money on shipping. I like a lot of things when it comes to iHerb 😀 . My routine every morning while holding a hot cup of coffee is to browse through iHerb for their weekly special.

ELF Cosmetics New Products Haul from iHerb

iHerb ELF Cosmetics Haul 1

Right before Chinese New Year, I was casually browsing iHerb like every morning and I spotted a bunch of new ELF products listed in. Normally I like to just check out the New Products section but someone these new ELF products were not listed in the New section.

Latest iHerb Haul & Black Friday 2016 Promos

iHerb Haul Black Friday 1

Last week was the EcoTools 20% OFF weekly promotion deal on iHerb and I have to get something. Picking what I want to buy and checking out this time around is so much faster and easier. No idea why. Probably because I have not been hauling anything from iHerb for the past few months. One thing for sure is that I am itching to get something from iHerb for quite some time. I also notice that their weekly promotion for beauty brands has slowed down for quite a bit.

ELF Lip Exfoliator Haul from iHerb + FedEx Airmail Premium Shipping

iHerb Haul Airmail Premium 1

Last month, iHerb sent a friendly reminder email reminding me that I have some credit in my account from previous purchase that are expiring in 24 hours. I got panic and quickly login to my iHerb account praying hoping I would find something to buy. After what seems to be an intense browsing for two hours, I finally found something I want.

iHerb Haul October 2015: DHL Express not so express this time

iHerb Haul October 2015 1

LOL at the title. It sounded as if I’m about to go on a rampage on DHL Express which was not as express as my previous hauls. Could it be because of the $8 flat rate promotion or change of policy? I have no idea. All I care now is how relieved I am that my parcel arrived on Saturday morning, after 7 days of travelling. Lucky box.

Here is my small iHerb haul. I was thinking to go amok with iHerb this time, taking advantage of the flat $8 DHL Express shipping which ends on 31st October.