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Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring Serum: The 4th generation of its kind for a slimmer face, refined cheeks and lifted jawline

Just as excited as I am when I was invited to the media launch and preview of the NEW Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring Serum, I’m excited now that I’m finally able to share this new launch out after keeping it a secret for a month and a half 🙂 Just a little introduction on how I got into blogging and what makes me started using skin care. I was diagnosed with a serious condition of Hyperthyroidism and I was put on lots of medication to control all the hyper metabolism inside my body. What I didn’t know is that my body was not used to the intruder (the meds) and I put on weight as my body was adjusting itself back to normal. The medication also gave me puffy face and water retention was building up on my face as well. One day I saw how slim my client’s face was and I ask her if she went on a diet. She told me about Clarins and strongly recommend it to me but she did warn me about the price. So yes, Clarins Shaping Facial Lift was the reason why I started using skin care. It was my first Clarins purchase and I have repurchased nearly 20 bottles since then. Clarins 4th Generation Shaping Facial Lift Shaping Facial Lift was specially created for Asian women and Clarins was the first to offer the world the one and only refining serum back in 1999 after studies shown that the most leading concern for Asian women is the need to achieve a more refined and sharper feature. Thanks to Clarins for listening and taking the plunge to come out with a product that is now the No. 1 contouring serum in Asia. Today, 15 years after its debut, the new and improvised 4th generation of Shaping Facial Lift goes deeper and beyond into facial refining performance targeting natural roundness of Asian face. And the reformulation took changes in today’s women lifestyle which leads to additional heaviness of facial feature into account. Clarins 4th Generation Shaping Facial Lift History

The New Total V Contouring Power

Clarins Research developed the new Shaping Facial Lift’s Total V Contouring Power thanks to innovative dual approach based on the needs of women and recent scientific knowledge gathered on natural facial roundness and additional excess roundness. This new Shaping Facial Lift delivers striking contours from the front of the face profile. As a result, a slimmer face, refined cheeks and a much lifted jawline. Clarins 4th Generation Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring Serum I was on 3rd generation of Shaping Facial Lift for a few years and have gone through nearly 20 bottles of it. When I first swatch the new Shaping Facial Lift, I almost couldn’t differentiate the difference between 3rd generation with 4th generation as it was the 3-key actions, which is also known as the key active ingredients that changed.

  • Guarana Extract (Anti-Fat action) – This extract is added onto caffeine to target the adipocytes of the face and encourages the release of excess fats.
  • Zerumbet Ginger Extract (Anti-Fluid action) – This particular extract optimizes the filtering of tissues so it prevent excessive infiltration of water from dilated capillaries into skin tissues. It also encourages blood and lymphatic circulations as well as reducing puffiness.
  • Kaki Extract (Anti-Sugar action) – This extract curbs glycation, which is deterioration of fibres caused by oxidized sugar that leads to the speeding of ageing. This ingredient helps to preserve skin tightness and slow down slackening

Clarins 4th Generation Shaping Facial Lift Ingredients Not only did the three plant extracts changed, the bottle packaging also went for a total makeover. To coincide with current Clarins packaging, the new Shaping Facial Lift is now all in gold. Honestly I am so happy to see the new bottle because the cap on the old one doesn’t close properly, causing me to drop the bottle every single time when I wanted to get hold of it. The new cap fits to the nozzle top like a glove. The bottle also doesn’t look as flimsy as the old one. More elegant I would say 😀 Clarins 4th Generation Shaping Facial Lift Pump Since the bottle and the cap gets a new look, why left the nozzle top behind eh? You’ve guessed it right. This is the brand new design that we’re looking at. It pumps out content smoothly without any mess or any difficulty. Let’s not start with the problem I had with the nozzle previously shall we? 😀 . What’s interesting is the white rubbery dispenser hole. It’s made form rubbery and not plastic. Interesting. It is advisable to use 4-5 pumps for each application. Now that I layer more skin care than I was a few years ago, I find that 4-pumps is too much for me. Especially the new formulation is more hydrating and more thick, I find that 3-pumps is just nice for my day routine. At night I would resume to 4-pumps per application. Clarins 4th Generation Shaping Facial Lift Pump Closeup As I said earlier, I find that the new Shaping Facial Lift is much more hydrating and thicker. I like that Clarins maintain it’s signature scent which I really love. It’s the most soothing scent for a serum ever! Probably due to the improvised formula, I find it more thicker thus it makes my skin oily on a faster rate too. I don’t have this problem with the 3rd generation of Shaping Facial Lift. It’s not a huge problem really. What I do is to reduce the amount to use to 3-pumps. Clarins 4th Generation Shaping Facial Lift Swatch Lo and behold. Here is the Before and After using Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring Serum for about a month 😀 I’m not sure if you can see the clinically proven result but on my already-big-and-puffy-big-face-pockets, I don’t see a drastic changes. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t see any result. My lower cheeks is smaller. Of course I don’t expect a huge difference, afterall this ain’t magic potion. But what I do like is how the serum refine my skin texture as well as appearance. It’s hard to explain. Just look at how different I look. One note of caution. If you are a new user to Shaping Facial Lift, you will (some don’t) encounter something that I call the “toxic drainage” whereas some user experience a mini breakout. I had it when I first started using the product a few years ago. Since I stopped using the serum half a year ago, I had a mini breakout when I started back on the serum. It went away after a few days so don’t worry too much about that. Clarins 4th Generation Shaping Facial Lift Before and After

