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Beauty News: SK-II’s NEW STEMPOWER Eye Cream, Targets 3-Point Eye Firm-Up for a Youthful Look

I just love eye cream. Some people skip them but I don’t. It’s one of the most important skin care routine for me. With the new SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream, age no longer matters. It is made to targets the 3 critical points around the eye to give a more youthful overall appearance. Age may be nothing but a number, but it is a number that starts to show first around the eyes – specifically, at three critical points.

SK-II Stempower Eye Cream
A recent consumer study conducted by SK-II to uncover the key factors behind a youthful appearance showed that:

• 91% of consumers thought the appearance of their eyes determined how old they looked overall
• 93% agreed that eyes were the first part of their face to display signs of aging
• 90% felt they look older in the evening due to fatigue and damage

In the quest to counter signs of aging to achieve ageless beauty, SK-II presents its latest innovation to the award-winning STEMPOWER boutique – the new STEMPOWER Eye Cream. Combining revolutionary STEMPOWER technology with the specially formulated PAL-VB Complex, and Lupine-Alfalfa Extract, SK-II’s STEMPOWER Eye Cream works to ignite a chain reaction of beauty for a more youthful overall look around the eyes.


Exposing the “3 points”

The skin surrounding the eye is particularly sensitive to the effects of aging due to its thinness, which causes it to easily lose firmness and plumpness. The signs of aging are most evident in three key areas around the eye – the under eye area, the eyelid and the corner of the eye. From the results of the SK-II Akita study, the industry’s first holistic longitudinal study which spanned over 10 years, SK-II scientists have discovered that each key area is affected by aging in different ways. Eye bags begin to sag in the 20s, eyelids develop wrinkles in the 30s, while wrinkles manifest in the corner of the eyes in a woman’s 40s.

These three regions are correlated, with the appearance of each area playing a vital role in the perception of youthful-looking skin around eye and beyond. Mr Taro Yamaguchi, Scientific Communications Expert at P&G explained, “Our research has demonstrated that improving all three areas has two times more impact on the impression of youth than simply concentrating anti-aging efforts on one region of the eye.”


Achieving the 3-point eye firm-up with the SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream

The STEMPOWER Eye Cream addresses each of these areas with the new Stem-Acanax Eye Complex which comprises three potent ingredients :

  • STEMPOWER TRIO Active: A combination of Concentrated PiteraTM, Stem Acanax and Artichoke Extract, this cocktail improves skin’s plumpness and boosts radical firmness and inner resilience.
  • PAL-VB Complex: This specially formulated ingredient promotes production of skin’s structural protein that is important for skin’s elasticity and wrinkle resilience.
  • Lupine-Alfalfa Extract: This aids in preventing sagging of eye bags.

Upon application, the STEMPOWER Eye Cream works to smoothen the appearance of wrinkles and even out the texture around the entire eye area. It helps to combat the signs of damage due to external factors such as UV, dryness and dust, and creates a bright-eyed look that lasts for the entire day .

  • 72% of women who tested the STEMPOWER Eye Cream agreed that it visibly firms up the skin around the eyes, resulting in a 3-point eye firm-up for a more youthful look after just 2 weeks.
  • 80% saw less sagging look at the upper eyelid.
  • 76% saw sharper-looking eye corners.
  • 74% experienced firmer skin in the under-eye area.


Measuring the improvement of the 3 points for a more youthful appearance

As a means to analyse and track progress for these three key areas of concern, SK-II researchers have devised the Magic Ring Eye Tool, a new measurement tool specific to the eye that complements SK-II’s existing Magic Ring test. Visit any SK-II counter in Malaysia for a free personal consultation with the cutting-edge Magic Ring Eye Tool (available from end June 2014).


SK-II’s new STEMPOWER Eye Cream will be available at all SK-II counters nationwide from 15th August 2014 onwards.

Price: RM367 for 15g

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