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3 Reasons NOT To Subscribe To KFIT

3 Reasons NOT To Subscribe To KFIT
On this year’s Valentine’s Day, I was featured in CompareHero. Not long after the article was published, the kind folks at CompareHero sent me a 60% discount for KFIT first month subscription, which does not work at all until I informed CompareHero, which they later informed KFIT to rectify the issue. KFIT monthly pass is RM99, after discount it rounds up to RM39. I thought that’s not bad for someone who wanna try out KFIT. I needed to do some cross training for as a part of my training for marathon so I signed up and I have headache thereafter.

I remember seeing lots of KFIT advertisement on Facebook when they first started out in Malaysia. If I’m not mistaken they advertise it as unlimited access? I’m not too sure. I might be wrong. So all this while I always assume their monthly pass is unlimited. I asked my friend about this and he told me the downside about KFIT is that you cannot keep going to the same gym. It’s limited. You’re required to move around different gym. I later found out that each gym listed might limit your access to 3 times a month or so. It really depends on the gym and the deal they had with KFIT.

This post is not about shaming or discriminating KFIT mind you. The concept is pretty good but I find there are some holes with the concept, which I wasn’t happy about.

Canceling your subscription is not as “anytime” as you want

When I signed up for KFIT, it said I can cancel anytime. I thought OK. I signed up. The fitness pass only entitles you for 10 usage per month and I’ve only used two due to work schedule. So I decided to cancel my subscription to stop the recurring payment, I’ll tell you about that later on. When I wanted to cancel my subscription on the “anytime” I want, I couldn’t find the Cancel My Subscription button!

Canceling is not as easy as signing up

After turning the site upside down, I resolved to the FAQ. I have to read through the whole thing only to find out I need to write in to KFIT and the best part, they need 7 days before the subscription renewal date otherwise you will be charged and nothing can be done on that. Now…who the heck will remember when they subscribe? I also found out that they can check and cancel your subscription within seconds upon receiving your email.

At this point of time I was still OK. Until the sarcastic reply from KFIT representative ticks me off after telling her no one remembers the 7 day clause. And there was no notification from KFIT. Another thing that ticks me off is that she didn’t bother to address me either “Hi Fiona” or “Dear Fiona” like other companies customer service in her email replies.



Enquiry chat on the sidebar which does not help

Every now and then when I’m login to KFIT account, the sidebar chat automatically will prompt you to see if you have anything that requires their help. I thought okay, this is pretty cool. I could ask if I’m allowed to shower after the gym.

Usually I go to the gym near my house so I don’t need a shower. Sometimes when I’m in KL and I’m an hour away from home. That’s when I need to shower. So I asked if I allowed to shower after the gym. The reply I get was that I should check with the gym. Alaaaaa. Really face palm moment. KFIT should know the gym’s T&C with them. They should know if this is under their partnership deal or not. What’s the point of asking you if I need to ask the gym myself? Not helpful.



There’s no way to stop recurring payment

Absolutely no way but to cancel your subscription aka “downgrade” in KFIT term. The bank can’t do anything, you can’t do anything yourself. You cannot remove you payment option in the account. KFIT will make sure they have your charge card details in the account no matter what. If you missed the 7 day write-in clause, you’ll be charge.

I wouldn’t advise signing up for subscription like this if you are always busy and on-the-go like me. You just can’t keep track of everything. Seriously. You’ll end up being charged and not using what you’ve been charged because of the busy schedule.

Okay la. To balance everything, I have to give my kudos to KFIT Facebook team. Not only I was attended properly (unlike the lady in the email) and in the middle of the night, this guy Sam was very helpful. He managed to talk to his team and management on this and came out with a RM50 reimbursement in credit form. What would I do with “credits” in my account if I don’t even have the time to utilize what I’ve paid?? I would need to use this RM50 to pay for a service in KFIT. In another word, I didn’t get my refund at all. This is like I’m being offered a refund with no refund. Hard to understand, eh? Me too.

I still think this KFIT thing is a good concept. It works out to RM9.90 for each gym access, which is not too bad but if you found a gym near you or a gym that you like, you have to utilize it properly as each gym may only allow 3-4 times access, which according to my friend is what he hate about KFIT. However, this is not a great thing to subscribe for if you’re always busy and on-the-go. You may not be able to utilize your subscription and being charged for it as canceling is not as anytime you want. Would I return to KFIT? ABSOLUTELY NOT. That’s why the RM50 credit refund they offered me was useless. I already stress so many times that I don’t have time and I will not return to KFIT and they still insist credit refund. And the credit would need to be use to purchase a service through KFIT. In another word, I’m paying for it! What kind of refund is this? Sigh. Headache.


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  • Wow, it’s disturbing that it takes so much effort to make changes or cancel this subscription.
    That must have been so exasperating for you. Just reading about your experience left me with a sense of helplessness.
    I can’t handle these kind of membership situations and how awful to have had to jump through hoops like that to get anything finalised. How messy!

    • Yeap. This one actually left me hopeless. Even dealing with Luxola or Zalora is way easier than this. They are 100% strict no matter what. I regretted for even subscribing. Would not even if I didn’t have to cross train. If canceling anytime we want is an option, it should be within a click of a button.


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