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A Tour at the First and Only Dior Backstage Studio at Suria KLCC and a Glam Up Makeover by Thuy Pham, Dior International Makeup Pro Team Artist from USA

Been dreaming to go to a fashion show but it seems like a far-fetched dream? Just visit this Dior Backstage Studio! The first, one and only recreation of the electric backstage atmosphere at a Dior Runway Show is now opened at Suria KLCC since early August 2015. What’s unique about this new space is that you will enter to a store that gives you an illusion as if you are standing at the backstage of a Dior fashion show.

Dior Backstage Studio
Even from the store entrance, you will find yourself about to enter into a brand new makeup universe, or rather in the middle of a Dior Runway galaxy (thanks to the huge screen video walls facing the entrance) and have all your beauty needs answered. There are a playlist of background music from Dior runway shows playing on the background to set the mood and tone for you.

Dior Backstage Studio 1
While the store are permanently connected to the latest couture news and adheres to striking catwalk images, Dior also keeping up with the trends by regularly renewing its products. Right at the entrance are a display of the latest Dior makeup range. Even passerby will be able to catch a glimpse of what’s new from Dior.

Dior Backstage Studio 2

Dior Backstage Studio 3

Dior Backstage Studio 4
A selected team of absolutely dedicated and of course dynamic Dior Makeup Artists – The Backstage Artists is available to provide you with their most professional advice on the latest catwalk trends. Basically everything you want to know.

Dior Backstage Studio 5
If you are like me and you prefer a one-to-one crash course on learning the latest cutting-edge application techniques with Dior Backstage Artists, you can also book an in-depth appointment.

Dior Backstage Studio 6

Dior Backstage Studio 7
A section of permanent presentation of every Dior Makeup collection at the new concept store is enriched with the presence of Dior leading products, Limited Editions, fun accessories, and exclusive Dior Backstage Studio creations 😀

Dior Backstage Studio 8

Dior Backstage Studio 9

Dior Backstage Studio 10

Dior Backstage Studio 11
Towards the back of the store is where you will find all Dior skincare range.

Dior Backstage Studio 12

Dior Backstage Studio 13
Make a U-turn from the makeup section and you will find yourself standing at the fragrance section, which happens to be located at the right hand side of the store, right in front of the skincare section. Basically Dior Backstage Studio carries ALL Dior makeup products, skincare range and fragrance line. BUT, there are also some things that the Dior Backstage Studio carries that every other Dior counter or store does not. That includes exclusive Backstage Pro makeup products and tools, bespoke services and makeovers, and a hand-picked, specially trained team of Backstage Artists that will provide insider tips and share Dior’s savoir faire. And of course you get entertained with special curated runway iconography, illustrations, and visual.

Dior Backstage Studio 14

Dior Backstage Studio 15
On the day I was at Dior Backstage Studio store, two out of fifteen Dior International Makeup Pro Team Artists worldwide, Thuy Pham from USA and Yoshitomo Takahashi from Japan are flown in to Malaysia for the inaugural opening of Dior Backstage Studio at Suria KLCC, as well as to share Instant PRO Tips for an everyday look and edgy but simple techniques when creating edgy party look. Both Pro Team Artists work closely with an amazing list of international celebrities. For Thuy, she has worked with Amy Adams, Emmy Rossum, Olivia Munn, and Eva Mendes, while for Yoshi, he has worked with Aneta Pajak, Mona Matsuoka, Yoshiko Tomioka and Shishu.

My makeover was done by Thuy Pham. I was pretty excited as it was my first time having my makeup done by a female artist. Hard to believe eh? I have had makeup done by various makeup artist but Thuy would be the first female makeup artist to do my makeup. She ask me what kind of look I want her to do on me. I said smokey right away and Thuy was surprised 😀 . As the photos are too good not to be shared them all, I’m looping all the photos in a slider for easy viewing 🙂

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Thuy uses the below products to create a wearable smokey look on me.

Dior Backstage Studio Makeover 36

Dior Backstage Studio Makeover 35
My favourite photo of all is a photo of me with the talented and gorgeous Thuy Pham <3

Dior Backstage Studio with Thuy Pham
I went home and decided to take a closeup photo for you. I am in love with Dior AirFlash foundation. That will be my next foundation purchase. The coverage is excellent and my skin looked flawless and dewy without looking oily 🙂

Dior Backstage Studio Makeover Closeup
Thank you Dior Malaysia for the most wonderful morning, with a complete skincare pampering session, a makeover full with fun and laughter, and I get to learn so much from Thuy Pham.

Dior Backstage Studio at Suria KLCC are open daily from 10am to 10pm. The store is located right beside TopShop, facing The Body Shop. You will not missed it as they are located at Concourse level at a very prominent location.


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  • I hear the AirFlash all the time on YouTube. How does it hold up with our weather?

    • YouTubers love it. Well, it sets quite quickly and not sticky. However you will need to set it with powder. A few hours down I find my face looking dewy, by evening it’s a bit oily as usual. It depends on the skin type 🙂 . The one that was used on me is only available at Dior Backstage Studio KLCC, not at normal counters 🙂

  • Lovely virtual store tour from you as usual. You looked good as usual and not ugly like you said at all :). I can see that you enjoyed yourself and the makeover very much from your IG. Thanks for the closeup photo of the smokey eye look. It seems easy for me to do!

    • Thanks Eve! Awww you’re too kind. I had a great time. The best I’ve went as Dior assigned a photographer to take all photos for me so I can sit back, relax and enjoy the whole process without worrying if I had the photo of this or that 🙂 . Absolutely love Thuy Pham and the makeup she did for me. We had a fun chit chat 😀 . Oh yes. The smokey eye is easy to do. Look through the slides as I’ve put down the description 😉


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