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Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap Review and Overview on The NEW 2016 Shaping Facial Lift Range

Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap
Having a smaller, V-shape face is every Asian girl’s dream. Not just slimmer face but a shaper feature, bigger eyes, and fairer complexion too. We just want what we don’t have 😉 . Typically, Asian women has more and larger face pocket compared to Caucasian. Don’t ask me why. I want to know why too LOL. I started my Clarins journey because I was under Hyperthyroidism medication and the meds gave me extreme water retention which resulted in puffiness. A client of mine told me she uses Clarins Shaping Facial Lift and the rest is history. I purchased and repurchased over 30 bottles to date. So when it comes to combating puffiness and to give Asian women a smaller face, Clarins is the expert.

This year, Clarins introduced two NEW synergistic solution to Asian women to achieve their ideal feature. These two solution is not new in Clarins but more of a reformulation, now named as V-Facial Intensive Wrap and Enhancing Eye Lift Serum. I have lost count of which generation is this reformulation! 😛 . It is good that Clarins keep on doing research and improvement on their existing products. In the end the consumer aka us benefited from the new formulation.


V-Facial Intensive Wrap (RM240 / 75ml)

The V-Facial Intensive Wrap, previously known as Shaping Facial Lift Wrap offers an instant relieve and solution to drain away water retention or puffiness. When the skin undergoes circulation disorder, excessive water flow leaks from the microcirculation due to fragility of the blood vessels. As the result, excess water cannot be reabsorbed and even drained by the lymphatic system. As a result? Puffiness, heavier jawline and overall face looking swollen.

Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap Cream
This 3rd generation (thank you Clarins for reminding me where generation I’m at) of V-Facial Intensive Wrap comes in a thick clay-like cream mousse texture. It carries the familiar Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring Serum scent which I absolutely adore. There are two main ingredient that helped to reduce puffiness with almost immediate – Zerumbet Ginger Extract and Escin from Horse Chestnut. A brand new ingredient – Beautyberry Extract was added to reinforce the skin microcirculation in preventing leakage. It also give a bit of a radiant boost with Lady’s Mantle Extract. Honestly, I personally did not see my skin any radiant. It’s just me 🙂 . Now, the clay-like cream is because Kaolin was added to mattify the skin.

Clarins also include a frosty plastic spatula scooper. It is also recommended to store the entire jar of V-Facial Intensive Wrap in the fridge. The cooling sensation from the product further enhance the drainage property. Because the product is in a clay-like cream mousse texture, I find that the spatula is very useful in scooping necessary product out from the jar and smooth it on the skin.

Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap Spatula
I was told that the best way to use V-Facial Intensive Wrap is to apply from the cheek all the way down to the neck, with a semi-thick amount of product. That is exactly what I have been doing for the past few months. This 75ml will last you for a good 6 months or more as you do not use this on daily basis. I particularly like this for SOS moment, for example before an event or a photoshoot. My face can get super puffy if I do not have enough sleep. The morning of my photoshoot for #IWillBeOkay campaign, I quickly applied this mask all over my face (minus the forehead) to help drain away some water retention and to tighten the jawline contour a bit. This mask only require a minimum of 10 minutes.

Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap Application
With the new V-Facial Intensive Wrap, comes with a new application and removal technique. Removing this product requires a bit of an extra step and extra one minute. Simply take a piece of a facial tissue, place it on your palm, rest your head on the palm using the table as support or your other arm. My table is too high for this so arm it is! This step drains away the water flow and enhances a shaper feature. After you are done with each side of the face, just wash off.

Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap Drainage
I decided to do on one side of my face to give you a clearer picture on the Before and After. For a 10 minute SOS product, this is not too shabby at all. It managed to firm up my face a teeny bit, making the appearance of the face pockets smaller. Not bad at all!

Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap Before and After


NEW Shaping Facial Lift Range 2016

V-Facial Intensive Wrap is categorized under the NEW Shaping Facial Lift Range. This range consists of three products in total – Shaping Facial Lift, Enhancing Eye Lift Serum, and V-Facial Intensive Wrap.

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Range


Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring Serum (RM310 / 50ml)

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift 2016
This is THE product that got me hooked onto Clarins. This is where all my money goes to LOL. It is also one of Clarins best-seller product. In fact I think Clarins is best known for its Shaping Facial Lift serum. I believe this is still the same 4th Generation from 2014, which I have reviewed here. The three powerful plant extract ingredients remains the same – Guarana, Zerumbet Ginger and Kaki extract to help fight against fat, reduce puffines, visibly firm facial features and achieve the perfect 3V contour of slimmer face, refined cheeks and lifted jawline.


NEW Enhancing Eye Lift Serum (RM250 / 15ml)

Clarins Enhancing Eye Lift Serum 2016
The Enhancing Eye Lift Serum however is a NEW reformulation, making it the 3rd generation to date. It is reformulated to fit the eye morphology of Asian women for those who always want a bigger, bolder eyes. This claim may be a bit misleading to those who thought this product will be a replacement for plastic surgery. Don’t get this wrong. It doesn’t give the same result as plastic surgery. What Clarins meant was it lifts your eyelids up with the help of organic Oat Lolyoses and Kaki extract by reducing eye puffiness using plant extracts such as Guarana and Zerumbet Ginger Extracts. Hence the bigger eyes claim. Besides that it also helped to reduce dark circles and brighten the under eyes with Lady’s Mantle extract and Escin from Horse Chestnut. Some of the ingredients looked familiar as it is used in V-Facial Intensive Wrap as well.

Another new feature of Enhancing Eye Lift Serum, which I learnt from the media preview event is that it helps to enhance and strengthen eyelashes. That is because when we use an eye product, unintentionally it will get all over our eyelashes. So if you have rather brittle and fragile lashes like I do, this will help. But of course you do not use the eye serum on the eyelashes on purpose as the product is not designed for that. The eyelash enhancement benefit is just an added benefit 😉

Tell me, which is your favourite product and most bought from Clarins? I like Extra Firming Neck cream a lot still as there are not many neck cream that I can find the market. I do not think I will stop using Shaping Facial Lift anytime soon as it is one of my cult product from Clarins. What’s yours? 🙂


Clarins NEW Shaping Facial Lift Range for 2016 is now available at all Clarins counter and Skin Spa nationwide.

+ Shaping Facial Lift – RM310 / 50ml
+ Enhancing Eye Lift Serum – RM250 / 15ml
+ V-Facial Intensive Wrap – RM240 / 75ml


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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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