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Discovering Dr. Jart+’s New Bounce Beauty Balm, V7 Radiance Serum and Dermaclear Micro Water

Interestingly I found out that Dr. Jart is not the name of the doctor who started the brand or whatsoever but the name Dr. Jart came from the brand’s founder first initial “J” and the word “art”.

Dr. Jart+
Dr. Jart+ is a special dermatological skin care brand that is created to optimize the skin condition, together with effective Korean dermatologist consultations as well as beauty and diet know-how from medical specialists. Dr. Jart combined his medical background with a team of 21 skilled dermatologists to develop his eponymous skincare brand. Ever since its inception, the full cosmeceutical line has grown to become one of Asia’s leading skincare brands.

Not a stranger here in Malaysia, Dr. Jart+ is known for its highly raved BB Cream. Locally, you can already find Dr. Jart+ range of products at Sasa outlets and just recently Dr. Jart+ opened it’s first standalone kiosk in Sunway Pyramid, next to Bourjois. And I’ve actually see, touch and know about the new Bounce Beauty Balm when I first visited the outlet back in June.

I’m going to start with the Bounce Beauty Balm and the move to skin care. I know, I know. I should go according from the first step of taking care of the skin to makeup but I can’t help it. I am leaning more towards makeup now especially base makeup now 🙂


Bounce Beauty Balm SPF30 PA++ (RM129 / 12g)

Dr. Jart+ Bounce Beauty Balm 1
I never liked all of the BB cushion available (sorry people) so when I saw this Bounce Beauty Balm from Dr. Jart+, I thought it’s the same. No, they are completely different. Using a rather similar concept i.e. pat the puff on the sponge soaked with product and pat onto face, this one is leaning towards a different and unique bouncing-textured beauty balm formulation. It is also moisturizing and has brightening properties just like what beauty balm should have.

Dr. Jart+ Bounce Beauty Balm 2
Similar but not same. Instead of the cushion element used to soak all the product, Bounce Beauty Balm uses a solid mesh to keep all the product on the inside. The beauty balm product itself is a new generation whereas it is made with elastic formula that make skin looking firm. It is also more moisturizing, having to be infused with more than 40% moisturizing ingredients that hydrates and improve skin with brightening properties.

Having said that, it does look more creamy and heavy on the skin from the case and honestly quite scary looking when I first peel the protective seal off. I find the Smart Finger Puff is way better and in quality comparing with others. The puff picks up rather less amount and adheres the product onto the skin, just like our second skin. The coverage is quite good and dries down satin matte. This would be a good news for us who are with combination oily skin. This type of texture also enable long lasting wear up to 24 hours.

Dr. Jart+ Bounce Beauty Balm 3
Formulated without Parabens, tardyes, mineral oil, talc, artificial fragrance, denatured alcohol, triethanolamine, sulfate-based surfactants, Propylene glycol and petrolatum.


V7 Radiance Serum (RM159 / 50ml)

Dr. Jart+ V7
Now we’ve come to skin care, starting with V7 Radiance Serum. Made and infused with seven essential vitamin components namely Vitamin A, B3, B5, C, E, F, H into the skin, this serum is said to rejuvenates damaged skin making it healthier by taking care of skin tones and textures as well as giving a brighter skin. Despite being a serum, I do find it to be more of a gel as the consistency is definitely thicker and a little bit stickier. Funnily we thought there’s a lot of bubbles inside the serum but that is just Dr. Jart+’s patented stabilization technology of vitamin ingredients – Capsulated Liposome. This technology selectively encapsulated seven vitamin components of oil and water soluble vitamins in order for it to deliver cosmetic ingredients deeply into the skin to increases the effects.

  • Vitamin A – Anti-wrinkle, promotion turnover.
  • Vitamin B3 – Brightening.
  • Vitamin B5 – Anti-inflammatory.
  • Vitamin C – Brightening, skin rejuvenating.
  • Vitamin E – Antioxidant.
  • Vitamin F – Moisturising, shooting.
  • Vitamin H – Anti-inflammatory, skin trouble prevention.

Dr. Jart+ V7 Radiance Serum


Dermaclear Micro Water (price unavailable)

Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water
Micellar cleansing water is not something new. Dermaclear Micro Water is a micro active hydrogen water removes make up and skin impurities thoroughly. Its main ingredients are Mineral water, filtered water, fermented rice, pearl powder, galactomyces. Basically this product is scentless and feels just like water. In fact, Galactomyces and mineral ingredient provide brightening element to the skin and gives the skin a silky texture as well. It’s anti-pollution system in the product is able to protect skin from fine dust and impurities.

Dermaclear Micro Water is also 10 Free – parabens, artificial color, artificial flavor, PEG, denatured alcohol, triethanolamine, Sulfate surfactants, triclosan, propylene glycol and EDA.


Are you a user of Dr. Jart BB Cream before this? I am intrigued with V7 VitaLaser 2.1 because the product is able to even out skin tone for acne scars. I’ve seen the Before and After comparison photo and it’s absolutely shocking!

Dr. Jart+ is available at Sasa outlets nationwide and at Sunway Pyramid LG1, next to Bourjois. It is located in the middle of new wing and old wing.

+ Bounce Beauty Balm 12g – RM129
+ V7 Radiance Serum 50ml – RM159
+ Dermaclear Micro Water 250ml – Price unavailable

Please visit Dr. Jart+ international website at http://us.drjart.com/ for more info or Dr. Jart Malaysia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/drjartmalaysia


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  • I recall you mention before in the blog that BB cream give you itch on the face. Does this Bounce BB give you the itch too?^^

    • Yes, mostly Korean BB cream that gives me itch on the face. I haven’t tried Bounce BB on my face actually 😛 . I won’t be opening it up to use anytime soon. I need to finish up some of my foundation first. At least one bottle. I can’t wait to try this and do a proper review 😉

  • Hi ! I would really like to see your review for the dermaclear micro water.I am looking for a makeup remover now that doesn’t dry out my skin and also a safe one.Really looking forward for it. tq 🙂

    • Hi Azlina. Unfortunately I wasn’t provided with Dermaclear Micro Water in my press kit and I doubt I will make a purchase as I don’t really use it very often and cleansing water is my least favourite product to remove makeup. However, I’ve reviewed two micellar cleansing water product before. Feel free to search that up 🙂


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