Clarins Manual Auto-Lifting Method

Clarins had developed a special application method named as the Manual Auto-Lifting Method® to pair with the use of Shaping Facial Lift since the product was launch 15 years ago. It is important to apply Shaping Facial Lift using this application method for the serum to work it’s magic. All you need is just less than two minutes, this application method provides an effective draining benefits to lighten and reshape the face immediately. Clarins Manual Auto-Lifting Method To understand further on how to perform Manual Auto-Lifting Method®, here’s a tutorial video for your easy reference.

NEW Total V Face Shaper Treatment (RM288 / 75 mins)

What’s a new product without a totally new facial treatment for that soothing weekly pampering right? Treatments currently available at Clarins Skin Spa is 60-minutes while the NEW Total V Face Shaper Treatment offers additional 15-minutes, making it a total of 75-minutes using improved techniques and new movement for refining, enhancing and rejuvenating facial contours. You can also read all about my experience with The Lifting Face Shaper at the link provided 🙂 Clarins 4th Generation Shaping Facial Lift Total V Face Shaper Treatment To be able to witness the product that helped me so much with reducing puffiness and water retention on my face evolving into a different generation is an honour to me. I only cringed at the price. One bottle of Shaping Facial Lift used to be retailing for RM225 and now the price is RM259. I guess you can tell I don’t mind paying as it really does works. I kinda like the new improvised formula. Somehow I find it to be more “powerful” than previous formula. Maybe it’s just me 🙂 . If you like the 3rd generation, you would like the 4th generation better. One trick I learnt is to buy Shaping Facial Lift in a set. I’m always on the lookout for best buy set because that’s the time I can get the best price in town. Have you check out the latest nationwide promotion for Shaping Facial Lift Best Buy Set? Clarins Perfect 3V Contour

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring Serum will be available at all Clarins counter and Skin Spa nationwide from 1st June 2014 onwards.

Price: RM259 for 50ml


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  • I see just a tiny bit of difference with your right cheek. I’ve read your 3rd generation review. How long does it take for you to see the difference?

    • Yea, just a teeny weeny bit. I’m not finish with the current bottle. Give me time lol. The 3rd generation one took me a few month with nearly 3 bottles to see results. So this 4th generation consider not bad eh

  • Where to see the promotion and best buy set Fiona? I am interested.

  • You have hyperthydoirism? I just got to know about this!
    I remember when I work in Clarins counter, this is one of the best selling items, especially for promotion pack. It can be sold within few days!
    I agree that new packaging look more elegant now. There is slight price hike but everything has increase price now. As long as it is effective, I think it is worth the money.

    • Yes I do. Quite a bad somemore. My level was so high up for someone who just got it at the beginning stage that it worries the doctor so much. I have blotted face most of the time. SFL toned it down but it takes time. I think SFL price increased several time already. From RM225 to RM239 and now RM259.

      • It’s ok. Medicine can control it. But at least you don’t have a swelling at neck.

        • Can control but it keep coming back. I do have swelling on the neck. That’s how my friend saw it and told me to go for checkup.

  • Would like to try this but the price man! Will put a note on this when my wallet magically get fatter ^_^

    • Get the set! It’s soooo worthy. You literally get the eye serum for free 😀


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